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Week 7 War Room

posted by Jeff

Wow, that team with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones must be off to a nice start. How about that team with Peyton Manning, Jamaal Charles, and Jeremy Maclin? What about the team with Philip Rivers, LeSean McCoy, and Roddy White? These teams sound mighty nice, but the bigger issue is that ALL OF THESE PLAYERS ARE ONE BYE! Why has week 7 forsaken us? Why has week 7 stripped our teams of their best players and left us with Danny Woodhead and Brandon Gibson?

There is no good answer to the cruel fate of NFL scheduling, but there is hope in The Fake Football’s Week 7 War Room. Crack your knuckles and get into the best information and advice the fantasy universe could possibly offer. The answers to your week 7 dilemmas is below…




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The Matchup Machine is back to give you the low down on your players’ defensive matchups.

– Facing a tough lineup decision? The Week 7 Start/Sit rundown and Week 7 Last Second Decisions can provide some help.

– The week 6 Target Report provides the latest on WR & TE targets, while Trending Into Week 7 covers players rising and falling in the fantasy world.

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Finally, here are The Fake Football Staff Rankings. Leave those questions in the comments below!

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • 1 PPR, would you sell CJ2k high and what are examples of players you would target? Who are some buy lows that might be worthwhile?
    My team
    QB: Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman (dropping after this week I think)
    RB: CJ2k, Ray Rice, Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, Vick Ballard, Daryl Richardson
    WR: Roddy White, Reggie Wayne, Kenny Britt, Steve Smith
    TE: Aaron Hernandez, Kyle Rudolph

    • I probably would wait to trade him until after he plays Indy’s soft defense in week 8. Then I would try to target a WR. Maybe try to package him with Britt or Smith for a WR1 type.

  • .5ppr…Simpson or Finley?

    • Simpson

  • Pick 2 WR: T. Smith, D. Moore, R. Cobb.

    • I do like Cobb this week but I would play the other two

  • Need to start one at WR and one at FLEX (non-PPR): Britt, Wayne, Leshoure, SJax…Thanks!

    • I’d play both WR

  • B.Tate or D.Wilson? PPR

    • Brutal. I would go Tate. He’s healthy now and hopefully will see 8-10 carries.

  • Thanks Jeff nice looking dog.

    • Thanks.

  • Alex Green or Ahmad Bradshaw?

    • Green seems safer at this point. Go with him.

  • Law Firm or Dwyer?

    • Law Firm

  • Kenny Britt or Denarius Moore? (Non-ppr league)

    • Moore

  • Powell or Blount. Ppr

    • Blount

  • vick ballard or lance moore for the flex position in a standard league. thanks!

    • I love Lance Moore this week. This is really a toss up but I’d play him.

  • PPR league: Ahmad Bradshaw or Felix Jones?

    I already have McFadden and Spiller locked into my RB slots, so this would be for my flex.

    • Felix Jones

  • Romo or Luck? Flex: Dwyer or Givens?

    • Romo and Dwyer

  • need 2. AP, Doug Martin or Alfred Morris?

    • AP and Alfie

  • PPR league: Ahmad Bradshaw or Felix Jones?

    • Felix

  • I am a project 15 pt dog in a ppr league with Jonathan Stewart at the flex. Stick with J-Stew or take a flier on David Wilson’s upside in hopes he gets 8-10 touches with Bradshaw hurting? Other starting RBs are Ray Rice and Dyer.

    • I don’t think either is going to do too much this week but I guess I would stick with JStew

  • Doug Martin or Ridley?

  • Hey, guys. Got a crap call to make: David Wilson or Jonathan Dwyer in a PPR return yardage league?

    • If return yardage is scored like regular yardage, I’d go Wilson

  • Romo or Luck?

    • Romo

  • Need help at QB, Cam or Romo? 4 pts for pass TD and 6 pts for Run TD. Thanks.

    • Romo. I think he will turn things around this week.

  • Alex green or Tampa mike for a non ppr flex? Leaning Williams…

    • I’d go Green. Williams has had a couple big games but is certainly capable of 2 catches for 33 yard games. At least you know Green will get the touches for sure.

  • PPR: Jerome Simpson or Nate Burleson?

    • Nate the great

  • .5 ppr Need 3 of 4: Felix, Andre Johnson, Dez, and Hakeem Nicks. (Unfortunately Romo is my QB this week)

    • I’d play the receivers.

  • Donnie Avery or devery Henderson w jimmy out?

    • Avery

  • Should I start Freeman vs. NO or Cutler vs. Det? I think Cutler is more talented than Freeman in a vacuum, but Freeman has the better matchup.

    • Cutler’s matchup isn’t much worse. I would stick with Cutler – but Freeman is going to be good too.

  • Need two RBs in standard league: William Powell, Ben Tate, & Vick Ballard are the options.

    Other standard league need a flex: Alex Green, David Wilson, or Kenny Britt?


