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Week 15 War Room

posted by Jeff

Week 15 is here and if you are reading this, your fantasy team is still alive. Nice work. Our mission now is to continue our climb to the top of fantasy mountain by racking up another victory this week. In order to accomplish this feat, the following information from the good folks at The Fake Football is all you will need. Good luck!


* Week 15 War Room Required Reading *


– Just in case your season is over, you can still dabble in the world of weekly fantasy football at FanDuel. If that floats your boat, our Week 15 FanDuel Bargains will make sure your lineup is tight.


The Matchup Machine is back at it, providing some quality statistical analysis of the matchups your fantasy players will face this week.


Last Second Decisions is a one stop shop for all the latest news concerning week 15 in fake football. Be sure to read this and keep you opponent far, far away.


– Mike is back once again with his weekly Start/Sit column with great recommendations for players to play or pass on.


– Looking for a defense to plug in? Our weekly “Dreaming of Streaming” is here to provide you with a quality pickup for week 15.


Finally, below we have The Fake Football Week 15 Staff Rankings. Feel free to leave those questions in the comments section…

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros


Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • Week 16, Championship. Pick 2: Trent Richardson, Darren McFadden, Amendola

    • Haven’t dug into next week’s matchups very much yet but I would side with the RBs as of this moment.

  • Josh Freeman Vs Andrew Luck?

  • Dez Bryant vs Vick Ballard in the Flex?

    • Bryant and Freeman for me

  • 1 point PPR. Garcon or Dez Bryant? Thanks.

    Also, another league (.5 PPR): would you play Garcon, M. Floyd, or Jacquizz Rodgers?


    • Dez, Garcon

  • Hey Chet,

    Thanks for getting me this far! Should I go with Big Ben or Kaepernick today? I And Should I hold chargers DST for next week or who else would you target?

    • Sorry didn’t know my last one posted thanks again!

  • Pick 2–Forte, McFadden, and Wilson .5 PPR

    • Wilson and McFadden

  • Hey Chet,

    Kapernick or Big Ben? Thanks for getting me this far!

    • Going with Ben. Kaep has a ton of upside, but his floor is scary in Foxboro.

  • Chet. i need one more win to make it to championship. Let me know if i’m rolling right in PPR:
    Cam, Rice, Sproles, AJ Green (18pts), Garcon, BMyers, R Bush. Bench – Hartline, Romo, Antonio Brown, Martellus Bennett. Thanks Brotha

    • I think I’d go with Brown over Garcon in PPR with RG3 out. Tough call, but that’s my opinion. Go with your gut though!

  • Last min validation! Ppr- amendola or leshoure? Stafford or kap, lions or browns?

    • LeShoure just because of the risk for Danny. Lions and Stafford.

  • pick 3 vjax,dx,julio,nicks ppr

    • First 3

  • Shorts, Antonio Brown, Britt or Austin?

    • Dang! Very tough. in PPR I’d lean Brown, non-ppr Shorts

  • ridley, dwyer or sproles…standard

    • Sproles for me.

  • With RGIII sitting, who should start in the flex spot of a PPR league: Ridley, Garcon, or Decker?

    Starting P. Manning, Nicks, DX, Moreno, D Martin, & A Hernandez.

    • I’d lean Decker in PPR

  • got detroits defense on the wire do i grab em and start them over the broncos defense today

    • I like Denver, but Detroit has more upside, so yeah

  • Eli or Kaepernick… Leaning Eli in both
    Eli or Palmer

    AHernandez or Tony G… Leaning Tony G, because of the Gronk rumors

    Detroit D or Seattle D… Seattle hasn’t been great on road, and DET matchup is great

    Moreno or Ridley…. Leaning Moreno

    Thanks for all the help this season!

    • Agree on all but Hernandez. I still doubt Gronk plays and even if he does I think AHern can match Gonzo.

  • WR2 – who’s the start – Torrey Smith, Garcon, Malcolm Floyd or Golden Tate?

    Thank you

  • Have Boldin in my lineup as my WR3, with Gordon on my bench. Make the switch or hold? Like both matchups. Standard.

    • I’d make the switch.

  • Out of Mathews/McFadden/Moreno, which TWO would you start? non-ppr

    • Very close. I’m leaning McFad and Moreno, but Mathews is tempting over DMC.

  • PPR – Moreno or Cobb?

    • Moreno, but that’s almost a coin flip

      • Thanks

  • PPR League: Morris or Forte?

    And Eli or Ryan?

    • Morris and Ryan

      • thanks buddy.

  • Need to play two WRs – Cruz, M Crabtree, Shorts and G Tate…thoughts?

    • Cruz and Shorts

  • Which DST, Rams, Browns, Jets. Also Shorts, ABrown or TSmith? PPR

    • Jets and Shorts

  • garcon or bmyers? rg3 is out…standard

    • I’m still leaning Garcon in Standard.

      • thanx buddy….u told me brady over freeman earlier this week right?

      • I’m leaning Brady there, yeah

  • Please tell me why you’d go Detroit over Seattle?

  • 1/2ppr.. flex.. britt, shorts, leshoure? thanks

    • Leshoure

  • Hi, Jeff. Injuries have decimated my once proud receiving corps. Have to make the following call for my WR2 in a PPR return yardage league:

    Garcon (without RGIII)
    Amendola (with 1.5 healthy feet)

    Best available on the wire is Sidney Rice.


    • Leaning Garcon because we at least know he is healthyish

  • Also, with RG3 out – Cousins or Fitzpatrick? Brutal.

    • Dang, Cousins

  • Hey Jeff – I’ve gotta ask again, would you go David Wilson or Colston at FLEX?


    • Wilson for me

      • Thanks Chet. Nice Bulls win last night. Good luck with your teams.

  • Last minute advice: PPR start Sproles or J Gordon @ flex?

    • Sproles

  • I’m starting V.Cruz, D.Thomas, & R.Wayne @ WR and Flex and A.Morris & K.Moreno @ RB. Should I swap in G.Jennings or J.Gordon? (I have Chris Johnson but don’t trust his O-line)

    • I’d stick with what you have.

      • Having RGIII out was making me slightly nervous, Thanks.

      • Agreed.

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