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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 6 Staff Ranks

posted by Jeff

Week 6 has arrived and decided to bring injuries and bye weeks along too! How nice. Scope out our staff rankings below and be sure to leave those questions in the comments below!

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • Alex smith or Dalton?

  • Welker (who is now questionable) or Bowe (who has Brady Quinn throwing to him)?


  • Appreciate it!

  • Thanx for the reply. Another Q: start 3 wr, 1rb/wr; Fitz, Andre Johnson, Torrey, maclin, V Jax, Bradshaw, S Jax, F Jax. Thanx

    • Fitz/Johnson/Maclin at WR then go with VJax at flex, as Bradshaw’s matchup is brutal

  • Need to start 1 of these guys at FLEX this week due to BYEs…+1 PPR

    Greene vs IND, Burleson @ PHI, Bess vs PHI, Heyward-Bey @ ATL

    If it makes any difference, I’m lookin more for the safest bet for 10-12 pts, rather than the 20+ pt home run potential.

    • As bad as it sounds, Greene is probably the safest bet of these

  • trying to find a filler for Graham….Pita, Fleener, Tamme, Dreessen?

    • Pitta Pit

  • I have Ariz. Def.. Do u see a Big difference in Fantasy Pts to drop them for the Pats? The only reason I ask is b/c being that I Do Stream…Pats next 2 games are Jets and Rams. Whereas Ariz has Minn, GB & SF… Ur Opinion?? thanx

    • No, I don’t see too big of a difference. Go ahead and make that move if you like the way it sets up in the next few weeks.

  • What up Jeff! Q; Trade my Romo, or Murray for his Cam? He’s also got Mike Vick on the trading block. I still have chalres and rice, w Quizz and J Stew on my bench. In a 1qb, 1qb/wr/rb/te, 2rb, 3wr, 1wr/rb league, my other qbs are Locker and Hasselbeck. Thanx

    • I would trade Romo for him if the other guy will do it. That way you still have that 3 headed monster at RB.

  • Jeff I need trade advice:
    In a PPR should I trade A. Hernandez and Doug Martin to get Jimmy Graham? Leaves me with CJnoK, Ray Rice, T. Richardson, Alex Green and Willaim Powell at RB.
    Thanks for any help, just a tough decision.

    • I think thats a decent deal for you, given your depth at RB. Hernandez is no slouch, but I think you can afford to lose Martin to upgrade to Graham. Hopefully Jimmy uses the bye week wisely to rest that ankle!

  • Should I consider starting Ballard @ Jets over Lynch vs Patriots?

    • No, stick with Lynch.

  • 2 PPR Teams With health concerns about Hernandez,Team 1: Need 2 (TE,&Flex) Hernandez, Rudolph, Mike Williams, or Avery..Basically do u trust AHern If he suits up?
    Team 2 is a pickle.. I have AHern and Bennett. Both afternoon games so do I wait and if they’re both out drop Bennett for Fred Davis off the ww .Literally Have No One to drop…Lowest ranked player on my team is Maclin? thanx

    • Team1: With another TE like Rudolph who has a nice matchup, I’d just start him and not chance it. Then start Avery at flex.

      Team2: I would do exactly as you said, and wait for the afternoon game announcements. If BOTH are declared inactive, drop Bennett for Davis and throw him in your lineup. You won’t miss Bennett too bad if you’ve got Hernandez the rest of the way.

  • Play J. Cook tonight or hope A. Hernandez suits up on Sunday? No real options at TE left in FA, so if Hernandez sits, I’m SOL.

    • Might want to lean Cook then.

  • Donald Brown really hasn’t been that spectacular this year. Would you consider dropping him for Vick Ballard incase Ballard really shines or Brown’s surgery keeps him out longer than we think?

    • Yeah. I don’t think that’s a bad risk.

  • Also, are liking stevie johnson, andrew hawkins or fred jackson as a flex play. I am already starting spiller as my rb2.


    • I’d go Stevie there

  • I need a wr between desean J, james jones or kenny britt?


    • Jackson but close

  • start stevie johnson or andrew hawkins?

    • Stevie

  • Need 2 in a standard scoring league: Randall Cobb (@Hou), Kenny Britt (Pit), Andrew Hawkins (@Cle), Vick Ballard (@NYJ). Help!?

    • Ballard and then I would give Britt a try tonight

  • Hi Jeff! PPR league:

    T. Smith or Ballard in flex?

    Eli or Vick at QB?

    • Go with Ballard at flex, and the QB is a toss up but I lean toward Eli even with a tough matchup

  • Looking to upgrade my team.Was just offered a Tom Brady for Cruz and Spiller, thinking its a little too much. Heres my team

    Qb: Romo
    RB: Forte
    WR: Jul. Jone
    TE: A.HErnandez
    FLex: T. Smith
    BEnch: Luck,Spiller,Ballard, Rudolph,M.Bush, Cobb

    • I would hold off. I don’t think the upgrade in QB is quite worth what you would lose in Cruz. No rhyme intended!

  • Need a WR3 and flex with this hand: Britt, Manningham, Brandon Gibson, Andre Roberts, and Alex Green.

