2012 Fantasy Football Tight End Projections August 28, 2012  |  Jeff

08/28 Update: Only two updates this time around…

Jason Witten: Apparently Witten’s spleen may be healing faster than originally anticipated. Witten is a moose, and I wouldn’t bet against him making it back on the field in a few weeks. Never bet against a moose. His projection was bumped.

Greg Olsen: I have continued to warm up to Olsen, and his projection was slightly increased below.

More updates to come


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  1. Jeff says:

    @GORD: The release of Winslow surprised me…he must really have nothing left. I have no idea why Seattle used TEs so infrequently last season, and I don’t know if it will turn around this season or not. However, the Seahawks did sign Evan Moore (cut by Cleveland), who may get some of the looks opened up the release of Winslow. He is a bigger (6’6”) tight end, who had a decent year last year. I would swipe him late if you’re looking for a super deep TE option out of this offense, as it seems Miller is destined more for run blocking assignments.

  2. GORD says:

    Hey Jeff, My draft is tomorrow 6pm PST. getting nervous and startin to dig deep for the picks that really count… the picks that win leagues.

    I want to talk about Seahawk TE’s… what is your opinion re: what in the hell is going on here?

    I have always thought (in the past) Carlson had a chance to put up some numbers… he never did.

    Zach Miller is a good player, he winds up in Seattle and … and… and… 25/233/0 …

    You have Winslow @ 55/650/4 which is better that the combined TE effort last yr (56/551/1) and now Winslow is cut.

    There is no mention of Zach Miller in your stats which is understandable. It isn’t because he is a bad player.

    Why is Seattle not using TE’s (offensive line ranked by FFTOOL #27) more? They have a good one in Miller, and considering NFL offences across the board are realizing more and more the additional headaches Def’s get having to deal with active TEs. why aren’t the Hawks more TE friendly?

    With Winslow cut does this mean we can expect Miller to get the opportunities Winslow was going to get?

    Rookie QB’s tend to lean on throws to the flat, screens and TEs, Seattle has a rookie QB… everything is pointing towards Miller becoming fantasy relevant and at this time yet, I don’t even have him on my draft board, and niether do you.

    Please provide something I am not thinking about.

    Thanks Jeff


  3. Jeff says:

    @BRENT: That’s a good point with Hernandez, that could very well be where his looks come from. And I am a big fan of Celek this season as well. I am going to snag him wherever possible.

  4. BRENT says:

    jeff,i would pull some off of aaron hernandez,brandon lloyd is gonna affect the kids totals across the board (rec,yds,tds),i like finley and v.d to have very good yrs,love brent celek late,dude was a top 3 te the last 6 games of last yr

  5. Jeff says:

    @sam: If you stay out of the Gronk/Graham region of tight ends, I think the next best bets for big time production are Finley and Davis. Finley was the 5th best TE last year, and in that offense, he will only improve. Vernon Davis is just a monster and he has the skills to jump to the next level. If you want to wait later than that, I think the Davis/Cook/Celek/Tamme tier is nice as well.

  6. sam says:

    My league has PPR for TE only, and is not a madatory start he’s a flex TE/WR. I don’t want to spend an early pick on Grahm or Gronk do you think anyone else has a chance to put up the #’s they did last year. I like Gates and Finley. Thnx

  7. Jeff says:

    @am_misfit: haha that is a VERY good point! I heard the news that Bennett came into OTA’s looking like a whale and I immediately thought to myself, “boy, I have him a liiiiiiiiiiittle high.” That one will be adjusted a bit once I update these bad boys. Good call though and thanks for reading!

  8. am_misfit says:

    I’m curious how to 291-lb Offensive Lineman/Tight End Martellus Bennett is projected to go for 62-700-5. ;)

    Not a bad set of projections overall, though.

    I think Olsen is too low and Fasano too high.

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