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Week 12 War Room

posted by Jeff

Welcome one, welcome all, welcome those who played against RGIII, Dez, and New England on Thursday….to the Week 12 War Room. If you were one of the poor souls who acquired a 73 point deficit on Thursday to go along with the 12 pounds you packed on, then you have come to the right place. The Fake Football has you covered with every last inch of detail that pertains to setting the best possible week 12 lineup and beginning your comeback assault. If you did have Foster, Romo, and Andre Johnson on Thursday, go eat the leftover mush at the bottom of the green bean casserole dish and enjoy your lead. Now, get out those thinking caps and dig into the best fantasy football lineup resources the good U.S. of A. has to offer…


– If you”re in a stat kind of mood (honestly, when aren’t you?), be sure to check out the world famous Week 12 Matchup Machine, as well as a nice bundle of team defensive Matchup Statistics for Week 12.

– Got a lineup dilemma on your hands? Mike is here to help in his Week 12 Start/Sit piece.

– Once again, we are back with Dreaming of Streaming, which promotes the top notch defensive streaming options for the week ahead. Special teams can make all the difference!

– This week’s Last Second Decisions has everything covered, from injuries to timeshares to notable matchups. Every last question remaining in that fake football savvy head of yours will be answered here.

– For those who dabble in weekly fantasy games, our Week 12 FanDuel Bargains gives you the best value picks for creating the optimal money making lineup.


Finally, we proudly present the Week 12 The Fake Football Staff Rankings for your perusal. Please enjoy responsibly, and as always, feel free to leave those lineup questions in the comments below…

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • Amendola or Fitz

    • Amendola is pretty risky at this point, I would go Fitz

  • Any thought on Nicks, Steve Smith or Danario Alexander?

    • I would go Nicks of this bunch

  • Pick a Flex: Hillman, Moreno, Shorts, Hilton, Stewart, Beanie.


    • Give me Moreno

    • I’d go Shorts

  • I think Gronk will probably play before week 16. He could be back as early as 14. I’d hang onto him in case you get that far.

  • At the same time, if I lose to someone who picks up Gronk and plays him against me, I will chop my arm off and beat myself to death with.

    • haha ya that would be tough

  • Need to drop someone for a kicker. Looking at my roster it’s either Kaepernick or Gronkowski. What do you think about dropping Gronk? Fantasy championship in week 16. If he’s “limited” for that game, I can’t see starting him.

  • Ppr.Britt,Dmoore or Tampa mike?pick 1 pls

  • Pick 2 in PPR league: Steve Smith (@Phi), Julio Jones (@TB), Bryce Brown (vs Car), Denarius Moore (@Cin)

    • Julio and Brown

  • moreno, hillman, or stewart?

    • Moreno

  • Rams or CAR D?

    • Rams

  • Julio or Denarius Moore today as my WR2?

    • Julio

      • you sure? You dont feel like Moore will have a monster week after what happened last week?

    • As long as Julio is active it would take another big time WR option for me to sit him

  • Pick 2. Parmele, b brown, mathews

    • Mathews/Brown

  • Hillman, Fred Jackson, or James Jones in the flex?

    • Jones

  • Chet said to give Kenny Britt another shot today. Do you agree if the decision is between him and Crabtree .5 ppr?

    • I think they are close enough for you to go with your gut there. If you wanna give Britt a shot, go for it. Good matchup and Locker is back in the mix.

  • – Need 2: Charles, Mathews, Reece, Bryce?
    – Olsen or Rudolph

    • Charles/Reece

  • Which three? Julio, Decker, Britt or Torrey?

    • Julio, Decker, Smith

  • pick 3 julio,dx,nicks,vjax,james jones ppr

    • Julio/Nicks/VJax

  • 1 RB and 1 Flex between Hillman, Bryce, and Kendall Wright

    • No PPR

    • Bryce/Hillman

  • – Julio or DX or Bryce Brown (PPR, 9 pt Rec TD, 7 pt TD Rush, 1 pt Every 5 rush attempts)?

    • Yikes. Interesting scoring setup. I would go with Brown here, as he should get a little work in the passing game in addition to getting the rush attempt points.

  • Worth dropping Tate for Moreno? I have Foster.

    • Only if Moreno is a guy you would be playing the rest of the way

  • 1-pt. PPR. Need 2: Stewart, B.Brown, Moreno?

    • B. Brown, Moreno

  • Hillman, K. Wright or Desean Jackson in the flex spot?

    • Eve despite Moreno starting, I would go Hillman here

  • ppr Ballard or Shorts

    • Toss up but I would go Shorts

  • Hakeem or Julio PPR?

    • I have been repping Julio all day, but if you have another higher level option (like Nicks) I would go with the other option.

  • First off, I appreciate you doing this every Sunday. Thanks, Jeff!

    Which two do you like in a PPR return yardage league?

    Jonathan Stewart
    Jacquizz Rodgers (kickoff returns, but Koenen usually hits touchbacks)
    Bryce Brown

    • No problem, thanks for stopping by!

      I think you go Brown for sure, and then I would lean Rodgers if return yardage is involved.

      • I came back to give you retrospective props on the Rodgers pick. Nice call!

  • PPR flex: J-Stew, Parmele or Boldin?

