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Week 14 War Room

posted by Jeff

The playoffs are here! The playoffs are here! Buckle up and get ready to rumble, as this could be the last weekend for your fantasy team. To prevent an early dismissal from your league’s postseason, dig into the heap of fantasy lineup helpers below in the week 14 war room….and GOOD LUCK!


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Week 14 Last Second Decisions is the place to be for injury, time share, and matchup news.

– For those difficult lineup calls, we have the Week 14 Start/Sit with some quality advice.

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Finally, we present the Week 14 The Fake Football Staff Rankings. As always, feel free to leave those questions in the comments below…

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • Should I go with J. Bell or M. LeShoure in tonight’s game? Snow is in the forecast and I’m not sure who holds more value tonight

    • LeShoure

  • After the “modest” output from Demaryius, I’m really sweating two start/sits: Garçon or Julio and Ridley or Spiller?

    • Julio and Spillaaaaa

  • You still like stevie Johnson over givens? Even with amendola out?

    • Stevie is good to go. Its very close, but I would lean his way.

  • PPR league: have a RB and flex spot open. Can fill them with Cobb, forte, BGE, sproles. Pick a RB to play and 1 other.

    Standard league: Heath miller or Martellus Bennett? And flex spot: denario Alexander, Antonio brown or maclin.

    • PPR: Cobb/Forte
      STD: Bennett, Alexander at flex

  • Alexander, Givens, or Gordon at WR?

    • Alexander

  • Antonio Brown, DX or Givens? 0.5 PPR

    • DX

  • Next week will be end of loser bracket playoffs (for draft position). We are a two round keeper league (can keep two players in lieu of 1st and 2nd round picks). I am thinking Amendola won’t be trustable for week 15 since he is not playing this week. Thus, I am considering dropping Amendola to pick up Harvin as a potential 2nd rounder in PPR. Would you do this?

    • Ya, I think I would do that. You may not even get anything from Amendola next week.

  • Standard scoring, 1 PPR.

    WR3: Miles Austin or Givens?
    TE: Bennett, Olsen, Rudolph?
    Flex (2): Forte, BJGE, or Givens?

    Starting Sproles at RB, will also start either Forte or BJGE. Is Givens worth a look against any of these guys? Love their matchup against the Bills, and with Amendola out it is very tempting.

    Also, I am leaning towards Olsen with LaFell being banged up…but both of the other TEs have decently good situations as well.

    First round of my playoffs in a $200 league, help me out guys!

    Thanks in advance.

    • Austin

      I agree about Givens. I wouldn’t have much of an issue if you swapped him in for one of the other guys if you felt inclined.

  • I have Austin in for a 1-pt. PPR. Should I play Gordon instead, or pick up & start Givens now? Thx!

    • I really like Givens, but I think Austin is an acceptable play this week. He sounds healthy.

  • PPR League
    Need two of the following RB:
    AP, Rice, Marshawn, Doug Martin, Sproles

    So many good choices and combinations…

    • Go with AP and Dougie this week.

  • PPR league start 2 out of Brown, Spiller and Morris?

    • Brown and Spiller

  • PPR, Maclin, Anquan, Josh Gordon: pick 2.

    • Gordon and Boldin

  • Witten or Hernandez .5 PPR. A. Hern is questionable so it’s risky although he should play, who should we start, and who is a possible security blanket pick up, Daniel Fells?

    • Witten is a good enough backup option, I would just play him. AHern will play but Witten is just as good and takes the tiny % of risk out.

  • 1/2ppr.. torrey smith, chris givens, josh gordon?

    • Torrey Smith. GREAT matchup.

  • J Gordon or D Murry in PPR flex?? Worried about ‘boys on road against Cincy D.

    • I would play Murray

  • I have to choose two out of Charles, SJax, Spiller, and Bryce. I’m seeing Spiller and Bryce ranked right next to each in most rankings with Bryce being on top and SJAX not far behind. Sounds like a pretty good problem to have. I should go Charles and Bryce just based on Spiller having to split with FJax right? thanks!

    • Yes, very nice problem to have! I think you’ve got it right with Brown and Charles.

  • Reggie Bush, Alex Green or Joique Bell? .5 ppr

    • I will barely side with Reggie over Green. Very close though.

  • I’m really worried that Hakeem Nicks will be effective even if he does play. I could play Deangelo Williams instead, or I could drop Williams for Mike Thomas in case Nicks can’t go. Or should I just roll with Nicks? Thanks.

    • Stick with Nicks. Sounds like he’s ready to roll.

      • Does Jacobs being out make Crabtree a better choice?

  • Which one of these wr’s can get me into round two? Tate, colston, James jones, d Alexander, micheal Crabtree, Steve smith. 10tm non ppr

    • Colston should be the best option of those. Good luck!

    • still like colston

  • Hey guys. Need a decision on my WR3: Kenny Britt (v Indy), Amendola (v Buf if healthy), or Mike Thomas (v GB)? Non-ppr. If it makes any difference, this is a first round playoff game.

    Steven Jackson (v BUF) or James Jones (v DET) at flex? Also non-ppr. This is also a first round playoff game. Thanks guys.

    • I like SJax a lot this week, use him at your flex.

      For your WR3, Thomas is tempting, but go with Kenny.

      Good luck with your playoff matchups.

  • James Jones over Crabtree?

    • Jordy’s sitting. You’re playing Jones, and it’s not close.

  • T. Smith or D. Alexander in ppr?

    • Against a heinous Skins’ secondary, I’d have to go with Torrey this week. Matchups don’t get much worse than DX’s this week, along with every SD skill position player.

  • Do or die this week. Already got a dud from Brandon Myers. 0.5 PPR. Pick two RBs: CJ Spiller, Steven Jackson, Demarco Murray.
    Choose DEF: Atlanta, St Louis, or Buffalo
    I kind of want to roll with Spiller and Murray with Atlanta. Or Spiller, Jackson, St Louis, but then I would have a conflict of interest. Btw, thank you guys for all your help this season!

    • RB: Spiller/SJax
      DEF: St. Louis

      Good luck!

  • Really sweating over which D/ST to stream this week. My initial gut reaction was Bills, but everywhere I’ve looked The Bucs, Bengals and St.louis are ranked higher.
    Bryce Brown is scary good despite fumbles, Dallas has been rolling, and Buffalo scores 30 on avg. at home.
    Your input would be greatly appreciated.

    • I think the Foles factor makes the Bucs the best option.

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