Week 6 War Room October 14, 2012  |  Jeff

The fake football season is nearly half way there (in my best Bon Jovi voice) and that means your team needs all the victories it can get it’s paws on. As you finish up your Sunday morning pancakes and flip on the computer to set your lineups, you will undoubtedly encounter some difficult decisions as a fantasy football roster can make it appear as if half the NFL is either on bye or injured. That is where your pals at The Fake Football come in. Scope out the links below for some last minute help if you are curious about injuries, weather, stats, or the meaning of life itself. As always, feel free to leave you questions in the comments.




– If you’re itching for a little side action on Sunday (aren’t we all?), then enter our $200 FanDuel Contest. For a single dollar, you can enter a battle royale that pays out a total pot of $200. SIGN UP HERE!

– Need a defense to plug in? Dreaming of Streaming is back again to hook you up with the critical streamer picks.

The Matchup Machine is back to inform you of which players will tear up soft defenses on Sunday and which will struggle.

– Facing a tough lineup decision? The Week 6 Start/Sit rundown and Week 6 Last Second Decisions can provide some help.

– Looking for stats? We’ve got WR Target Numbers and Defensive Stats galore!

– Check out the NFL weather report HERE.


Finally, here are The Fake Football Staff Rankings. Leave those questions in the comments below!

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros





110 Responses

  1. B-Real says:

    Thanks Jeff.

    Who do you like between K. Rudolph and J. Gresham?


  2. B-Real says:

    I need a WR off waiver wire….Who are you guys leaning towards?


  3. B-Real says:

    Hey Guys,

    Is there any chance that you guys are posting the weekly rankings tonight?


  4. C says:

    Just got offered megatron for Julio?? Ppr league should I pull the trigger

  5. Jose says:

    Start/sit P Manning v RG3

  6. Keith says:

    Would you snatch up Vincent Brown SD to stash and drop Hixon?

  7. B.J. says:

    One more. Witten or Daniels at TE?

  8. B.J. says:

    Roll with Phil Rivers or Andrew Luck at QB? No Revis for the Jets has me feeling good about his matchup.

  9. josh says:

    2 questions. who do i start: rg3, romo or luck. 4 point passing td’s. Also, flex between spiller and maclin? standard scoring. thank you

  10. Tony says:

    Flex in PPR: Bess or heyward-bey? Thnx!

  11. Ben says:

    3 WDIS questions:
    pick two: ballard, d. martin, or s. ridley?
    pick one: torrey smith, d. moore, cobb, or maclin?
    pick 1 WR & 1FLEX: T. Smith, Ridley, Cobb, B. Lloyd?

    Thanks a LOT! Don’t like tough decisions because of matchups. Making me question whether I should avoid them during the playoff weeks.

  12. Neil Parker says:

    I am loving Peyton Manning on MNF myself. D. Thomas is going to have a large evening too.

  13. avery says:

    Peyton or RG3? Also Jermaine Gresham or Jermichael Finley?

  14. Gentry says:

    non-PPR –

    Need to fill 2 WR and 1 Flex – Need 3 from these 4.
    Torrey Smith
    Steven Jackson

  15. Keith says:

    James Jones vs. Hou or Malcolm Floyd (groin) Monday?

  16. the Real KG says:

    Doug Martin, Ridley, or Hartline at flex?

    I’m scared NE will use Woodhead like they did against Baltimore.
    Blount is taking Martin’s carries.
    Hartline is going against a rather tough defense in StLouis.

  17. Jake says:

    I have Hernandez and Celek at TE. Thinking of starting Celek due to Hernandez’s injury. Thoughts?

  18. Erik says:

    Who to play at flex: William Powell, Sidney Rice, or Aaron Hernandez? Looking for upside, willing to take a risk

  19. The U says:

    Pick two please – Welker, Bowe and Reggie Bush.


  20. Matt says:

    F’ me Benson was my deuce and no A.Green. K.Hunter or T.Gerhart? Ppr & .5/Att

  21. DiRo says:

    Luck or Ponder this week?

  22. Ruxin says:

    Need one flex, PPR: Leshoure, Spiller or Cobb?

