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Week 9 War Room

posted by Jeff

Get out your calculator. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need your confusing graphing calculator from calculus class, just the calculator on your phone will suffice. Ok, the fantasy season is 16 weeks long, week 1 through league championship week. Take those 16 weeks and divide them by 2, and we can deduce that we are smack dab in the middle of our 2012 fake football odyssey. Just a few regular season weeks and a few measly playoffs games stand between us and our own fantasy championship parade. With wins at a premium, each week is of the utmost importance. Make sure you are maximizing your lineup for week 9, by digging into The Fake Footballs’ Week 9 War Room below…




– If the world of weekly fantasy games is up your alley, take a peak at our Week 9 Fanduel Bargains to make sure your lineup is loaded and ready to bring you bags full of dough.

– Once again here to dig into the latest and greatest injury news and timeshare breakdowns is our week 9 Last Second Decisions column, which is a fantasy treasure chest of information.

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– As fantasy games gain significance in the latter stages of the season, defensive matchups mean more than ever. Find out which D’s are prime for playing in week 9 with this week’s “Dreaming of Streaming.”

– In the stats department, The Fake Football has everything you need to become the local wizard of statistical strategery. Rest of season strength of schedule is covered HERE, Week 9 matchup stats are HERE, and a full breakdown of week 8’s receiving targets is located in THIS GENERAL REGION. Enjoy.


Finally, for your enjoyment, are the Week 9 Staff Rankings from The Fake Football crew. Feel free to leave those lineups questions in the comment below and get ready to dominate in week 9!

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • 14 Team PPR: My current RBs are Martin, Alex Green, Kendall Hunter & Andre Brown. Players only go on waivers when they are dropped. Do you think it’s worth it to scoop up Marcel Reece right now? If so, which rb would you drop?

    • Thats a tough call with Goodson’s status up in the air still. I guess I would say Green or Hunter for the drop but they are all so close. Hunter has better upside, so I guess dump Green as Starks is taking some of his work now anyway. This is still a risky proposition with Goodson’s injury unknown.

  • I was offered two offers by the same owner.

    1st: My Lynch and Cobb for Charles and Gore.
    2nd: My Lynch for Charles and McGahee
    starting rosters: qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, w/r/t
    My Team
    RG3, Stafford
    Lynch, DMC, Murray, Pierre, D.Rich, Dwyer
    Wallace, Jordy, Cobb, Hartline, Britt
    With the injuries to Murray and DMC I’m really tempted. I also feel it’s the best time to sell Cobb especially since I only start two WR’s. Which one if any should I do?

    • I would hold onto Cobb, especially with Nelson banged up. I wouldn’t really argue with deal #2 if you wanted to pursue that, although Murray should be back next week.

  • 2 things:

    1) Thoughts about J-Stew moving forward?
    2) Time to get rid of Vikings D?

    • I think J-Stew will be ok going forward, but 9 carry 37 yard games will happen along the way. I am more of a D streamer, so I think you can definitely move on from Minnesota and survive.

  • 10 Team PPR: Eli, Cruz, Marshall, Wayne, Rice, AP, DMC, Gates. Bench: Dez, Bell, Vernon, Luck, Amendola, Beanie, Hanson, Hou. In 1st place right now, looking to make 1 more trade to keep my team strong. I was thinking about trying to trade Luck, DMC &/or Amendola. What kind of trade would you recommend I go for?

    • Well it looks like you won’t get anything for DMC now after the injury, but you may be able to attempt a trade involving Luck to get you a DMC replacement if that is something you’re looking for. No sense in holding both Eli and Luck.

  • Cobb/Pierre

  • pick 2: Jordy, Cobb, Pierre

  • D Brown or Ballard?

    • Ballard is starting so I’d go with him

  • standard league question: antonio brown, daniel thomas or vick ballard for flex. thanks!

    • Brown

  • Kendall Wright or Andre Brown for a flex spot?

