The 2016 The Fake Football Reader Leagues! August 20, 2016  |  Chet



No problem, but I am now legally obligated to warn you that you’re in for a fantastic time. Now that I have appeased our legal department, we can get into the details of how these leagues work:

– Simply sign up to our open FREE reader league links at the bottom of this page.

– Sign up for as many leagues as you want.

– Be sure to select a league with a draft date that works for you.

– All leagues are 12 teams, 1 pt PPR, and start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, W/R/T Flex, 6 BN, K and D. (If you are a commish, remember not to change any settings please and thank you.)

– Draft, dominate, and win some great prizes!


Get your draft chops ready with The Mock Draft Simulator!

Get in on the Week 1 DraftKings Freeroll! $100K in Prizes!

Join Yahoo’s Yearly DFS League for FREE in the Yahoo Cup Freeroll!




You bet I did. By joining one of our FREE 2016 The Fake Football Reader Leagues, you are eligible to win some cool prizes. Unfortunately, we are unable to send Ferraris through the mail, so here is what we have to offer:


– Once each league has battled through the gauntlet of the fantasy football regular season and duked it out in the playoffs to determine a league champion, that league winner will win their very own championship trophy.


– After the 2016 fake football season has come to an end, we will award the OVERALL POINTS CHAMPION with an overall championship trophy.





(Interested in being a league commissioner? Email for more information)

We will continue to form leagues as long as there is interest and we can find people to commish! Good luck all!



TFF League 1 – Commish Chet Gresham – Draft Date: Mon Aug 8, 3:00pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 2 – Commish Dwight Overturf – Draft Date: Tue Sep 6 6:30pm CDT — Sign up HERE — 2 Spots Left

TFF League 3 – Commish Sean – Draft Date: Sun Aug 21, 12pm CDT — Sign up HERE  — FULL

TFF League 4 – Commish Ian Goldsmith – Draft Date: Sun Aug 21 6:00pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 5 – Commish Matt Terelle – Draft Date: Sat Aug 27 7:30pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 6 – Commish Justin Edwards – Draft Date: Tue Aug 16 7:00pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 7 – Commish Eric Belair – Draft Date: Mon Aug 29 7:00pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 8 – Commish Dakota – Draft Date: Wed Aug 24 9:30pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 9 – Commish Jon Previtera – Draft Date: Tue Aug 23 7:30pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 10 – Commish Tom Duttweiler – Draft Date:  Sun Aug 21 7:00pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 11 — Commish Nick Beare – Draft Date: Fri Aug 26 6:00pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 12 – Commish Greg Smith – Draft Date:  Thur Aug 25 8:00pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 13 – Commish Jeff Brubach – Draft Date:  Thur Aug 18 10:00pm CDT — Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 14 – Commish Zak Walker – Draft Date: Wed Aug 31 6:00pm CDTSign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 15 – Commish Jonathan Smith – Draft Date: Sat Aug 20 5:00pm CDTSign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 16 – Commish Joe Siniscalchi – Draft Date: Sun Aug 28 7:00pm CDT Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 17 – Commish Neeraj Batra – Draft Date: Mon Aug 29 8:00pm CDT   Sign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 18 – Commish Chet Gresham – Draft Date: Tue Aug 23 2:00pm CDTSign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 19 – Commish Jonathan Bishop – Draft Date: Mon Aug 29 7:00pm CDTSign up HERE — FULL

TFF League 20 – Commish Dakota – Draft Date: Thu Sep 1 9:30pm CDT   Sign up HERE  FULL

TFF League 21 – Commish Osiris AgnessDraft Date: Sun Sep 4 3:30pm CDT   Sign up HERE Spots left

TFF League 22 – Commish Luis Gronda Draft Date: Tue Sep 6 7:30pm CDT   Sign up HERE  1 Spot left

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  1. Scott says:

    I’m interested in being added to a wait list (if there is one) for any of the reader leagues. If not, no biggie. Thank You, Scott

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