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Week 11 War Room

posted by Jeff

Week 11 means that we have just three weeks until the fake football season takes a very real turn for the playoffs. Whether your squad needs a 3-0 stretch run, or is working on sealing up a first round playoff bye, victories will be at a premium this week. Thankfully, NFL bye weeks are finally coming to an end, as the Titans, Seahawks, Giants, and Vikings all take this Sunday off. If you need an Eli or Beast Mode replacement, or have any other type of lineup dilemma, you will find the answer below in The Fake Football Week 11 War Room


– For those brave souls dabbling in weekly fantasy cash games, our Week 11 FanDuel Bargains provides some discount value picks to maximize week 11 lineups.

– The famous Matchup Machine is back for week 11, spewing out all the matchup statistics a fake footballer could ever dream of.

– Looking for a defense? Our weekly “Dreaming of Streaming” is back with the hottest pickups from your local waiver wire.

– Jones’ Week 10 Target Breakdown gives us a glimpse into which receivers and tight ends are being targeted most and which will keep up the production.

– Week 11’s Last Second Decisions highlights injury concerns, backfield committees, and all appropriate matchup information for week 11. Check it out.

– If a lineup debate is plaguing your team, our Week 11 Start/Sit column should be just what the doctor ordered.


The last piece of the week 11 puzzle is below, as we proudly present the Week 11 The Fake Football Staff Rankings. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave those lineup questions questions in the comments…

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • TRich

  • I think Moore is a good enough 2nd option to eliminate the risk of Julio this week. Go with Moore.

  • Pick 2, no PPR

    (limited) Julio Jones, Cecil Shorts, or Greg Olsen.


    • I’d play both WR

  • Julio or TRich in the flex.

  • Julio Jones, or Denarius Moore?

  • Sproles or Mendenhall

    • Sproles

      • Thx that’s what I was going with

      • Go Mendy, Glazer just reported Sproles will sit

      • HBey is active. Hbey or Mendy?

  • FLEX spot in a PPR league: mcgahee/wallace/torrey

    thank you

    • I’d play old Willis

  • Avery or Ballard as my flex in .5 ppr?

    • Avery

  • Pick 1 from Julio, Vjax or decker. Julio will be limited

    • I like VJax

  • Been going crazy over Palmer and Luck decision at QB this week. Right now have Palmer in, and that’s mainly because NO #32 D and my league does NOT penalize for INT’s. Thoughts?

    • Go with your gut, I have no issue with that choice. Its a toss up to me anyhow, as I’ve got them ranked right next to each other.

  • Leshoure or wait on Mathews?

    • Sounds like Mathews is good to go, I’d roll with him

  • Reece

  • woodhead or brown?thx

    • Is this Ronnie? In that case, I would go Woodhead

  • PPR League. Team is stacked. Already have Demarious Thomas, dez, Cobb and aj green locked in at wr/wr Flex/flex. Cj spiller already played for me. Gotta fill my last RB spot with Forte or sproles. What…the hell do I do? then once that is decided… Do I play forte/sproles over one of those wrs?? I dont think I can. (Also have DHB, HeathBAR, BJGE.)

    • Leave the WR’s where they’re at, those guys are awesome. As for RB, I would play Forte despite the tough matchup. The Saints backfield is crowded and I would wait until we see how much run Sproles will get before starting him weekly.

  • Leshoure, Stephens-Howlings, Brandon Lloyd – 2 out of 3

    • Leshoure, Lloyd

      • Thanks!

  • .5 PPR, Steven Jackson or Marcel Reece. Thanks!

  • 0.5 PPR. Play Titus over Witten in flex?

    • No, I’d play Witten

  • PPR Julio or Maclin also Sproles or Morris?

    • Sounds like Julio will be limited, so I’d go Maclin. Morris over Sproles as well.

  • Dang, tough call there. In PPR it’s hard to sit Danny. I’d probably lean toward sitting AJ

  • I have Marcel Reece, Ridley and Quizz Rodgers as RBs in a non-PPR league. For WRs I have Jones, Lloyd and Denarius Moore. My lineup looks like:

    RB: Ridley

    RB: Quizz

    WR: Moore

    WR: Lloyd

    Flex: Reece

    Do you like plugging in a limited Julio over Quizz (I would essentially just move Reece to RB and start Julio at WR)?

    • I can’t sit Jones if he’s playing.

  • Brent Celek against a woeful Redskins defense or Owen Daniels against a Jacsonville defense good against the TE?