    • Wright

  • PR need 2. JNelson, Nate Washington or Golden Tate

    • First 2

  • Tony Gonzo or LeShoure at flex? PPR for WR/TE, not for RB. 10 pt rushing TD/7 pt receiving. Thanks!

    • I’d go with Gonzo

  • Pick 1 for flex (non-ppr): Dez, Hartline, Felix Jones

    • I would hold out until SNF and if Dez is inactive, sub Felix in

  • Antonio brown our Pierre Thomas in 0.5 ppr?

    • PT

  • With Nelson playing how does Cobb look over guys like Maclin, Moore, and Harvin?

    • I would list them Harvin, Maclin, Cobb, Moore. After Harvin, the other are close.

  • Play Aldrick Robinson over Dez or handcuff Dez with either Ingram or Devery Henderson?

    • I would probably handcuff him with Devery

  • Different League.
    I can Flex Josh Freeman or Mikel Leshoure. Its a PPR, QBs get 6 per TD but only 50yds per point.

    • I would go with the QB

  • do I start Nelson over Moore, Maclin, or Wallace or no?

    • I wouldn’t argue with it, but I’d go Maclin

  • Non PPR. LSH v. Shorts? Thanks!

    • Shorts

  • Pick two: D. Moore, Cobb, S. Smith, or J. Jones at WR. Pick two at RB: McFadden, R. Bush, Spiller or J. Stewart? Thanks.

    • Steve Smith and Cobb (as long as JJones means James, not Julio). DMC and JStew at RB

  • Good morning,

    1PPR – Pick 3

    Julio Jones, Roddy White, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Marshall.


    • Damn, you have got some serious WRs here! Even though I love his matchup this week, I’d sit Maclin if those are the choices.

      • Thanks – That’s what I’m leaning toward. I wish it translated to more wins!

  • Gimme 2: Calvin colston torrey or dhb. Need 1: Daniel Thomas or BGE. 12 team standard

    • Calvin, Colston and BGE

  • better flex? Denarius Moore or J-Stew?

    • Toss up. I would lean Stewart’s way.

  • James jones or Calvin today?

    • It’s a bit of a roll of the dice with Megatron but I trust him as long as he’s active, which he is. Jones may be safer, but I would gamble on ‘Tron.

  • I have Dez Bryant, Cecil Shorts, and Lance Moore. I can start 1 and Flex 1. Should I just bench Dez and be done with it? or hold out Moore in case Dez plays? PPR

    • I wouldYa, I would just bench Dez and be done with it. I dooubt he plays and the other guys are decent options compared to a limited Dez anyhow.

  • Cobb v. Decker in a PPR? Thanks.

    • Close one, but Cobb

  • Luck or Romo? Dez, Antonio Brown, or Titus?

    • Romo and Antonioooooooooooooooo

  • i just made this trade – tell me if im crazy or if im a genius…
    i gave up Murray, Antonio Brown, and Keller for Julio Jones and Amendola
    My current RBs are: Rice, Trent, Murray, J-Stew, M. Bush
    My current WRs are: Marshall, Denarius, Antonio Brown, Britt
    My starting TE is Hernandez

    need reassurance.

  • Reaching really deep need 2 of Hillman, Turbin, Forsett, Rainey

    • Forsett should get some reps against a crappy Buffalo D today. Go with him.

  • I need 2 WR and 1 Flex in PPR:
    A. Johnson, Cobb, Maclin, T. Young…C. Spiller, M. Leshoure

    • A Johnson, Cobb, Maclin. Go Maclin over Spiller at flex this week due to their matchups.

  • I have A. Rodgers, do I go with James Jones or Broyles? 1/2 point ppr

    • Jones

      • Thanks

  • Donald Brown or James Starks? 0.5 PPR.

    • Neither are good options but Brown

  • Who’s the best play at Flex? Daniel Thomas @ Indy, Sidney Rice vs. Minn, Alex Green vs. Ari or Vick Ballard vs. Mia…

    • Tough call there. I have a good feeling about Rice, but he is risky. I’d probably lean Thomas.

