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Week 12 Ranksauce

posted by gregsauce

Hey fake footballers, welcome to the Week 12 Ranksauce. I’m really feeling the Thanksgiving tradition this week, so I’m going to kick things off with a ranking of savory Turkey Day dishes:

1. Gravy. It’s gotta be #1 because it makes all other Thanksgiving foods better.
2. Stuffing. If gravy were only condiment-eligible, stuffing would be the clear #1 pick.
3. Mashed potatoes. Step 1: Create a well in your mashed potatoes with your spoon and fill it with gravy. Step 2: Profit.
4. Sweet potatoes. Clearly I have a thing for starches.
5. Brussels sprouts. My sleeper pick of the holiday season, brussels need to be prepared properly to justify this ranking (Pro tip: roast ’em, people!).

As a bonus, here’s my all-avoid list for Thanksgiving:

1. Turkey. Sorry pilgrims, the Ranksauce is vegetarian.
2. Cranberry sauce. What can I say? It just doesn’t make my turkey gobble.

On to the Week 12 ranks!

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Greg Smith writes for TheFakeFootball.com and TheFakeBaseball.com.He can be found on Twitter @gregsauce.

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  • 14 Team PPR: I currently have Bennett at TE, Rudolph just got dropped. Is it worth it to switch it up?

  • At TE, should I start A. Gates or Dwayne Allen?


  • Ryan or Dalton?

  • 12 team League. At WR I have Aj green Calvin, and Cobb. I start Cobb in my flex, so I only start 2 RBs. At RB I have Rice, Bradshaw, Andre Brown, Bryce Brown, Leshoure, Ballard, and Wells. With a lot of descent depth should I drop Wells or Ballard for David Wilson and the possibility of late season breakout? He is the only real upside back on waivers. Thanks

    • No, I’d stick with what you have.

  • hey greg, i have 2rb spots, 1qb spot and a flex where i cant star qb or rb. I have Eli, Colin Kap, CJ, Martin and Reece. I want to sit Eli but think he might straighten out this week, Who do you sit

    • usually like to start 2qbs but is that my best option with how well Reece has played and how bad Eli has

      • @jay: I’d bench Eli, but I wouldn’t feel great about it.

  • 12 Team PPR: Commish wants to set up a trade, I don’t necessarily see on, I’m 9-2, 1st place, clinched a playoff spot. ME: Brees, Freeman, Dez, Cruz, Alexander, James Jones, Garcon, DHB, Martin, JStew, Beanie, Graham, Rudolph, GB D. HIM: Luck, Eli, Demaryius, Britt, Lloyd, Shorts, Amendola, LaRod, Mathews, Reece, LeSean, Gates, Paulsen, Hou. Any suggestions?

    • You could try to land Reece and improve your RBs, but you’d probably have to give up one of your better receivers.

  • Major Dilemma PPR tough choice but went Kaepernick vs the Saints over Locker vs the Jags? Then I od have Rice & Mathews at RB. Which leaves 2 WR and Flex from Julio-IF he Plays or gotta chose from Denario,(WR2) but then Felx is driving me crazy could be Sproles, or Bryce Brown,(Ijust don’ know if I can trust an Eagle?) and still have Blackmon Mike Williams.. I also thought if its worth dropping one of the Latter 2 for either Britt or Kendall Wright ..Those numbers against the Jags was staggering. But really lost if Julio is OUT . Thanx

    • Kaepernick is the play at QB. For your 2 WR and Flex, I’d use Julio, Danario, and Blackmon. If Julio doesn’t play, I’d gamble on Bryce Brown.

  • Debating on playing wright over Lloyd. Crazy?

    • Not crazy, but I’d use Lloyd.

  • Luck or kaepernick?

    • Luck.

  • 1 pt PPR, need a RB between Ridley or Morris. Also starting Martin.?Thank you!

    • Ridley.

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