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Week 11 Consensus Staff Rankings

posted by Jeff

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

It is quite hard to believe that ten weeks of fake football have already passed but the homestretch has arrived. Three more weeks remain in the fantasy football regular season, so every start/sit dilemma and flex option is of the utmost importance. To help with such issues, The Fake Football proudly presents the best in fantasy football rankings for Week 11. This week, Dallas and St. Louis are on bye, so make sure all Cowboys are removed from your lineups. Oh, and Zac Stacy. Only three more chances to get a win before the playoff crunch begins, so let’s get crackin’! Good luck in Week 11 and, as always, feel free to leave those lineup questions in the comments below.

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • out of these plays which 2 rbs would you play and which player would you flex. keep weather in mind looks like its gonna be rainy and windy for many games this sunday. I have all day, darren sproles and m-j-d, also have josh gordon and torrey smith on the bench which i could flex one of those. I’m thinkng of playing all the running backs just because of the weather. if the weather changes I might consider starting gordon since my opponent has campbell as his qb. your thoughts and considerations are greatly appreciated

    • I would check in on the weather info in the morning, but I think your current idea of playing the RBs will work

  • Struggling with who to flex (full ppr):

    Anquan Boldin
    Brian Hartline

    Leaning towards Hartline because I’m rolling out Matthews as a WR3 and figure one of the two is bound to have a healthy number of receptions against San Diego. Thoughts?

    • I don’t think that is terrible reasoning. I would probably go with MJD myself but I wouldn’t call you crazy for playing Hartline

  • Jeff, should I go with Sproles vs. SF/ L.Bell vs.Det/ Ridley vs. Car?? PPR League, 10yds=1pt Rec and Rushing! McCoy is my other RB! I’m really torn on this one!! Thanks for your help brotha!!

    • Bell’s workload has been beefy, I think I would go with him along with Shady this week.

  • Trade Gore, Terrence Williams for Cruz, Fitzgerald, and Tate?

    My starting W/Rs right now are D. Thomas, Harry Douglas, Steve Smith / Frank Gore, Andre Brown.

    I’m thinking the upgrades of Cruz and Fitz would outweigh the downgrade to Tate, who probably will be at least a RB2 once TD’s come. Fair thinking?

    • Very fair thinking. I like it, zee.

  • Its all on the line……I need a wr between P. harvin and V. Cruz……..Also,
    who do you like at flex between B. leonard, Ridley, R. Jennings, B. rainey, or Harvin?

    • I’d go Cruz at WR. At least you know he will be on the field. Harvin’s usage is still sketchy at this point. At flex, I’d give Jennings a shot. Good luck!

  • Today is my trade deadline and need an upgrade at WR. I have Andre Brown on my bench behind Peterson, Moreno and Bush. What level of WR would you expect in return for Brown in a 14-team league? VJax, Gordon, Decker, Torrey, Antonio Brown? I just traded Keenan Allen to upgrade at QB, expecting I could get a good value good value replacement in return for Brown, but so far the market hasn’t been great.

    • I’m not sure if anyone is going to give up a good WR like that with Brown’s short track record this season, but by all means give it a shot. I would just send out a ton of offers for WR’s straight up for Brown and see if you get any nibbles.

  • What do you think of this trade: Tate or L.Bell for Riley Cooper and Ryan Matthews.

    I’m getting Cooper and Matthews, and if yes, who should I trade Bell or Tate?

    • I would probably trade Tate but it would depend on your roster really. If you are dying for a WR I guess I could see it but I’d rather stay put.

  • I have to decide before tonight whether to play Vereen on Monday because my only option with Demarco Murray out is Donald Brown (who plays tonight). Do I risk benching Brown tonight for Vereen on Monday?

    Alternatively, i can drop Brown now and pick up Tolbert/Bolden/Blount and wait it out until Monday. Thoughts?

    • Have a similar situation myself in my main league. I would cut brown and pick up bolden and wait until Monday to decide. That is the route I am going myself. Lets hope, for both our cases, that vereen kicks some ass on Monday!

      • I like it! Gracias.


  • 2 questions:

    1. Allen, Jeffery, Ryan Mathews, Spiller, Stills, Boldin – Out of these, pick one WR and two Flex (flex can only fit one RB).

    2. This trade was offered to me: Jordy Nelson & Clay for my Gronk & Boldin. My other TE would be Witten and my other WR’s are Garcon, Allen and Jeffery.

    I know Witten is no Gronk but am worried with my WR depth for the playoffs.. what do u guys think?

    • Allen Jeffery spiller for the first one. I hate recommending Spiller right now but that’s probably best of those options.

      As for the trade, I would stick with gronk. I think your three wr are good enough to get you through.

  • sup guys, I have been getting screwed by my qb’s all season in my 10 team ppr league! I drafted Capernick, finally benched him had Nick foles then vick came back dropped foles, then I picked up Jake locker this week hoping he would kill the Jag’s, well that back fired so I am asking who should I grab Nick Foles or C.Keenum?? Is he projected high just this week cuz hes facing Raiders, which happens to be were Nick foles made a name! Rest of my team has been winning even with my qb situation but need help on this 1

    • Foles for sure. He has played very well and it looks like that job is his for the foreseeable future PLUS he has a nice matchup this week. Snag him and start him!