      • Was leaning Thomas as well, best chance for a TD in my opinion. Thanks!

  • hey guys i just made this trade – tell me if im crazy or if im a genius…

    i gave up Murray, Antonio Brown, and Keller for Julio Jones and Amendola

    My current RBs are: Rice, Trent, Murray, J-Stew, M. Bush
    My current WRs are: Marshall, Denarius, Antonio Brown, Britt
    My starting TE is Hernandez

    thanks guys. love all your advice!

    • well which one is it? hah good or bad trade for me?

      • I think it may be a tad much to give up, but with the structure of your roster, it was a good deal for you. Your team should be tough from here on out.

      • Thanks!!

  • Trade offered to me: Colston & F-Jax for R.Bush & H.Miller. Standard scoring. Thoughts?

    Current WRs: Jordy, Miles, Bowe, Boldin
    Current RBs: AP, Mathews, R.Bush, R.Jennings
    Current TEs: TonyG, Heath

    • Ya, I think I’d take that. You have enough RB depth to survive.

  • non ppr, would you start Hartline over Dez with his late game + questionable tag? Or should I pick up and play Titus Young (I’d be dropping deangelo williams) thanks chet

    • Go with Young there

  • Jordy or Britt – help!

    • Jordy

  • Jordy (reports saying he is active) or Boldin. Standard scoring.

    • I’d risk Jordy

  • Wilson/Weeden/Ponder?

    • Weeden

  • 1pt PPR – Denarius Moore or Titus Young?


    • Moore for me

      • thanks.

        one more Q if you have a chance – I’m in a tough spot after losing sproles.

        1 pt PPR pick one: forsett, ingram, starks, tanner.

      • Ingram is probably the safest play, but Forsett has a lot of upside if you think Houston gets up big.

      • thanks – perfect answer.

  • PPR. Need 2nd RB. Ballard or A. Brown?

    • ugh, going to say Ballard

  • Start Titus Young over Dez? non ppr. WR3 spot. thanks

    • Yes

  • P. Manning or M. Vick?

    • I think Vick has a ton of upside, but I’m still leaning Manning

  • Nonppr Pick 3: DMC, Spiller, Pierre Thomas, Rashad Jennings

    • DMC, Spiller, PT

  • any thoughts on starting 2 of the following: Non-PPR
    McFadden, Pettigrew, Nicks and Steve Smith.

    • Smith and Nicks for me.

  • Pick 2 (.5 PPR): B. Marsh, Andre Johnson, and Denarius Moore.

    • Marsh, Moore

  • Pick 2 (.5 PPR): Larry Fitz, Andre Johnson, and Miles Austin.

    • Fitz, Austin

  • Who you starting in flex today (ppr) – CJ Spiller against the Texans or Broyles against Jax with Megatron banged up?

    • You have to roll with Spiller. He’s averaging more than seven yards a touch. You can’t afford to bench him.

  • Yo CD. I was offered 2 trades for my Murray
    1) Decker and Dez for Murray.
    2) Julio Jones for Murray and Antonio Brown
    Which one should I accept, if either?
    My current RBs are: Rice, Trent, Murray, J-Stew, M. Bush
    My current WRs are: Marshall, Denarius, Antonio Brown, Britt
    Please let me know ASAP!! Thanks.

    • 1) I’d take that deal in a hurry.
      2) I’d rather have Julio than Brown and Murray.
      Godspeed, fantasy fiend.

      • HA! wait so r u saying in should take deal 1 or deal 2? I can only accept one of them ;-)

      • Oh, I see. I’d go with the second deal.

      • r u 100% sure? Even given my current RBs and WRs? thanks for the help man, im a very reluctant trader haha

      • It might not be terrible to have patience and wait for DeMarco to get back to full health. Your WR depth seems fine. But I think if you can ever get Julio, you pull the proverbial trigger.

  • For ppr flex do I go with Gordon, Broyles, or Boldin. My gut says Gordon.

  • Maclin or Decker in a 0.5 ppr?