    Is Britt even worth a start tonight?

    • I think Britt is worth a shot. Go with him and Green

  • Please pick two for my rb and flex:

    Spiller,Ballard, T.Smith, A. Hernandez

    • forgot to add its a 1 ppr league

    • Play both RBs.

  • With only 12 of my 20 transactions remaining on the year, is it worth picking up any of the “emerging” backs from ARI or IND? I do already own Donald Brown, but I’m far from convinced that Ballard will have any value as early as Week 7. Just 21 carries for 42 yards…

    What do you think? Due to the transaction limit, only the GB backs were picked up this week.

    • It depends on how much you lean on Donal Brown. If he is a guy you are playing at RB or flexing regularly, I would add Ballard. If Brown is just bench filler for you, then I’d save the move probably.

  • 10 team PPR, start 3:

    Wayne, Decker, Maclin, Hixon, James Jones, Nicks (assume Nicks starts)

    Also, would you suggest picking up any of the following and dropping Hixon: Burleson, Kerley, Bess, Avery or Gibson? Thinking long term.

    • Start: Wayne, Maclin, and Nicks. If Nicks doesn’t look like he will be 100%, sub in Jones. As for Hixon, I would hold onto him.

  • Bench stash hoping for a nice hit later in the year (i.e. don’t need immediate help)-keep 2: Quizz, LSH, or Alfonso Smith?

    • Hold onto Quizz for sure. I would go with LSH behind him.

  • So from the staff rankings I would gather that Sidney Rice is a clear upgrade from Kevin Ogletree? Even though the DAL passing game will be much more active down the stretch, etc.

    Just spent a small chunk of FAAB to get Ogletree, but Rice hit the wire. And I have no one else to potentially drop.

    • This week Rice is a better option, and I would lean Rice long term as well but I don’t think it’s too far apart for the long haul.

  • Tough. I would probably lean Smith and Hartline. I’d like to pick one of the backs, but both have tough run D matchups this week.

  • I need to start 2 guys, one in the WR slot and one in the Flex.

    My options are; T. Smith, Burleson, Hartline, K. Wirght, S. Jackson, F. Jackson.

  • Start 2: D. Murray, D. Martin, D. Bowe.
    No PPR.

    • I would play both running backs. Not sure what to expect out of Quinn in KC

  • Hey Jeff, I traded my Vick Ballard for Vincent Jackson. 1 pt PPR league. I needed help at WR. My RB’s are Mathew, Morris, Ridley and Martin. Did I make a good deal? Does Jackson still have some value? Thank you.

    • Nice work. Jackson definitely has some value and Ballard could go back to backup status in 2 weeks.

  • I can’t spell, I give up.

  • Delimma…sorry.

  • Doc,
    Hey man…..It’s good to see that you are doing well. I am in a bit of a dilema….I need a starting rb out of Chris Johnson, william powell, vick ballard and blount. Any advice?

    • Strange as this sounds, go with Ballard. I don’t want any piece of CJ against Pitt

  • Hey guys, as always, thanks for the rankings. I have a question though. You all have Romo ranked way ahead of Ponder. I don’t know what Cowboy team will show up after the bye week, but Romo hasn’t looked good since week 1 and this week they’re at BAL. I know the Ravens D hasn’t been as good as advertised, but they still generate turnovers and Romo and the ‘boys are TO machines. Am I crazy to be leaning towards starting Ponder at WAS instead of Romo? The ‘Skins are giving up over 325 yards a game thru the air and just 88 yards against the run. I’m in a 6pt TD league with bonus points for yards: 250(2), 300(4), 350(6). Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Great question. Personally, this debate boils down to the fact that I know Romo is not as bad as he’s been this season and we have seen him be a pretty damn good fantasy QB in the past. They have had the bye week to figure some things out hopefully, and I think he should be ok this week. Nothing against Ponder at all, he’s been good, but that is where my thought process is coming from on this one.

  • Another question for a different league. Would giving Mendenhall straight up for Hernandez be a good move? I’m stacked at rb with McCoy, McFadden, Forte, Martin, and Mendenhall. We can only start up to 4. I’m solid at wr as well with Cruz, Percy, Marshall, and Brown. My weakest position is TE with Pitta and Finley. It’s a 10 team btw, not 8.

    • Good team. I think that deal is alright. You can’t play all those RB anyway, so you might as well upgrade elsewhere.

  • Sorry for all the questions. I’m just always looking to deal. Thoughts on Murray and Wallace for R.Bush and Calvin? My starters would be McFadden, Lynch, Bush, Jordy, and Calvin. Worth it to offer or just stick with my current backs and keep Wallace?

    • No problem at all, that’s why we’re here! I think that deal is pretty close but I would probably do it, as the diff between ‘Tron and Wallace is probably greater than the diff between Bush and Murray.

  • 10 team PPR league: Should I give up Michael Bush and Eric Decker for Fred Jackson and Michael Crabtree?

    • I wouldn’t. FJax isn’t too much of an upgrade to drop from Decker to Crabs

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