  • I was offered Josh Gordon for Jordan Cameron, my backup TE is Tim Wright. PPR league…my other receivers are Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson, Keenan Allen, Marlon Brown, and Andre Roberts. Take it or no?

    If no, who do you think I should flex this week? Nelson and Allen are starting with Bryant on bye, and I also have Lamar Miller to choose from.

    • I wouldn’t do it. You look pretty good at WR already so I would continue starting Cameron at TE. For flex, I would go Miller over Brown/Roberts

  • Starting the Bucs D over KC this week. Deal with it

    • ha BOLD! I like it

  • I’m not sure how to play it this week. I keep flip flopping on who to plug in. This is how I have it set, would you make any changes?

    Current Roster:

    QB – Stafford
    WR – Green
    WR – Garcon
    WR – Decker
    RB – Forte
    RB – Gio
    TE – Graham
    W/R – Ridley
    W/R/T – Gordon
    BN – Rivers
    BN – Dez
    BN – Shorts
    BN – Harvin
    BN – CJ?K
    BN – Reed
    IR – Vereen

    0.5 PPR, 6 points per receiving/rushing TD, 3 point bonus at 85 yards receiving/100 yards rushing, 6 point bonus at 135 yards receiving/150 yards rushing.

    • I think I would swap out Shorts for Ridley. I am a big Cecil fan. He should bounce back nicely this week. Everything else looks fine though, and I wouldn’t say there is an enormous difference really.

  • You guys have Jimmy Graham rated pretty high this week, going against SF, while Jordan Cameron is rated pretty low (Flex 22 vs. Flex 65) while other sites have these two fairly close this week. What is your rationale for rating these two this way?

    • The flex ranks above are autopopulated out of our positional ranks so sometimes they get a little nutty. I agree, they do belong a little closer together. Graham deserves to be ranked that high against any defense, even SF. Use our positional ranks for a little better barometer of how they stack up. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Did you forget to include Nick Folk in the rankings this week?

    • ehh kickers are kickers are kickers but I’ll take a look this afternoon when I do my update

  • Do you all think this trade is collusion?

    Last place team trades: Demaryius Thomas (#3WR) and Keenan Allen (#26WR)

    4th place team trades: Mike Wallace (#49 WR), Emmanuel Sanders (#34 WR), and McFadden (Injured #26 RB).

    Three weeks left in the season and DMac might be out Saturday

    • My favorite strategy to use when determining collusion is to email each owner separately. Tell them each that there has been some concern about the trade and then just ask them to email you back with their rational for making the deal. Sometimes knowing what the people are actually thinking helps clear things up a little.

      The trade looks terrible but maybe the last place guy has some scheme he is working on.

      • Thanks, Jeff!

    • Yes

  • Who is the more valuable fantasy commodity (in standard leagues) moving forward: Roddy White or Shane Vereen?


    • I side with Vereen here strictly due to the demand at the position. I feel like there are plenty of other WRs out there you can plug in and get production out of but with the way RB’s are getting hurt and stuck in time shares, its harder to get a good one.

  • only decision this week .5 ppr is hilton, cruz, and leveon for 1 wr and 1 flex. you guys basically agree on hilton as mid 20s but big disparity on bell. chet why so high and jeff why so low?

    • Good question. These “Flex” ranks are autopopulated out of our positional ranks so sometimes they get skewed a little. Chet and I only have Bell five spots apart in the RB ranks and I think he is a good play. I like him and TY for you situation.

  • only decision this week .5 ppr is hilton, cruz, and leveon for 1 wr and 1 flex. you guys basically agree on hilton as mid 20s but big disparity on bell. chet why so high and jeff why so low? also

  • Are Chet’s #4, 7 and 10 Defenses not shown because they are lower than the top 20 composite, or is that just a number issue with the rankings? In particular, I was curious to see where the Giants would be ranked (and am surprised not to see them at all).

    • I have the Texans at 4, Giants at 7 and Ravens at 10

    • I left a few out on accident.

  • My roster in standard:

    QB: Stafford, Foles
    RB: Forte, Bush, Morris, Andre Brown, Helu, Pierce
    WR: Nelson, Decker, Gordon, Stills
    TE: Thomas, G. Graham

    I was offered Calvin Johnson, Aaron Dobson and Chris Ivory for Matt Forte, Roy Helu and Garrett Graham. Thoughts?

    I could also have the trade become AJ Green-Dobson-Ivory for Bush-Helu-Graham. What do you think my best plan of action is? Thanks.

    – David

    • I think the Megatron deal is the best of the two. It is quite the toss up and essentially boils down to Calvin for Forte, where I would side with the great Megatron. It is a blockbuster, but it appears that you have the RB depth to make it work.

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