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Week 10 War Room

posted by Jeff

Welcome to week 10! We’ve got some critical bye weeks on our plate this week, so proper preparation is critical. Luckily, The Fake Football is here with the most comprehensive collection of crucial fantasy reconnaissance on the world wide web in the Week 10 War Room. No matter what factor of fantasy life is impacting your squad, the cure is undoubtedly below. Dig in!


– Are you looking to get your gambling fix this week in the world of FanDuel? Check out our week 10 FanDuel Bargains to make your lineup unbeatable.

– For those struggling with lineup issues, we proudly present our Week 10 Start/Sit and Last Second Decisions.

– Curious about your matchups? The wondrous Matchup Machine has just what you need.

– Jones is back once again with a big time breakdown of all the receivers and tight ends imaginable in the Week 9 Target Breakdown.

– Hungry for more stats? Check out how NFL defenses handle wide receivers.


Finally, if the links above left anything in question, we have The Fake Football Week 10 Staff Rankings below. As always, feel free to leave those questions in the comments! Good luck!


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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • 10 Team PPR, I’m in 2nd, 3rd place wants to set up a trade. Do you see a trade that could work at all? My team: Luck, Cruz, Marshall, Wayne, Rice, AP, Gates, Dez, Eli, DMC, Joique, Vernon, Amendola, Beanie. His team: Staff, Shorts, B lloyd, Wright, Foster, Ridley, Hernandez, Ballard, Harvin, Redman, Finley, Sproles, Alexander, Taiwan

  • 14 Team PPR: Would you rather have Daryl Richardson or Chris Ivory on your bench?

  • If Owen Daniels sits, start the other Hou TE Garrett Graham or KC Tony Moeaki?

  • Is anyone having trouble with yahoo fantasy football?

    • Yeah, it’s slow for me

      • I can’t even get in.

  • Pick two crabtree, Austin, moore or nicks? starting cruz
    Ppr league. Thanks

    • Austin and D. Moore, but Nicks if it’s L. Moore.

  • PPR 1 point league. Brent Celek or Kyle Rudolph this week and rest of season? Thanks.

    • Not liking either really, but have to lean Rudolph with harvin out, but Celek for the season

  • Need a JNelson bye week replacement. Donald Jones, Bess or Cotchery/Sanders

    • Sanders

    • Sanders

  • Nah, I’d rather play Julio, Marshall and Denarius. So I’d just keep him as a handcuff, Antonio Brown will be back soon.

  • I have Michael Bush on my bench just kinda in case Forte gets hurt even though I dont own Forte. Should I just drop him for Sanders? (I have Marshall, Julio, Amendola, Denarius, Britt). Thanks.

  • Amendola or Britt in non-ppr today?

  • RB…Forte,Charles,Reece and Redman i need 2 and hate forte/charles matchups whatcha think? and for wr Dez,D.Moore, or Hartline i need 1 thanks a lot

    • Forte, Redman and Moore. Wouldn’t blame you for playing Dez and Charles though

  • torrey or nicks ppr?

    • Very close I’m leaning Nicks

  • Joique bell, PT, or FJax in .5 PPR- leanin FJax? Thx!

  • Chet!!!! Pick two please (.5PPR) – Ryan Mathews, Reggie Bush, Welker. Thanks.

  • Flex jamaal Charles, D Moore, or T Smith? Also trade my havin and Mathews for spiller and Welker? All non-ppr, thanks

    • Charles. Don’t trade Harvin, he’ll be back after his bye next week

  • Please pick 2! Reece Stewart or F. Jones. Thank you!

    • Reece and Stewart

  • is Antonio Brown droppable? non ppr and I think I want Emmanuel Sanders

    • I wouldn’t unless you are completely desperate

  • Longshot FLEX today. Greg Olsen v. DEN or Kendall Hunter v. STL?

    • Go Olsen, he has a better chance of scoring.

  • Amendola, Titus, Emmanuel sanders- need 2 in PPR… Worried about amendola’s questionable tag….

    • Bench Amendola, give him a week to see that he gets a full complement of snaps

  • Which two would you start at WR in a non-PPR league: Julio Jones, Denarius Moore, Lloyd, or Nicks?
    Also, looking for a high-upside flex between any of the aforementioned WRs and Quizz and Redman. Thanks.

    • It was Julio Jones! Okay, you have to play Julio. Then you play any of Lloyd, Nicks and Redman. I would go Nicks, but Lloyd also has a great matchup and Redman is starting.

  • Struggling to decide between JCharles, Britt, or Titus Young for flex in std league. Thanks for the advice!

    • Yeah, JC is the hardest player to call right now. I think you have to play him there and hope.

      • Yeah, I’m nervous but I’ll start JC. Much appreciated.

  • okay to play Amendola in flex? PPR

    • Yes

  • Starting Spiller and Martin at RB1 and RB2. Trying to figure out who to start between Charles and Chris Johnson. Could also go with Sanders or Green-Ellis. Should I just flip a coin between Charles and Johnson? Thanks for the gameday advice!

    • I’d lean Johnson.