    • I say go with your gut there. Celek has a lot of upside this week.

  • PPR league, start three of these four – Dez, Decker, Andre Johnson and Amendola. Who do you like?

  • Sorry My Bad. Flex mixup PPR would u start Felix over Sproles w/the crowded Saints Backfield? I did make the Titus switch ..agree with a shoot out ..thanks Chet

    • I’d lean Sproles.

  • Need a TE for Hernandez this week, PPR, Duane Allen, Brent Celek or Dustin Keller?

    • Bit of a toss up in that tier, but I have a good feeling about Allen.

  • Have Shorts and Danario Alexander in the wings. Risk Julio play regardless?

    • It is a risk, but I’m leaning Julio.

  • Julio Jones or Malcom Floyd?

    • Jones

  • Pick 2 .5 PPR. Marshall, Moore, and Andre Johnson. I have Moore and Marshall in, I liked the targets Marshall got with Campbell but I’m scared SF D might disrupt that.

    • Tough call. I like all three to an extent. I am leaning D. Moore and Johnson.

  • 10 Team PPR: Luck, Eli, Wayne, Marshall, Dez, Cruz, Amendola, R Rice, AP, DMC, Beanie, D Thomas, Gates, Vernon. Do you think Antonio Brown is worth stashing?

    • Keep Brown

    • Brown is a FA, I was going to drop Thomas this week, it’s looking like I will drop him for Brown but I wanted to drop him for another rb.

  • 1/2ppr.. dwayne allen/dustin keller.. bengals/rams dst? & malcomfloyd/denario alexander/ andre roberts/ cecil shorts. thanks

    • Allen, Rams, Alexander

  • Devastated w/injuries. Besides my starters officially out I have 2 pick PPR RB,WR & FLEX: Julio. Mike Wms, Titus, Felix,Sproles,. Am I good w/Julio & Williams @WR. Then Ray Rice & Mathews For RB and Sproles @ Flex? Thanx

    • It looks like they will all play. I would lean Titus over Williams in what should be a shootout

  • TE Logan Paulsen or RB Ronnie Hillman for my deep league flex spot this week?

    • Hillman for upside, but it’s a coin flip

  • I’d lean Austin and Jones

  • Debating between Lance Moore and James Jones as WR in 10 team PPR. If I’m going by your composite rankings, I go Jones, but if Nelson plays, does that affect the decision at all?

    Also, do I start Larod Stephens-Howling over Mathews? Larod has been playing well and has a good match-up and Mathews is questionable and hasn’t been good (also 10 team PPR)

    • I’d rather lean Mathews if possible, but would want Battle o back him up since it’s a late game. If you can’t do that I’d go with Howling. It’s close between Jones and Moore. If Nelson goes I’d lean Moore.

      • Cool. Just read on twitter via Jason La Canfora that Mathews is expected to play and be the “bellcow” today, so I will go that way.

        One more for you, do I go Donnie Avery or Dustin Keller in WR/TE flex (PPR)?

      • Avery

  • Leshoure, James Jones, or Miles Austin? Need to pick 2. Concerned that Green Bay gets up big against Detroit and they abandon run/Bell sees majority of snaps in passing downs.

  • Hi I need a backup plan if Julio Jones sits: Cecil Shorts, Jeremy Kerley or Titus Young.


    • I like Young

  • Given J Jones’ iffy ankle would I be smart to play F Jones at flex over him?

    • I think it’s a little safer, yes.

  • I have two guys on the bench that I could start – Titus and LeShoure. Would you play either of them over Felix? It’s a 0.5 PPR and we have 3 bonus points at 85 yards receiving and 100 yards rushing, and 6 bonus points at 135 yards receiving and 150 yards rushing.

    • Could also play DHB if he’s active, but I’m not expecting that.

    • Felix looked pretty good last week. I’d see if he can keep it up.

      • Would you play either Titus or LeShoure over Witten then?

      • I’d probably lean Witten for safety. Young has a bit more upside in a possible shootout though.

  • Better ROS in PPR? Danario or Titus. Thoughts?

    • I’d trust Titus a little more

  • Is Garcon worth stashing? I’d have to drop Danario Alexander, Rudolph, Reece, or the Steelers D/ST (I’m starting the Bengals D/ST this week and been streaming them all year.)
    (RB: Rice, TRich, Charles. TE: Gresham. WR: DMoore, Amendola, Djax.)


    • It’s pretty much in the air right now. I’d lean dropping Rudolph for him if you are ok at TE.

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