    • Parmele

  • Need two in 0.5 PPR: Julio, Stevie, DX?

    Also full PPR: Allen or Rudolph?

    • Julio, Stevie
      I like Allen

  • DX at flex in light of the Moreno news? I started Miles on Thursday… so now it’s between Alexander and Hillman…

    • OR pickup and play Moreno??? Ugh… Need this week to stay alive!!

    • Ya, I think DX is the smart play there

      • Thanks, man!

  • Shorts or Bryce Brown for flex spot .5 ppr?

    • Bryce Brown

  • PPR. Need one. Bryce Brown or Vick Ballard?

    • Brown

  • Ppr (1.5 for te) Torrey Smith or Dewayne Allen?

    • Torrey

  • With Moreno starting… Moreno or Jalen?

    • Still Jalen

  • 2 out of Moreno, Daniel Thomas and Andre Brown – standard, non-PPR.

    • Moreno, Thomas

  • ppr, which TE

    Randolph or Bennett

    • Bennett

  • Pick 2:
    Cecil Shorts
    Danario Alexander
    Kenny Britt

    Steven Jackson or Bryce Brown?

    Steven Jackson or Reece?

    • Shorts/DX



  • julio or dx today in ppr

    • I have been sticking with Julio. Although there is a little risk, he is too good to sit if active

  • Standard league. – James Jones, Julio Jones or Torrey Smith? AND Ballard, Sproles, Ingram or Howling? Thanks

    • Julio is a bit risky but I am playing him myself. I would give him the start.


  • 6 pts per passing TD, 1 pt per 20 passing yards

    Eli vs GB or Kaepernick @ NO?

    6 pts per TD, 1 pt per 10 rushing/receiving yards, no PPR

    Pick 3: Cecil Shorts vs TEN, Danario Alexander vs BAL, Jalen Parmele vs TEN, Bryce Brown vs CAR?


    • Go with Kaepernick at QB


  • I need you to pick one RB to start today: Mendenhall, Fred Jackson, Beanie, or Hillman?

    Also, pick ONE wide receiver AND one flex from this list: Danario Alexander, James Jones, Cecil Shorts, Steven Jackson, Darren Sproles.

    Please and thanks.

    • Non-PPR in both scenarios above by the way.

    • Jackson
      WR: Alexander Flex: SJax

  • Need a WR and a flex from the following, PPR: L. Moore, Maclin, Ballard, Hillman. Thanks.

    • Moore/Ballard

  • 0.5 PPR, pick one WR: E Sanders, Davone Bess, Brandon Lafell, Donald Jones


    • LaFell

  • 0.5 PPR League

    Pick 3 WRs – Mike Wallace, Dem Thomas, L Fitzgerald, Sidney Rice, TY Hilton
    Pick 2RBs – Marshawn Lynch, BJGE, Marcel Reece, Darren Sproles (still a risk)


    • Thomas, Fitz, Wallace although Wallace really frightens me
      Lynch and Reece at RB

  • .5 ppr. Pick 3 WR and 1 RB.

    Crabtree, Julio Jones, Shorts and D. Alexander

    Charles, Forte, Reece

    Thank you!!!!

    • Julio/Shorts/DX

  • Pick 2: Nelson, Cobb, Crabtree, James Jones, D.Moore, Donald Jones
    Pick 1: Nelson, Cobb, Floyd, Hilton
    Heath Miller or Gates?
    I like the BAL D over SF D this week, agree?

    • Nelson/Cobb

  • PPR, pick a Brown… Donald, Andre or Ronnie?
    Non PPR… FJax or Bryce?

    • Donald and Bryce

  • PPR League. Who you start in flex?

    Danario Alexander, Bryce Brown or Jeremy Maclin.

    Maclin has screwed me over one two many times this season, so its between Alexander and Brown. I’ve been leaning Danario despite him being projected the least on yahoo. Who do you start?

    • You’re right about Maclin, leave him out. I think Philly will lean on Brown quite a bit today so I would pick him, although DX is pretty awesome. Brown should get a little love in the passing game as well, which will help.

  • Starting Rice, TRich and Reece,
    making Charles ride pine.

    I just get the feeling Peyton is going to destroy KC and Jamaal won’t get the touches. Despite your rankings, am I thinking too much?


    • I just saw your reply on the main page from the 21st. Ignore this inquiry. Thanks for the insight. Good luck in your leagues.

    • You have enough other quality options to start, so I don’t see a problem with that at all.

  • Rams D/ST or Seattle D/ST? 2 points per sack, std scoring other than that.

    • St. Louis is tempting but Seattle should hammer on Miami. Go with them.

  • .5 PPR Bryce Brown or Ryan Mathews?

    • Stick with Mathews in this one

  • Flex: Julio Jones or Bryce Brown

    • Julio is playing so I would give him the start

  • Bench 49ers dst and plug in Panthers today?

    • Very tough call there, but N.O. can score on anyone. I think I would.

  • I need two RB and 1 Flex….PPR….TRICH, REECE, Law Firm, Parmele, Colston, Danario Alexander

    • TRich and Reece at RB and I would roll with Colston over Parmele at flex

  • Julio Jones over Decker in a PPR?

    • It has a bit of risk attached, but yes, I think I would

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