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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 8 Staff Ranks

posted by Jeff

Week 8 is upon us and bye weeks are in full force yet again. Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Houston are taking the week off to relax, which means we have to somehow replace Ryan Fitzpatrick! Hopefully missing Fitzpatrick isn’t an issue for your fantasy squad, but even if it is, The Fake Football’s staff rankings are below to help you through each difficult lineup decision. As always, feel free to leave any and all questions in the comments.

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • Need a flex: Tony Gonzo or LeShoure. PPR for WR/TE, but not RBs. 10 pt rushing TD, 7 pt receiving. I know, effed up rules. Thanks in advance.

  • Hey man,

    Who do you like J. Dwyer or Trent Richardson?

    Given the injuries and evverything.


  • Sorry. I said pick two, but meant three. Thanks again.

  • Would you start when you have Roddy White, Megatron, Demaryius Thomas, and Randall Cobb?

  • Thanks, Chet. Need to drop 1 from the lineup. Chris GIvens, R. Broyles, J. Locker, R. Turbin or E. Royster?

  • Which two of these guys would you start? (PPR)?

    Rashad Jennings, Fitz, Maclin, Ja Jones, Denarius, Lance Moore


  • Pick 2 please:

    J. Stewart, J. Dwyer, R. Broyles, T Rich.


    • Sorry for omitting, but pls. add Chris GIvens to that above list.

    • Dwyer, T Rich

  • Pick 2 please:

    Need to pick one WR and a Flex: Brandon Gibson, Kerley, N. Washington, Stephens Howling.

  • Need to start 4 of 5: Gronk, Tony Gonzo, Wallace, Denarius Moore, Cobb. Have Moore on bench right now. PPR and TD heavy. Thanks in advance.

  • half PPR, is doug martin and rashad jennings a coin toss? How about Vick or Luck?

    • Sorry I didnt get to this before the game, but Martin and Jennings is pretty close but I’d lean Martin. I would also play Vick.

  • Would you start; K. Wright or Tamme in the flex position?

    • Wright

  • What up J dog! Q: trade my Andre Johnson and F Jax for his Calvin, I still have R Rice, Bradshaw, Murray, S Jax, and Fitz, Maclin, Torrey, V Jax and G Jennings. Thanx

    • I’d say your WRs are already pretty solid, but I don’t really have anything against the deal. Seems good enough for me.

  • Have Foster/Murray/FJax/Jones with Jennings/Nicks/DMoore/LMoore/Bowe in 3WR/2RB PPR. Can only hold 4RBs and to avoid a zero I want to try to package FJax with a WR to make a run at DMC. Which WRs would you be willing to give up in the deal?

    • I would probably give up Bowe in that deal

  • Who would you rather have ROS in a +1 PPR/+3 at 100 yds bonus — Vernon Davis or Owen Daniels? Davis is already complaining about the offensive coordinator, and hasn’t caught more than 5 balls in any game (not that he’s been unproductive overall…).

    • This is a tough one. I agree, Davis hasn’t done much, but I think I would still give the ROS edge slightly to Davis based on the fact that he is as talented as they come and I expect him to bounce back some.

  • You think I should start Vick even if I own Falcons D? or go with my second option(Cutler)?

    • Good question. I would still start Vick. Hopefully Atlanta’s D beefs up on sacks and McCoy fumbles.

  • should I drop a deangelo & d.wilson for dwyer hunter royster a.brown ballard? Nonppr

    • I would drop both of them and as far as pickups, I like them A. Brown (assuming Antonio there), Hunter, Dwyer, Ballard, Royster

  • My WRs are: Dez Bryant, Rabdall Cobb, Brandon Lloyd, Denarius Moore, Santana Moss and Torrey Smith. (We have deep rosters.) It’s a .25 PPR league. Should I be concerned that I don’t have a “true” #1 WR? (Megatron, Cruz, Green, etc.) My RBs are McFadden and Foster and I’ve toyed with the idea of trading down on Foster to get an RB2 and a WR like Colston. Should I do that? I’m middle of the pack in the standings. Thanks!

    • I don’t think you should give up on that team. Cobb is emerging, and Lloyd/DMC will only improve. Plus, giving up the best player in the deal (Foster) is rarely the best move.

