2013 Preseason Staff Rankings May 9, 2013  |  Jeff

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Come one, come all, and behold the wondrous marvel that is The Fake Football’s 2013 Preseason Staff Rankings! This is just a small taste of the rankings smorgasboard that we here at The Fake Football will be pumping out until kickoff of week 1, but it should help ease your appettite for the time being. Also, feel free to check out our dynasty rankings (QB, RB, WR, TE) if you are daring enough to venture outside the world of re-draft leagues. If you’re feeling like an extra helping of rankings today, scope out Chet’s own super special top secret rankings (QB, RB, WR, TE).  Stay tuned throughout the offseason for updates to our staff ranks as more fanasty football relevant news is released. As always, please enjoy responsibly and hand those keys to a friend if you have consumed too much fantasy football rankings goodness.  

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11 Responses

  1. JP says:

    Thanks, but why not show consolidated rankings as well instead of only showing positional rankings?

    • Jeff says:

      The formula that creates the overall rankings on FantasyPros is a bit difficult to work with, but we will have some overall ranks for sure at some point this summer before draft season gets moving.

  2. BRENT says:

    question,do you not have any rbs worth keeping ??? or was kaep and marshall the only 2 worth consideration??? if i had to choose between those 2 i would keep marshall

  3. Jeff says:

    With QB being so deep this season I would probably pick Marshall here. He should be great again in Chicago and then you can snag a QB later on in the auction. With the hype surrounding Kaepernick this season, you would likely have to match a pretty high price as well. I would take Marshall and go cheaper at QB.

  4. Charles Owen says:

    I guess it is a standard scoring league in which a TD pass by the quarterback in only worth 4 points. A rushing TD is worth 6 points and one point is gained for every ten yards rushing or receiving. One point for each 25 yards passing. Two points lost per interception or fumble. That is pretty much it for the offense.

    • Jeff says:

      Charles, do you have to forfeit a draft pick for the keeper or is there no penalty?

      • Charles Owen says:

        There is no penalty. This year we are going with an auction draft so “everybody will be up for grabs” including one aforementioned player as my Restricted Free Agent. I must match the highest bidder in the first round in order to keep my RFA. Starting in 2014, I get to place the franchise tag on any one player on my roster so that he can not longer be bid on. Thanks again for your help.

  5. John Kerwin says:

    How are your scoring settings setup Charles? Is it a PPR league? Are passing and rushing TDs of equal value? Trying to get a gauge on the positional value before I offer any advice…

  6. Charles Owen says:

    I am a second year player in Fantasy Football and got hammered last year as a result. I have one player I can carry as a restricted free agent for 2013 and I am torn between Brandon Marshall and Colin Kaepernick. In my league, I expect some owners to protect their current quarterbacks as RFA…Rodgers, Brees, Newton and most likely Peyton Manning. The other seven will be protecting their RB (all top ten projections for 2013). Any advise on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance if you get to respond.

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