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Week 7 Consensus Rankings

posted by Jeff

Week 7 is here so remember to boot those Saints and Raiders our of your lineup(s) and get ready to roll. Last week was rough for us fake footballers, as the injury bug eluded our fly swatter and claimed more victims. With byes in full swing and injuries mounting, lineup decisions are as important as ever. Check out The Fake Football’s Week 7 Staff Consensus Rankings and feel free to leave those lineup questions in the comments section below.


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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • Luck or Rivers?

    • I like Luck this week

  • thanks to you guys going for 7-0 with Brees on bye and Cobb in the hospital. need help with worst choices ever in ppr:
    RB: D Willy, MJD
    WR: K Wright, R Wayne
    Flex: R. Randle
    Bench: Lamar Miller, Z Stacy, D Bowe.
    Look right? I feel like all these guys are going to put up around 10pts or so but Wright and Randle have the most upside with Miller next vs Buffalo, so sub him for MJD? Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • I think the lineup looks solid. If you want a hint more upside in there, like you said, you could swap in Miller. They are very close in our ranks but I do agree with you on Miller’s upside.

  • Need to start two of Hilton, Jeffery, and Allen. I’ve got Hilton and Allen in as it is. Any advice?

    • All three have great matchups and I would consider them all in the same tier for this week. Allen is probably safest with his target totals of late so I would just go with your gut on the other one. Hilton looks good to me.

  • One more if you could. Was offered a trade in 0.5 PPR league. Which side do you like?

    Julius Thomas/TRich/L Miller for Gronk/L. Bell/ Z. Stacy

    • I like the Gronk side

  • Guys,

    I am in a 0.5PPR league.

    I need to start 2 of the following:
    Leveon Bell
    Stevan Ridley
    Zac Stacy
    Jordan Reed

    What do you advise? And thanks in advance!

    • I would play Ridley and Bell. Stacy is very close though

  • Pick 2, flex , 1/2 ppr, Joseph randle, Torrey smith, Keenan Allen. Thx

    • Play the WRs

  • If all systems go with Gronk, start him at te and flex Cameron or ty? Leaning Cameron. Ppr.

    • Ya, I like the double TE set up with those guys

  • Should I drop Tate for Hillman in a 1 pt PPR. Who has more value ROS. I just think Hillman is 1 play away from starting with Moreno’s injury history.

    • Are we talking Ben or Golden here?

      • Ben Tate, sorry. My RB4, behind Spiller, TRich and Woodhead.

    • Tate is still a play away as well and I think he would offer more value if pressed into full time action

  • Who would you drop for a fill-in WR on Sunday (start 1Q/2R/3W, PPR)?
    My thought is Vick, since he is a sinking ship right now, but I don’t feel great about that idea. Thanks.

    • Ya I think its between Vick and Ellington. I would probably pick Vick but like you said, I dont feel great about it. At least you have RG3 to continue playing and can always snag a backup QB off the wire.

  • OK Need PPR 1 WR 1 Flex Garcon, Keenan Allen, Josh Gordon, or Brandon Jacobs, I also picked up Zac Stacy off ww Now someone dropped Lamar Miller..So ROS hang on to Stacy or go tryand get Miller ?? thx
    also hate kicker Q’s but In light of not playing ww each week who do like This Week and ROS Between Crosby (he’s been o a tear) or Walsh? Thank You I appreciate how much ur staff puts the time to help us with advice :)

    • I’d go with Garcon/Gordon at WR/Flex. I’d go Miller of those 2 backs. As for kicker, sticking with Crosby sounds pretty good to me.

  • First thanx for last weeks advice Got me a 7 pt win !!! So this week w/matchups New ww Adds I need help with PPR 1 RB and 1 Flex : Choice of MJD, L.Miller, Mathews, Le’Veon Bell or Finley. I’m starting Cameron at TE & Normally wouldn’t use a TE for Flex but with the Injuries in GB is Finley worth thinking about as a Flex play ?? or stick w/My RB’s thanx !

    • Good to hear, Banjoe nice work. For this week, I’d probably go MJD at RB then Finley at flex. I really like Finley this week with all the WR troubles GB is having. Good luck!

  • What are you expecting from Percy Harvin once he returns? WR2? I mean, the Seahawks are not a passing team, and their top reciever (Golden Tate) has 1 touchdown on the season….

    • I think upper tier WR2 is reasonable. Their o-line will only get healthier and Harvin’s short routes will help Wilson get the ball out quicker as well. They should feed him enough to make him a WR2 for sure.

  • Need to start 1, J. Gordon or K. Allen. Also start 1 from TRich, D. Brown or Spiller, 1 pt PPR. Thanks!

    • I would roll with Gordon and Spiller. Hopefully Spiller can snag a couple passes to help your PPR cause.

  • Hi Jeff, 12 Team PPR: Rivers, WIlson, AJ Green, Torrey, Antonio Brown, R Bush, Spiller, K Allen, Olsen, J Boykin, Andre Brown, Pierce, McGahee, Ellington. I just got proposed Ellington for Harvin, would you do it? Also, we flex 2, pretty sure I’m flexing K Allen again (my other flex is Antonio Brown). Would you throw Boykin in the mix or wait to see if he does anything?

    • I forgot, here is the team that proposed the trade: Brees, Foles, H Douglas, J Gordon, Ogbonnaya, Shady, J Graham, Clay, K Wright, M Wallace, P Harvin, Bowe, J Bell, T Williams. Would you counter or just forget it?

      • I think the deal is fine. I like Ellington a lot though. I would lean toward taking it.

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