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Week 13 War Room

posted by Jeff

Whether you have a playoff spot locked up, or are in a knock-down, drag-out battle royale for the coveted #6 seed, week 13 is undeniably a big one. The biggest of ones, some may say. From the first cheat sheet you scrolled through, to the week 13 waiver wire recommendations  you mulled over, this is the final week to prove your fake football toughness before we get into the wild, wild world of the playoffs. Each lineup decision can be critical to the success of a fake football team, so bookmark all the week 13 fantasy resources below, and go get that victory!




* For a thorough review of all things week 13, stop by this week’s Last Second Decisions to get the official rundown on all injuries, time share, and matchup information.


* The great @cdcarter13 is checking in once again with the hottest options at D/ST, in this week’s “Dreaming of Streaming”. Don’t let another one of you leaguemates read this first!


* If you have a playoff spot locked up, check out the ‘rest of the season’  Fantasy Strength of Schedule for the players on your rosters. It’s never to early to think about the playoffs. Unless you are 3-9 right now. Then it is.


* Is a week 13 lineup dilemma staring you in the face like an angry bull? Make sure you peruse our Week 13 Start/Sit for critical, matchup saving  advice.


* The Matchup Machine! The Matchup Machine! Back with some sweet, sweet fantasy statistics is the…you guessed it… Week 13 Matchup Machine.


* Our boy Jones is back once again with an in-depth look at how fantasy receivers and tight ends are looking in the world of targets…and we don’t mean the big red bullseye’d retailer. Its the Week 12 Target Breakdown!


* If money making is one of your favorite pastimes, be sure to check out our Week 13 FanDuel Bargains and prepare yourself for some FanDuel domination.


Finally, we proudly present the Week 13 The Fake Football Staff Rankings. As always, use them responsibly. If you’ve had too much ranking goodness, be sure to hand over your keys to a friend. Leave those questions in the comments below!

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros


Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • Welker or garçon??

    • Welker

  • which DST to drop to pick up Jets D? Rams or Cards? thanks!

    • Rams

  • Luck or Kap

    • Kap

  • I have Rothllisberger still out and have been using Flacco as my fill-in. Henne is avail for pick-up. Would you drop Rothlisberger for Henne? or stick with Flacco? I’m on the bubble for playoffs in 14-team PPR league. I know the site rankings have Henne ahead of Flacco, but how wide is the disparity in value? if small, I’d probably stick with Flacco.

    • I wouldn’t cut Ben at this point, you’ll need him in the playoffs (you’re gonna make it, I feel it!). I think Flacco is cutable if there are filler guys like Henne on the wire, as you can probably get Flacco back next week if you so desired. I would roll with Henne this week and hope the weather doesn’t impact things too much. Then Ben should be ready to go as you mash through the playoffs.

      • Follow-up question to Henne/Flacco… would you drop Flacco or Ben Tate? I’ve got a pretty long list of RB’s on my roster: Spiller, Bradshaw, Bryce Brown, Dwyer, McFadden, R. Jennings, Tate.

  • Cam Newton vs. KC or Andy Dalton vs. Chargers?

    • Give me Killa Cam

  • Deep league, 0.5 PPR…..I’ve got 3 choices for FLEX this week, who would you go with?

    Kendall Wright vs HOU, Kyle Rudolph vs GB, or Julian Edelman @ MIA? Thanks!

    • Rudy and Edelman barely over Wright.

  • ok, rain scare. sit shorts for garcon? also thinking dwyer and wells, sitting shone ppr…anyone?

    • I would tough it out and stick with Cecil, and I agree with your RB setup.

  • With DMC likely out: who do you like? Reece or Mathews?

    • Toss up. I have Mathews currently higher, but am just about to slide Reece further up in my personal rankings. I’ll bust out my custom made Ryan Mathews, Marcel Reece coin…hang on…..flip…..Mathews. Good luck!

  • Need to pick two to start in a 14-team PPR league: Knowshon Moreno, Steven Ridley, Marcel Reese: Was leaning toward the first two guys, but now with the news that Run DMc won’t play, I’m wondering if Reese is worth the start over one of these two guys.

    • Yep, you’re on to something. Sit Knowshon and swap Reece in for him. He is a legit PPR studmeister (new term I just invented).

  • Broyles or Shorts? Mathews or Beanie? Thanks!

    • Shorts (hopefully the weather doesn’t hurt) and Mathews

  • Britt or Maclin in a 1pt PPR league? I’ve got DX as my WR1 with Harvin out and I have no other options for my WR2. Help a brotha out! Thank you!

    • Play Britt. Even with DJax out, I don’t feel good about trusting Foles to hook my receivers up.

  • I have two RB spots to fill and a flex in non PPR. My options are Leshoure, Bryce Brown, Moreno, Leshoure, Reece and Broyles.

    I’m thinking on going Leshoure/Brown but the rest of my options all have downsides. Moreno is facing a top run D, Jennings has been mediocre, and Reece is going to be playing in bad weather against a very good run D. I’m leaning Reece as flex with that. Thoughts?

    • I think you’ve got it. Reece has been awesome and I think he’s a good flex play there. Maybe consider Moreno, but I like your reasoning there. Stick with that.