    • Really tough to bench either guy this week. You can’t play both? If forced, I’ll go Decker.

      • not unless you’d sit Roddy or Reggie (Wayne). 2 QB league with only 2 WR and a W/R/T.

  • Bought low on Calvin this week, Love the match-up for Calvin this week. However, really not loving the knee situation, not practicing all week, or game-time decision this week.

    Normally, it’s blasphemy to sit a stud if he starts, but given the circumstances and the fact that he might be used on a limited basis on 3rd downs, do i SIT Calvin?

    If yes, do I start James Jones (and is that contingent on Nelson not playing?) or Lance Moore?

    • Lions’ beat writers are saying (at 10:22 a.m.) that Megatron is not on the field for pregame warmups. This, they say, is unusual. Keep tabs on the situation, and if he sits, play Jones.

  • Donnie Avery or Louis Murphy flex?

  • PPR question:

    With Donald Brown unlikely to play, is Vick Ballard is a better flex option than any of:

    Titus Young
    Torrey Smith
    Julio Jones (I know, never bench studs, but he’s playing a top pass D and Atlanta’s passing game is unpredictable…)


    • It’s not just “Don’t bench your studs” in Julio’s case. He’s more talented and more opportunity than any other guy on this short list. He’s not going to post 100 yards and a score every week, but I think if we temper expectations a bit, Julio’s a no-brainer plug and play.

      • I figured as much about him, but is Ballard a better play than Torrey or Titus?

  • What are your thoughts on Aaron Hernandez for the rest of the year? Is it just a matter of time or will he be risky for the seasons duration?

    • If you have him, you’re starting him. The Patriots use him in far too many ways. He’s an every-week play.

  • Torrey Smith or Titus Young? Also, pick 2: Spiller, F. Jax or Redman?

    • Go Titus. Really hate to roll with two RBs from the same backfield, but I hate Redman today. If you must bench one Bills’ RB, bench Jackson.

  • If Brown is really out today (which I am assuming is not accounted for in your current rankings), would you start Ballard over Josh Gordon (who is currently in my Flex), Leshoure, or CJ2k (who are my starting RBs)? Yes, I know this is ugly…

    • I would start Gordon there. Probably he’ll need a bomb to reach WR1/2 status, but he’ll get his chances against a 24th-ranked Ravens pass defense.

  • How concerned should I be with my quality of RB’s? I have Charles, Dmc, Matthews, McGahee & S-Jax.

    • I’m not all that worried about Jamaal. He’s showing unreal lateral agility, he’s still getting a nice workload, and he was *this close* to breaking a 90-yard run against San Diego this week. Don’t panic.
      DMC, I think, has to be considered a top-15 RB for the rest of the season. The Raiders’ offensive line is truly awful, and it won’t get much better. DMC, like Foster and Rice, has unquestioned job stability.
      It’s clear that Mathews isn’t going to get 25 carries a game. I’d wait until he goes bananas and trade him for WR depth, if you need it.

  • 2 Q’s PPR LG Fred Jackson vs Hou or Josh Gordon vs Bal and Freeman vs Oak or Luck vs Mia?

    • Jackson is the safe play there. I’d go Freeman.

  • 1ppr. Safe to Get rid of Dwyer bc I have Mendy? Redman available. But in PPR I need Andre Roberts, S Moss or S Rice?

    • Keep Dwyer. He’ll be the guy when he’s healthy. And I guess I’d go with Rice.

  • Weedon or Wilson?

  • If Calvin sits, Titus Young or Cobb non-PPR?

  • 1 pt PPR, V Jackson or James Jones? Thank you!

    • I wouldn’t be put off by last week’s VJax bomb. He’s still one of the most heavily targeted pass catcher in the NFL, and he plays today against an exploitable Raiders’ secondary.

  • Is Calvin johnson’s knee concerning enough to bench him for lance Moore in a PPR league?

    • It’s impossible to bench Megatron if he plays. Keep up to date on his status and play Moore if he’s out. With Sproles out, Moore could see another 3-5 targets a game from here on out.

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