    • 1 -Have to go with the 2 starters – Powell and Ballard
      2 – Kenny Britt

  • Antonio brown or torry smith

    • A. Brown

  • Ppr. Nicks or Wayne?

    • Nicks – Redskins give up a lot of yards in the air.

  • Would you drop Ballard for David Wilson? I’m not starting Ballard this week, but I’m looking for some later-season value on my bench. Does Ballard have a chance to start over Donald Brown long-term?

    • It would make note of that and keep it in mind. If Ballard shows he is the better back – wouldn’t be toughest thing to do – he should remain productive. Wilson looks like he is going to be eased into the running game, the emergence of Andre Brown dropped him in the depth chart. Long Term Wilson should be the better player.

  • .5 PPR M LeShoure/A Green
    If Bradshaw is out would you play Andre Brown over either of those two? Since it looks like it may be RBBC if Bradshaw does play, would you still replace either of those guys?

    • LeShoure.
      I am pretty sure Bradshaw is going to play.

  • Which combo do you like better? Jay Cutler & A. Foster or E. Manning & Jones Drew? I could go Manning & Richardson but I’m having trouble pulling the trigger on T Rich because of the ribs. Thanks!

    • I don’t know if that is enough coming back your way to lose Foster.

  • PPR need 2- Ridley, Martin, witten, Ballard- Vernon Davis screwed me so need big pts! Thx

    • Ridley and Martin.

  • I have a week team this week due to bye’s , so I really need a high upside flyer league is a ppr . Jerome Simpson or Green ellis as a flex. I am leaning to Simpson .

    • Unfortunately, I am starting both in seperate leagues. Trust your judgement – although I feel like BJGE will be ok and has a better chance to score.

  • Ballard, Cobb, or J Gordon? .5 ppr

    • Wouldn’t start Cobb over the likes of Dez – T. Smith – A. Brown. But I would start him here. He is a threat whenever he touches the ball. Ballard might be a close 2nd but if you’re starting Gordon you’re relying on him finding pay dirt.

  • I have both Bowe and Decker on bye this week so I’m in need of two starting WRs to roll out there with Fitz, my options are: DHB, Nate Washington and Donnie Avery. Also could pick up Stephen Hill if need be.

    Also in need of a flex play: DRich, D. Wilson or any of the WRs I mentioned.


    • Nate Washington seems to always find a way to put up a decent game from time to time and Donnie Avery is getting all kinds of opportunities to make plays. DHB is working back from injury and wasn’t targeted much last week. Safe plays are Avery and Washington – DHB is an upside play.
      I think I’d use Richardson against the Pack as my Flex. Richardson – Avery – Washington.

  • Need to sit one: Dez, Torrey Smith, Antonio Brown, Cobb. PPR w/ 1per10 return yardage.

    • As good as Cobb has been, I think you have to stick with the guys you drafted to start.

  • Yardage heavy league. Gotta play 2. BJGE, Shonn Greene, W. Powell?

    • Greene and Law Firm

  • Kenny Britt, Mikel Leshoure, or Alex Green at FLEX non-PPR? Thanks!

    • I like Kenny Britt.

  • Hey Michael. There are no small questions, only losing fantasy football teams … um ah
    1st – if it is PPR Britt for sure, if it isn’t I think I’d still roll with Britt who should get his share of targets, while Jackson splits the carries with Spiller.
    2nd – That is a real coin toss. Going to go with two approaches, 1 – GB has the better offense that might contribute to Green having more opportunities to produce. 2 – Ballard faces a significantly weaker defesne agaisnt the rush, and is playing at home. In all rankings I’ve checked into they are almost ranked right above and below each other in the low RB2 tier. I would start Ballard myself – but it is really a toss up.

  • Same question – Green or Ballard.

  • I, um, have two questions. Um, first, who do I use for my flex: K. Britt or F. Jackson. And, um, second, for my ahh other league, who do I use for, um, flex: V. Ballard or A. Green?

    Do my, ah, options suck or what?

    (Questions phrased as if call-in program)


  • Bye and injury garbage… PPR flex A Brown, Hixon or Blount ?

    • If it is Antonio Brown – him. Blount might sneak in another TD, but that is his primary value, and Hixon’s role may diminish slightly with Nicks feeling better.

  • Tanner or woodhead for desperation flex play?

    • Woodhead.

  • .5 ppr and I desperately need a win.

    Need two WR’s and a flex out of these: Britt, A. Brown, F. Jones, A. Boldin, D. Moore

    Gonna roll with Moore,Britt and Jones unless you think otherwise

    • I am assuming you mean Antonio Brown and not Andre. He is a must start PPR play in my books. I would also roll with Denarious Moore against the Jags. Kenny Britt turned the corner against the Steelers last week in my book so he is also a good start. Felix Jones is a low end RB1 in most rankings so he is very startable too. I’d pass on Boldin, although he shouldn’t hurt you. I might go with the three wide outs being a PPR format, Jones is still a little risky for me, but he should be fine too. Unless you’re in a 6 team league you’ll be competitive this week.

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