  • PPR Flex: Have Broyles in now…BUT, have Reece or Mathews available…????? Hate to sit Broyles, but Reece?

    • Go with Reece, baby!!!

  • just noticed i need a def carolina or giants

    • I’d go Panthers

  • Need WR help.

    2 WR spots to fill in a PPR league: Cecil Shorts, Steve Smith, Michael Crabtree, Greg Jennings, Jeremy Kerley

    I’m a bit worried about Shorts because of the weather conditions in BUF.

    • I agree with your weather thoughts, but I think Shorts and Smith are head and shoulders above the others. I’d go with them.

  • Are SEA suspensions going to derail DEF value ROS? Thanks!

    • I think it will, big time, but it obviously depends on when they start the suspensions.

  • Miles Austin, Mike Wallace, Marcel Reese – need to start one at WR & one at Flex?

    Mercedes Lewis or Pettigrew at TE?

    Leshoure or Moreno at RB?


    • Also could start DX over Leshoure or Moreno, it’s my flex spot

      • I would go DX at WR and Reece at flex.

        …and Pettigrew at TE

  • Reece or Charles PPR?

    • Reece should be good again this week, but I prefer JC

  • Reggie Bush, BenJarvus Green Ellis, Michael Bush, Rashaad Jennings… I need to choose 3 – Help!

    • Reggie, BGE, Jennings

  • Need 1 in PPR: Greg Jennings, Chris givens, boldin DHB

    • Boldin. Don’t quite trust Jennings yet, but you should be able to use him in the playoffs.

  • HUGE WEEK. Standard league scoring. Must win for a first round bye.

    ELI or Kaepernick?

    Steven Jackson, Rashad Jennings, Maclin, Antonio Brown, Starks and Denario Alexander. Need to fill 1 rb slot and 1 flex with these guys as my options.

    • Eli, SJax and DX, good luck!

  • Moore, Broyles or Maclin. PPR.

    • I’m going with Broyles in PPR

  • Reece or Ridley?

    • Ridley is standard scoring, PPR: Reece

  • Convince me not to start stafford over rg3.

    • DON’T START STAFFORD OVER RG3!!!!!!!!!!! Did that work? I yelled as loud as I could. RG3 is the man and the bonus he gives you on the ground is too much to pass up.

  • Beanie or Moreno?

    • Moreno in PPR, Beanie in non

  • Pick 3: Charles, Ridley, Bryce, Mathews, Leshoure, Reece
    DX or Broyles
    Maclin or Britt

    • Ridley, Charles, Bryce (If it’s PPR I’d probably put Reece in instead of Brown)

      • Thanks. It’s half PPR, which I typically consider as non-PPR so I’ll probably roll with Bryce.

  • need 1 more wr blackmon,broyles or hilton. already have green and garcon

    • I like Broyles

  • bilal powell or demarco murrray?
    dwayne allen or pettigrew?

    Thanks!!! you have been great all year!!!

    • Murray and Pettigrew. Good luck!

  • If DMC is out, is Reece a better play than Bryce Brown?? Thx

    • They are close, but Brown has a little more upside.

  • Hey guys – big week here. Pick 2 out of my 4 RBs:

    Alfred Morris, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin

    • Dang, tough call. I’m leaning Martin and Charles.

  • Would you start Murray or Mcfadden over Moreno or D. Thomas? .5ppr

    • I wouldn’t. Murray might be limited and DMC looks like he might not even go today.

  • Gates, Pettigrew, or Lewis at standard scoring TE?

    • Going to lean Gates there. Scary I know.

  • Hey guys. I could use some help with a couple of spots…

    1) Need one at RB and one at FLEX: Ridley, Leshoure, Reece, Wayne, Garcon

    2) Martellus or Marcedes?


    • Ridley, Reece, Bennett

  • .5 PPR. 6pt TDs. Steven Jackson or Marcel Reece (now that DMC unlikely). Thanks!

    • Would lean Reece, but very close

  • Weather not supposed to be horrible in OAK (10 mph wind, rain at times). Would you play DMoore or Broyles in PPR this week? I see you have them close for standard. Thanks

    • I like Broyles in PPR.

  • Is that dmc is not playing. Do u play Reece over Moreno now? Thanks

    • I would, yes.

  • 10 team 1.5 PPR. Marcel Reece or Moreno in the flex? I am nervous about both of their situations.

    • I like Reece if DMC is out. Moreno if not.

  • .5 PPR, need 1 from Reese, Moreno or McFadden

    • Looking more like DMC might not go. Reece if he doesn’t.

  • I need a running back this week… it’s DO or DIE even though I’m 8-4 overall… lost three divisional games so i’m on the ropes… need to win this week.

    The choices are: Darren McFadden, Beanie Wells, F-Jax, Mendy, or Knowshon Moreno. Non-PPR.

    My instinct was Beanie due to the good matchup and the likelihood he’ll get most of the work, but I know his YPC last week wasn’t good and he’s still just Beanie. Next option is probably Moreno but TB is staunch against the run. Next option would be DMC but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be that active this week. What do you guys think? This is for all the marbles…

    • and by ‘all the marbles’ i mean a spot in the playoffs…

    • I’d lean Beanie in non ppr. I think he’s safer but Moreno may have a little more upside with receptions.

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