The 2016 Fake Football Writing Contest: Round 2 July 15, 2016  |  Chet

Hello all you fake football writers and aspiring writers! Welcome to round two of our 2016 writing contest. First off, let me thank our sponsor Fantasy Pros. Second off, a reminder of our prizes for the overall winners here:


Overall 1st Place: $250 cold hard PayPal cash & a fully loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros.

Overall 2nd Place: $150 cold hard PayPal cash & a fully loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros..

Overall 3rd place: $100 cold hard PayPal cash & a fully loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros.

PLUS! If you are so inclined, first place will be given a weekly platform on The Fake Football to spout off fake football knowledge.

PLUS! PLUS! You will get your work read by some of the best fantasy writers in the business and a ton of experience in writing about fake sports for a deadline and with a predetermined topic, both integral parts of making it in the freelance fake sports writing business.


Ok, so on with the business at hand. We had a great turn out for the contest with 97 entries! Last year we had 62 entries, so that’s a pretty big boost in numbers and competition. I just want to thank all 97 writers. These are 97 people taking their valuable time and writing an article about fantasy football and sending it across the interwebs to be critiqued and judged. Just doing that is a feat unto itself, so I would like to applaud every one of you. And I truly mean that because this was an extremely difficult process. Unfortunately we do have to rank y’all so we can pick a winner at the end of this here competition. If your name is not mentioned in the recap below, DO NOT be discouraged! Please continue to participate in the contest, and keep bringing your best analysis.

I’d like to thank our celebrity judges, Spencer Limbach, Jeanna Thomas and Zach Law for all their help and now onto the top articles for round 1!


Honorable Mention

Robert Riegel

Well-constructed breakdown of fantasy fallout from a head coaching change. The setup and categorical analysis made for a smooth read with plenty of information. That is a delicate balance when writing fantasy football articles, one that was achieved in this draft!– Spencer Limbach

This one had a very engaging lede and made me want to read more. You incorporated data in a way that was effective but still felt conversational, which is much more appealing than just presenting stats. — Jeanna Thomas

Another Chip Kelly take, the best of the bunch — Zach Law

Ethan Harwood

This article was not as lengthy as others, but I was taken by the succinct nature. I believe the target audience of fantasy football readers would appreciate this as well, as the primary goal is to quickly consume information that has potential of providing a competitive advantage. This article is certainly capable in that regard. Despite being more brief in nature, this article didn’t skimp on informational content, clearly laying out the core argument with plenty of rationale behind it. — Spencer Limbach

Ladarius Green may be a tad obscure but I was overwhelmed with an avalanche of stats. — Zach Law

Chris Manni

I weighed informational value very heavy while judging. This article had plenty in that regard, organized neatly with charts, bullet points, etc to legitimize and further the main focus. — Spencer Limbach

John Orsci

I’m giving him credit for coining the term “Marvatron” in reference to Marvin Jones. He wrote like a home-run hitter, striking out a lot but a few taken out of the park. — Zach Law

Ken Clein

He had me at the John Travolta Battlefield Earth joke. I’ll stand on a hill for a writer who challenged himself and took on a tough sell. Anyone who can make me think “oh yeah, Joe Flacco is good at something” has potential. — Zach Law

Scott Cedar

To challenge oneself by trying to make the Cleveland Browns’ 2016 fantasy prospects into something worth reading is a sign of possible dementia. Scott cared not, and made us care about Hugh, Duke, Corey, and even RG to the III. — Zach Law

You had me at “shirtless J.R. Smith reenacting the Lion King.” I really liked your perspective on Hue Jackson’s potential impact. — Jeanna Thomas

Special Award for Courage in subject: Jay Jackson

He wrote not about the Vikings defense but how Michael Griffin is the key to that defense being top-notch in fantasy this year. After almost a decade of watching Griffin be mehilicious in Nashville, I’m a bit dubious but you have to tip your cap to this effort. — Zach Law


Third Place

Stephen Logsdon

A nice mosaic of fantasy football information! There’s payoff in the introduction, but article is also organized where readers can skim for desired information. Great job all around! — Spencer Limbach

This article also had a great intro that grabbed my attention and made me want to read more. I thought these were well-reasoned suggestions on players whose value should exceed their ADP. — Jeanna Thomas


Second Place

Jon Previtera

I genuinely enjoyed reading this. Not many people are discussing Pederson as someone who may have a big impact on fantasy rosters this season, and I thought you built a strong case for that in an engaging way. — Jeanna Thomas

The long headline gave me pause but taking the “the guy who replaced Kelly might give you better fantasy value than Kelly” is a new angle. You have to find value in offenses that don’t look to excite on paper and Jon did it with this article. — Zach Law


First Place

Akash Bhatia 

Convincing argument was delicately woven into well-strutctured text. Callback to the introduction was a nice final touch! — Spencer Limbach

This is well-written and a really enjoyable read. I thought you made a strong case for Miller and I liked the way you brought things full circle with the conclusion. — Jeanna Thomas

There were a few Texans entries and Akash smartly focused on Lamar Miller. I liked the personal touches, the stats to back up the claims, the reference to South Beach. This article has it all. — Zach Law


Congratulations Akash and everyone!


Round two starts now!

Prompt: What is your 2016 draft strategy? We all know that strategies can change once the bullets start flying, but going into your drafts this season, what is your plan of attack?

Where and When? Send all submissions attached in a Word document with the file named after you — “Your Name” and the subject line: “TFF Round 2” to by Friday July 22nd, 10pm central.


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  1. Robert says:

    Wondering if there’s any way I could read the first place article on Lamar Miller. I also wrote about Lamar Miller and would be interested to see what separated this one from the pack…

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