  • trade 1 rb(dmc, spiller, morris) + 1 wr(bowe, ssmith, dez) for Megatron? too much? which option is best and reasonable? thanks for any insight…

    • I think it may be a bit much but I wouldn’t argue too much with something like Spiller/Smith for ‘Tron

  • Need to drop one because injuries and bye week to fill a position also don’t currently have a kick should I just play with out one or drop 2 from the list, .5 ppr
    Pierre garçon
    Alex green

    • I would not cut BGE or Green. I would cut Garcon and then Amendola next, although playing with no kicker is tempting even with Amendola being out a few more weeks

  • Flex: Felix Jones or Kyle Rudolph.

    • Felix

  • Flex play for 0.5 PPR.

    Cobb v Jax
    Pierre Thomas @ Den

    Thanks in advance!

    • Cobb

  • Do I start McGehee over Morris this week and Pick 3 Wallace, Fitzgerald, Maclin, D. Moore, J. nelson

    • Yes, I would play McGahee, and Jordy, Fitz, Wallace

  • Stephens Howling or J. Kerley in Flex…
    .33 PPR

    • Kerley

  • Am I over thinking it if I want to play Luck over Ryan? Obviously Ryan with superior weapons but PHI is tough. Luck with a better match-up.

    • Ya, I think you’re over thinking it. Better matchup for Luck for sure, but Ryan is now a guy you can’t bench regardless of matchup.

  • Jeff, which of these guys would you grab off the waiver wire in a PPR .5 league: Jake Locker, R. Turbin, C. Givens or R. Broyles? Thx.

    • I would probably lean Givens’ direction unless you are desperate at QB.

  • I’ve been offered a 1 for 1 RB deal..My Sproles for his Leshoure. Thoughts?

    • PPR?

    • Non-PPR. Sorry should’ve clarified.

    • Ya, I would take Leshoure

  • Got offered Megatron for Mathews. We start 2 RB, 3WR & Flex.

    RBs: Lynch, McCoy, Mathews, Green, Ballard
    WRs: Maclin, Brown, Moore, Gibson, Kerley, Avery

    1/2 PPR. Go for it?

    • I think its a toss up. You will still have 2 solid RB’s left and plenty of options at your flex. If you like the deal, I say go for it…I don’t have any problem with it.

  • I was hoping you could state your case for ranking Rashad 9 spots higher than Alex Green. I know in most games, Rashad would be the play, but doesn’t Green get a ton of carries in the second half while GB is up big, and Rashad has to settle for check downs? Speaking of check downs, do you have them ranked similarly in PPR? Thanks brah!

    • I would rank Jennings higher in PPR as well. Green has 42 carries over the last 2 games and is averaging well uner 3.0 per carry. Jennings will get the same amount of work, and is a more talented runner. Plus, Jennings racked up 7 catches last week and will probably have a similar total this week, as the Jags offense never goes downfield.

  • What up Jeff, thanks for the rankings. Q: need rb help with byes and injuries. Trade my Andre Johnson, or V Jax for his Alfred Morris, or Trent Richardson. Which combo should I aim for? Thanx

    • As far as the target, I would shoot for Morris over T-Rich simply due to the rib issue Richardson is dealing with. You could really see them pulling the plug on him for a week or two here soon, and that would be right down the stretch of the fantasy season. Richardson is better, but Morris is the safer target. For your WR, I would trade Johnson. Its tough to make that call but Freeman really loves throwing to VJax and I fear Houston may just be too much of a run-first team for AJ to get back to his old ways.

      • Appreciate it!

  • I was hoping for a concrete decision on DHB vs. Givens at WR3 but it appears it comes down to whom I believe. [Enter Sam Beckett-like “Oh boy” here]

    • haha close one but I do like DHB there

  • Evan, would you trade Denarius Moore and J. Dwyer for JStew?

    • Would depend on the make up of your roster, but if you are deep at WR and need RB help, I think the deal is ok. Dwyer’s value is about to plummet as Mendenhall gets back.

  • 10 team PPR:

    Need 2 WR & Flex from the following:
    Nicks, Wayne, Decker, Maclin, Henderson, James Jones, Dwyer, M. Bush

    Thanks, again!

    • I’d go with the first three you have listed there

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