Wildcard Weekend Fantasy Football Rankings January 2, 2013  |  Chet

Good day Fake Footballers. I hope you had a nice holiday season, but it’s over! Don’t try to drag out your fun. Time for the real world. Work, bills, lack of sleep, you know the drill. This is your wake up call! Or not, I just want to make you as tired as I am! Anyway, we’ve got some playoff fantasy football rankings here for you if you are into that sort of thing (sickos!). I once had someone write me a long email about my use of exclamation points! So now I probably use them more than I should! Because I am an ass!

Just an FYI. This round of wildcard games isn’t an easy one for fantasy rankings, but the Packers are the team I’m hoping goes far enough to give us the most fantasy points and games. But I’m not really confident in that. The Denver Broncos have been my pick for the Super Bowl, so come the second round I’ll be stacking them. But the NFC is pretty wide open, so I feel that stacking players from any one team is fairly risky. Of course it all depends on the format of your playoff league, but in The Fake Football Playoff League, (which you should join because it is free and you could win some stuff) picking the winner does help your point total. So with that rambling nonsense, here are the rankings:

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

2 Responses

  1. JP says:

    Hi Chet,

    Why aren’t you ranking the position players on bye? Are you recommending not rostering them until the divisional playoffs? I was leaning towards starting brady or manning to get the 2x pts come week 2.


    • Chet says:

      I honestly don’t know what the best strategy is, so it’s hard to rank the players not playing. It all depends on scoring and rules of each league.

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