  23. henryf003 says:

    Need upside chet, Rivers or Luck? Gresham or hernandez? I havent heard what hernandez status is.

  24. Brian says:

    Need to start 2; Torrey Smith, Hartline and Steven Jackson

  25. and1mcgee says:

    fjax/spiller/william powell, ppr. i’m fucked, right?

  26. Pedro says:

    Two different teams both ppr..Lloyd or hartline. Other team garçon or Lloyd?

  27. Spruce Goose says:

    How crazy am I for considering starting Hawkins over Torrey in a .5 PPR league?

    • Jeff says:

      Not super crazy, I do like Hawkins this week, but I would probably stick with Torrey. I wouldn’t call the authorities on you if you did though.

  28. Brandon says:

    Alfred morris or mikel leshore this week, .5 ppr?

  29. Andrew says:

    nate burleson, dustin kellar, golden tate, danny woodhead, its a PPR leauge who would u start as your flex

  30. Sven says:

    (I meant according to your rankings you lean Ridley)

  31. Sven says:

    In a 10 team ppr league I am between Malcom Floyd and Stefan Ridley in a RB/WR flex. I am leaning towards Floyd due to the match up. Looking at your rankings, I would think you lean towards Floyd.

    So, of course, I am coming to the Doctor for a 2nd opinion: Floyd or Ridley?

  32. Mike says:

    Standard league. Vick Ballard or Fred Jackson for RB2. Denarius Moore or Hartline for flex? Thanks!

  33. DP says:

    ALF or Doug Martin?PPR

  34. Herschel says:

    PPR league, start two of the following:

    Dez @ Bal
    Morris vs min
    Decker @ sd

    Who do you like?


  35. TDunn says:

    T. Smith or Cobb? 1/2 ppr. thankya

  36. Cobby says:

    Vikings D/ST or Rams D/ST?
    Even a “lightly concussed” RGIII scares me a little bit, so I have St. Louis locked in at the moment.

  37. Nicks Insurance says:

    In PPR, I have Mario on roster as insurance for Nicks. Would Barden or Randle be better? Thanks.

  38. Josh COhen says:

    Need to start 3 of these guys. Grok is the only late guy so if he doesn’t play, I get a zero: Gronk, Witten, Denarious Moore, LeShoure. PPR for WR/TE, no PPR for RBs. Thanks!

  39. Marcus says:

    PPR, need 2 please, Cobb, Nicks, Ballard, A. Green, Hawkins? Assuming Nicks plays… Thanks fo the continued great advice!!!

  40. Robert says:

    Wayne or Ridley at FLEX?

  41. nick says:

    Ppr. Spiller or Bradshaw?
    Also, luck or rg3?

  42. tourinct says:

    Romo or Ponder?
    RGIII or Vick?

  43. Alan says:

    Pitta vs Dallas
    Hernandez vs Seattle

  44. Jon says:

    Pick 2: leshoure, dez, miles Austin.

  45. trenton says:

    which two do i start V. Jackson, T. Smith, J. Jones

  46. Bro says:

    Need a Rb or Wr flex in standard non-ppr

    Going with DMC/Murray and Julio/Harvin at rb/wr.

    Who do I plug in at flex?
    Stevie J

  47. Jordan says:

    Desperate for 2 PPR RBs this week: Howling, Hunter, J.Bell, Reece, Draughn, L.Miller, R.Brown, D.Wilson, Gerhart?

  48. Josh says:

    WR3 spot… stevie johnson or cobb? having a tough time with this as cobb might have a huge game and buffalo is going to ARZ

  49. Nick says:

    Is Finley looking like he is playing today? Finley, Bennett or F. Davis?

  50. laylow says:

    Anquan Boldin or William Powell in flex 2day thanx

  51. Melly says:

    Is bolden worth putting in this week as RB2?

  52. Steelersfreak74 says:

    Luck, Eli, or Dalton today?

  53. JohnnyKielbasa says:

    Bye week monstrosity…need help:
    WR2 options: Garcon or Kerley
    Flex options: Spiller, B. Bolden, or Garcon/Kerley

  54. Pedro says:

    Stafford or rg3 to start today?

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