2015 Fantasy Football Rankings August 16, 2015  |  Chet


Welcome, Fake Footballers! The NFL Draft is behind us and we are beginning to get glimpses of actual NFL depth charts as training camps approach. Below, you will find The Fake Football’s 2015 Fantasy Football Rankings, which will be updated frequently as depth charts, injuries, arrests, and general craziness impacts the players who will form our fantasy squads this fall. Of course, the fantastic staff here at TFF will be providing piles of fantasy analysis over the coming months, but these rankings are our first look at how the fantasy landscape shakes out with the draft in rear-view mirror.

In the mood for more rankings goodness? Check out our 2015 Dynasty Rookie Rankings from our resident dynasty pros Rich Hribar and Chad Scott. Full dynasty coverage and rankings can be found at The Fake Football Dynasty Headquarters.

Questions? Comments? Hit us up in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more rankings analysis from The Fake Football.

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30 Responses

  1. Zeb says:

    Who should I draft Leve’on bell or Marshawn lynch

  2. wr depth says:

    would you rather have dwayne bowe or tyler lockett on your bench?

    • Jeff says:

      If you are just speaking of WR depth here, I would take Lockett and shoot for the upside he has. His playing time may be spotty at first but he looks like he could be great.

  3. Dd says:

    4 player Keeper, having a tough time deciding. Peyton has been a focal point for years but thinking I may need to let him go.

    Demarco Murray
    Calvin Johnson
    Aj Green
    Mark Ingram
    Lamar Miller
    Frank Gore

    are my options. At first I was gonna go with the top four or aj/Calvin and demarco and one of the other RBs. Any thoughts

    • Jeff says:

      I’d go with Murray, Calvin, AJGreen, and Gore. Tossing Peyton back is tough but you’ll be able to pickup a decent QB later in your draft.

  4. aiden says:

    I have first pick overall in a draft at 6 pm tonight and am having tons of difficulty deciding who to take, do you guys have jsutification for the top 3, I am actually leaning towards AP

    • Jeff says:

      I slightly prefer Bell but I think AP is close enough that I wouldn’t call you crazy for taking him. He should be catching lots of passes in Norv’s offense this season. Good luck in your draft!

  5. Sam says:

    I have the 3 slot in a 10 team, 3 WR, standard league. Any suggestions for draft strategy? We go 18 rounds and I was considering drafting 2 D/STs this year. Looking to target Romo in the 8th/9th round and get as many good RBs and WRs as possible. I may draft a TE late like Eifert (may even stream).

    • Jeff says:

      I love the Romo/Eifert ideas. Both targets of mine as well. At #3, I would look at Bell, AP or Charles and then go with the best player available when it comes back to you in the 2nd round.

  6. Andy says:

    I know I’ve asked this question on this site previously, but in light of the Jordy Nelson injury, I’ll ask again. PPR 12 team league keeper: Lacy or Antonio Brown? Thanks!

  7. Tsmith says:

    Do you guys get into Auction values and strategies for auction drafts at all?

    I see very few articles regarding auctions and am always looking for good information in that area.

    We do sort of a unique draft where we have a $100 auction for the first 8 players then we snake the last 8 rounds (14 teams). Tough to get a good feel for what to do with a league like this.

    • Jeff says:

      I am trying to get an auction strategy piece done in the near future, but you’re right it is tough to predict prices for a unique structure like that. I would just make sure I locked up at least two top-end guys with that $100

  8. aiden says:

    can you guys give an explanation as to why you rank these guys this way, I think Chet has done it in the past, quite helpful.

    • Jeff says:

      I will have some thoughts on my top draft targets coming soon and I’ll try to get some rankings stuff up as well this month.

  9. aiden says:

    say I was drafting for a keeper league this year, and it’s the first year of the league. Do you guys have dynasty rankings or anything like that?

  10. Troy says:

    Why is Arian Foster ranked #5 in standard, but drops to #9 in PPR? This just does not make sense to me. Especially when players like Jeremy Hill, who has relatively no PPR added value, jump him? Just curious.

    • Jeff says:

      This is a bit of an issue that we have dealt with over the years. Our rankers fill out their rankings at FantasyPros, who then autopopulates the PPR rankings. Generally they give the reception boosts to the correct players, but we usuallygo in and adjust the PPR ranks to make sure they look ok. This particular case is an oversight on our part, but that is the basic rundown of the process of how the PPR ranks gets populated. Hope that helps Troy.

  11. y4rivera says:

    12 team auction, 2 keepers, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2 w/r/t, non-ppr
    Bell $16
    Odb $5
    Charles $43
    Julio $24
    At first I thought the obvious choice was Bell and Odb but then I started thinking that maybe Bell and Charles would be better since wr is deeper than rb. Thoughts?

    • Jeff says:

      I would go Bell and Beckham and roll into the auction with a ton of money left over. Thats a pretty awesome profit on ODB.

  12. Henry Muto says:

    When will you post your PPR tiers ?

  13. aiden says:

    how often does this list get updated?

    • Jeff says:

      we update them periodically at this point in the summer. Updates will be much more frequent once training camps open and preseason games roll around.

  14. Josh Lynch says:

    So bell is #1 even with the suspension?

    • Jeff says:

      Yes, he is in the conversation for sure. The suspension could still be reduced a bit, and he is a huge asset when he is on the field.

  15. Chris says:

    I am not quite sure if I would rank Carlos Hyde or Alfred Morris over Justin Forsett. Their offenses are terrible compared to Baltimore, and thats saying something. Plus with Trestman in the mix, think you are over-valuing Hyde and Morris. Ingram I could see having a bigger season but I would still take Forsett.

    • Jeff says:

      I agree with you. I think Chet is the only one of us with Forsett lower, which is reflecting in our overall ranks. Once I finish up my projections, I think I may even move Forsett higher, as I agree that he should be great with Trestman.

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