Week 13 NFL Picks December 1, 2012  |  Neil Parker

Hey Norv Turner, Ray Rice made your defense look foolish, cost me a tasty cold beverage and reserved you a spot alongside Rex Ryan in the unemployment line.  Football is a great game.  I’m going to go against the spread in a few of the games left this week in my NFL Picks.

New York Jets -4.5

The Jets aren’t a good football team, but they will win this one.  The Cardinals are on their 3rd string QB and haven’t won since Week 4.  The Jets haven’t beat anyone, but they have won the games they should have.

Carolina Panthers – 3.5

There are some obvious developments involved here, but Cam Newton looked good last week and the Panthers D is improving by the week it seems.

Houston Texans -6.5

The Texans have won in overtime their past two games, including playing down to their opponent in Week 11.  The Titans aren’t in the same class, and aren’t as rested either.

New England Patriots -8.5

The Pats are rolling, winning 7 of 8 and have been putting a lot of points on the board.  The Dolphins don’t have the offense to keep up.

Jacksonville Jaguars +6.5

The Jags have new life with Chad Henne behind center, and are suddenly a potent offensive team.  The Bills should win this game, but not by a touchdown.

Cleveland Browns +1.5

The Browns are gritty and the Raiders are soft.  Last week the Browns took the ball away 8 times and the Raiders gave the ball away twice.  These are two teams trending in opposite directions.

Baltimore Ravens -6.5

The Steelers aren’t even close to the same team without Big Ben, and the Ravens need this to secure the division.  The Ravens have the weapons to win it at home.

New York Giants -2.5

The Giants got back on track last week, and there are just too many weapons around Eli Manning.  Griffin III should keep it closer than a 7 point game.  Going to be a great MNF contest.

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  1. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR, 9-3: Brees, Freeman, Bryant, Cruz, Garcon, DX, James Jones, Martin, Beanie, JStew, LaMichael James (just dropped Sanu for him), Graham, Rudolph. Someone just dropped Brandon Lloyd, would you pick him up & who would you drop, thinking James Jones.

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