2012 NFL Strength Of Schedule: Quarterbacks April 23, 2012  |  Chet

Much like my last look at the 2012 Running Back Strength Of Schedule, the Quarterback Strength Of Schedule is not the end all and be all of drafting tools, but I do believe it can be factored in with other analysis of the 2012 season.

Here are the rankings for pass defenses against quarterbacks.

And here are the SOS’s. And it looks like our man Ryan Fitzgerald may want to send an SOS to help him through his N.Y. Jet laden schedule. But like I said in the RB installment I like to pay a little more attention to the teams with the really easy schedules than those with tough ones. It’s harder to get better than it is to get worse. Older players fade, but can rely on their experience while draft choices to fill your pass defense aren’t going to turn you around as quickly. Well, unless you get Wade Phillips to coach for your team. Anyway, I think the most I get from this is that Matt Ryan has a great schedule and is also poised for a breakout year. I like that confluence. Also, Mr. Drew Brees has no reason to slow down this season and should put up huge numbers once again.

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