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32 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    wait on rcobb update with paul richardson as option or start marv jones?

  2. Philly says:

    PPR: McCoy vs, DEN or Chris Carson vs. TEN?
    Also, I benched Garcon like a fool. Who to start at WR, pick 2: Brandin Cooks, JJ Nelson, or Devante Parker? Also PPR. Thanks.

  3. Rich says:

    In week 3, who would you start D. Bryant or J. Landry?

  4. For non PPR for my flex should I have Jared Cook or Kyle Rudolph or tate? So basically asking who should I have at TE rudolph or cook ?

  5. Phil says:

    PPR, pick 1 WR and 1 Flex: Corey Coleman, Corey Davis, Alvin Kamara, Bilal Powell and JJ Nelson.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Hey, I have a start/sit question. Standard league, for my flex should i start Kerwynn Williams, Adam Thielen, or Demaryius Thomas? Thanks

  7. Philly says:

    Ppr league: which RB should I grab off FA; Chris Johnson or D’Onta Foreman?

  8. Zachary Feeney says:

    For a PPR league I am stuck at having either Golden tate or John brown in my flex ? Any idea who I should start

  9. Frank A says:

    .5 PPR: Mike Wallace, Zay Jones or Corey Coleman?

    • Ian Goldsmith says:

      Wallace is definitely the safest of the three. If you’re down big after Thursday, then I’d roll out Jones for the upside.

  10. Matt says:

    Can you rank these teams where you think they’d finish? : start 2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/T for positions and 6 point passing TD
    Team 1: QB: Carr, Wentz, WR: Julio, Jordy, Nuk, Diggs, RB: Elliott, Fournette, Mixon, TE: Brate, W/T: Snead
    Team 2: QB: Winston, Prescott, WR: Green, Crabtree, Ty Williams, Demaryius, RB: Freeman, Cook, Henry, TE: Eifert, W/T: J Brown
    Team 3: QB: Manning, Tyrod, WR: A Brown, Baldwin, Hilton, Watkins, RB: Demarco, Anderson, Ingram, TE: Reed, W/T: Britt
    Team 4: QB: Wilson, Mariota, WR: Michael T, AROB, Fitz, Crowder, RB: D Johnson, L Miller, P Perkins, TE: Martellus, W/T: Garcon

    • Ian Goldsmith says:

      Team 4 looks like the clear winner to me. That Wilson/Mariota combo with David Johnson and Michael Thomas is outstanding.
      Team 1 is my second choice.
      Team 2 and 3 are close, but I give the edge to 3 for third.

  11. Randy says:

    Had my draft. 10-team PPR League. Play 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX
    My team.
    QB- R Wilson, P Rivers
    RB-L Bell, T Gurley, D Cook, A Abdullah, M Mack
    WR- D Bryant, K Allen, T Hill, D Moncrief, J Matthews
    TE- T Eifert, E Ebron
    DEF- Arizona

    Any concerns? Should I drop any of them?

    • Philly says:

      Mack is pretty much useless, drop him. See if guys like Jamaal Charles, Alvin Kamara or Derrick Henry are available via FA.

  12. Andy says:

    How would you rank the following WR in a keeper draft? I have a contending team right now, but I’d still like to draft with the future in mind.

    Sammy Watkins, Devonte Parker, Kelvin Benjamin, Keenan Allen, Martavis Bryant, and Demaryius Thomas

    • Chet says:

      How many keepers will you have?

      • Andy says:

        I already have the max 5 keepers from previous years. This is more so for the opening pick of my next draft and possibly the round after. I am really light on WR with only 1 WR out of 5 keepers, yet 3 WRs start each week. Stud WRs are really hard to come across in the drafts unless I select them before they breakout.

        I may have space to keep 1-2 of these new guys the following year and drop older players, all depends who performs. Ideally I want a good starter this year with some upside to keep.

  13. Orlando says:


  14. Orlando says:

    12 team ppr league. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, K, DST. $200 auction budget. Can keep up to 2 players. Who do you keep?
    Julio Jones – $66, Davante Parker – $14, Tyreek Hill – $14, Marshawn Lynch – $7

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