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Week 4 Consensus Rankings

posted by Chet

Welcome to Week 4 of the NFL season. There will be pain, glory, gnashing of parts, and lots of other uncouth language. We are diligently researching our rankings and will be updating as the week goes on. If you have any start/sit questions or personal hygiene questions, leave them in the comments.

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  • Hey! Should I trade Doug Martin for torrey smith and knowshon moreno?

    • I wouldn’t do that.

  • Hi guys,
    Having trouble with my flex this week…I am deciding between Ridley, B. Pierce and J. Bell. What do you guys think? It’s a standard league. Thanks.

  • I have Jason Witten riding the bench since I have Cameron from Cleveland and my best receiver is Antonio Brown. Should I make the trade Witten for Reggie Wayne? THANKS!!!

  • Thanks for the rankings. Q; Better bench stash, B Brown or Vereen?

  • Need one. Standard scoring: Stephen Hill, Dobson or Shorts. Thx

  • Was offered Julius Thomas and P. Garcon for Gronk and Cecil Shorts. OR Garcon for Lamar Miller and R. Broyles? Like either of those deals?

  • Thanx 4 the Austin Advice …Now PPR Flex: WR:Starting Green and Garcon so trying to decide for my Flex Gordon, Colston ,Hilton or Fitz. Damn I HATE sitting Fitz but worried about hammy and Revs .Still gamble on him or who do u Like? As Always really appreciate ur opinion thanx Doc :)

  • OMG PPR someone desperate with injuries dropped Roddy White .My WR’s are Dez, DJax, Austin and Mike Williams ..Do I drop Austin to stash White? I don’t know how long his injury is going to linger but hoping he’s close to100% come Playoffs ..Yes??? thanx

    • Drop Austin fast.

  • my team:
    QB: Luck, Eli
    RB: T.Rich, M.forte, R.bush, L.miller, B.pierce
    WR: L.fitz, A.Brown, Bowe, B.Hartline, C.Givens
    TE: J.Cameron
    IR: S.vereen

    10 team standard

    I have #1 waiver pick and a newbie league member dropped S.Ridley. Who – if anyone – do I drop for him?

    • Givens

  • Jeff, One other trade to float across your desk. In my standard league, a buddy offered Brees & Bowe to get Luck & Gordon. While I’m excited about Gordon’s prospects, I’m nervous about Luck’s lack of attempts. I’m leaning towards accepting the deal to upgrade my QB. My other starting WRs are Cruz & Jordy. Thanks again.

    • If you are concerned about Luck, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Brees is a definite upgrade there but don’t expect the world from Bowe. I’d do it.

  • In PPR do i roll with D Rich tonight vs. banged up 49ers or go with Broyles? Thanks

    • Very tough. I would roll the dice with Broyles on Sunday he should be a nice PPR play and I worry about Pead in regards to Richardson right now.

  • I just traded Bernard Pierce to get David Wilson as my RB3. Good move? Also, I’m trying to upgrade Chris Johnson in my PPR league. I want to swing for the fences by offering CJ paired with Josh Gordon to get Jamal Charles. My remaining WRs for 3 spots include: Marshall, VJax, Amendola, & Stevie J. Is the Charles trade a win for me? If necessary would you pair up Amendola or VJax with CJ to get JC Superstar? Thanks for the advice.

    • I like the Pierce trade with Rice on the mend. And I would definitely do that deal for Charles and I think I’d be fine with it no matter what WR you put with CJ (assuming we are talking Chris Johnson here).

  • Should I drop Chris Givens for Brian Hartline in my 10-team standard league? Hartline is currently a free agent.

    • I could also drop Owen Daniels, as I also have Jordan Cameron

      • I’d drop Daniels. It will be easy to find a backup TE in a 10 teamer if needed.

  • Lamar Miller or Knowshon Moreno ROS?

    D Wilson or Gio Bernard ROS?

    • Miller over Knowshon. As we saw on Monday, that backfield is a little jumbled up with three options.

      Wilson/Gio is super close but I am going to give Wilson the slightest of edges right now because Im not ready to throw him onto the trash heap just yet. Close though.

  • Would you trade away J. Cameron for B. Powell? (I got Jimbo as my first TE but can play the second TE as my flex)

    • Ive seen a lot of these type of situations with Cameron providing so much value as a late round pick and they are sure tough. My answer is yes if you are really hurting at RB. If this is a pure depth move, I would hold onto Cameron.

  • I traded sproles&garcon for alfred morris. Did i give too much?

    Have dmartin gio julio jordy jgordon cecil hartline witten

    • Yes, I think you gave too much but luckily you have some nice WR depth to keep you afloat.

  • If Rice starts who would you flex from that list?

    • Ya know, probably still Pierce. BUFF defense isnt scary whatsoever and couldn’t you see BALT making the workload a little more even with Rice returning from the hip injury? That is my initial though. Bolden a close second though at this point.

  • non-ppr would you trade lamar miller for torrey smith?

    • Ya I think I would as long as it doesn’t crush you at RB.

  • Thanks for the rankings! Q: I own Spiller, F Jax, also R. Bush. Trade F Jax for Wilson? Thanks.

    • Ya, I’d do that.

  • no gronk?

    • Im waiting for official word on his status. Check back later this week.

  • Also, I need to start 2 RB, 2 WR and a RB/WR Flex out of this group:
    Jamal Charles
    Joique Bell
    Julio Jones

    Who would you sit?

    • Charles/MJD

  • MJD not ranked on purpose?

    • he’s in there

  • Ridley/clay for Julius Thomas?

    2rb/3wr/flex league non-ppr

    Have JCharles/RBush/BPowell for RB/RB/flex. If Bush is put prolonged looking at broyles/marlon brown/helu slot in at flex.

    • I would try to get some sort of throw in on the other side, but I dont think it’s too crazy

  • I have Cameron, these WRs: D. Jackson, A. Brown and J. Gordon (also have Gronk).

    You would be a fair trade for Ridley?

    • If those are your only WRs I dont think I would deal any of them. If they are just your expendable WRs, then I would try and deal Brown for Ridley after that big game.

  • 12 Team PPR, who do I flex: Pierce, Bolden, McGahee, Randle or Patterson?

    • Pierce as long as Rice is out again. Nice matchup there.

      • Where would you rank Pierce if Rice does start?


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