  • Leshoure or Demaryius Thomas for flex? I have Eric Decker in my lineup. Thanks

    • Thomas

  • Do I go with Pierre Thomas or Marcel Reece in standard scoring?

    • I like PT

  • Gresham, Pettigrew or Keller? Thanks.

    • Leaning Pettigrew

  • Morning, boys! Need two WRs out of this motley crew (PPR scoring):

    Kenny Britt
    Dwayne Bowe
    Danny Amendola
    Malcolm Floyd


    • Floyd, Britt for me.

  • .5 PPR league, pick 2 of the 4. Marshall, A. Johnson, Denarius Moore, Mike Williams (TB). I’m feeling Marshall and Johnson, but I think whether Tillman plays is big.

    • You’re playing Marshall every week, no matter what. I’d go with Moore over Andre.

  • PPR .5 league, pick 1 out of the 3. Ryan Matthews, CJ Spiller, or Taiwan Jones? I’m leaning Spiller here on the upside with hopes of more touches.

    • You have to go with Spiller. I love him as an RB1 this week, and going forward.

  • Every site I see has Vick ranked just a bit ahead of Dalton, but I’m getting sick of Vick. Any votes for Dalton over Vick today?

    • I’d be fine with Dalton over Vick. Neither is a great option, obviously, but I think Dalton has the most upside there, as crazy as that might sound.

  • BJGE or Lance Moore at flex?

    • Lance Moore played less than half of the Saints’ Week 9 snaps. He might get a goal line look, but you can’t bank on that. Go with Law Firm and pray he doesn’t defecate in or around the bed.

  • Owen Daniels owner. Casey or any other real WW options not available. Should I preemptively start Dallas Clark, or ride it out tonight and plug in Tony Moeaki tomorrow if needed?

    • Dear Lord. That’s bleak. Here are my preferred TEs for Daniels owners: Olsen, Rudy, Myers. If you must, go with Clark over Moeaki.

  • Full PPR, Emmanuel Sanders, Joique Bell or Taiwan Jones?

    • Bell is tempting, but I’d lean Jones.

  • Amendola, DHB, Steve Smith (Carolina). Need 2 in PPR. Thanks!

    • I’d sit DHB

  • who would you play along with julio? brandon lloyd, torrey smith, mike williams, denarious moore?

    • ppr league.

      • Tough call. With Ahern out I’m leaning Lloyd.

  • Now that Harvin is out lions d or Dallas d?

    • Not sure how the Vikings are going to move the ball with any consistency, so I’d go with the Lions.

  • good morning.

    1/2 pt PPR – pick TWO – Marcel Reese, Ike Redman, Emanuel Sanders, Pierre Thomas.


    • I Like Ike and Pierre (combining campaign slogans from 1950s American and French presidential elections, of course).

      • much appreciated.

        in a another league, 1 pt PPR would you lean to Reese over Titus Young or Emanuel Sanders?


      • Yes, I would.

  • Dez or Ryan Mathews in the FLEX

    • That’s tough. Bucs have the No. 1 rush defense, so I’d hedge on Mathews, although I believe his breakout is coming soon. I think Mathews is the high-upside play while Dez is the safer option.

  • 1-point PPR Flex… Maclin, J.Stewart, or Britt? Thx!

    • Really close between Britt and Stewart, but I’m a sucker for JStew’s potential, and I think he’ll get a fair number of touches this week.

  • PPR, which two of three should be in my lineup? J. Charles, Leshoure, Tampa Mike? Thanks.

  • 10 team PPR. Amendola or Maclin? Thanks.

    • Has to be Amendola in PPR. Check expectations against a Niners’ defense that will surely key on him.

  • With DMC hurt, I need to run a 1 RB/ 4 WR set. Would you be so kind as to pick the best four from this group: Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Torrey Smith, Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, Jeremy Maclin.

    Leaning with leaving Torrey and Maclin on the bench, but Flacco is at home.

    What say you?

    • Not really sure you can go wrong here, but yeah, I’d bench Torrey because Floyd has an irresistible match-up against a Swiss cheese Bucs secondary. And bench Maclin, for sure.

  • steven jackson or pierre thomas

    • I’d go with Thomas, even though he’ll get fewer touches than SJax. I can’t think of a worse RB match-up this week, or any week, than Jackson versus the Niners’ run defense.

  • 12 team nonppr pick 3 for this week: E. Sanders, Bowe, L. Moore, Dan Thomas, DHB, N. Washington, SJax, DRich.
    Which guys get the bid?

    • Sanders, Bowe and DHB.

  • Hey guys…Looking at adding Britt to my bench the playoff run. Would you drop Redman or Reece to make room? Probably not starting either this week, FYI. Thanks!

    • Kind of can’t believe Britt is available. Drop Reece, I think, because Redman could put a stranglehold on the Steelers’ RB job this week.

  • With Hernandez out..what order would you play the following TEs

    Chandler, Pitta, Cook, Fasano, Dreesen?

    James Casey have any value if Daniels is out?

  • 0.5 PPR flex. 0.1 pt per yard. 6pts for TD. Brian Hartline or Marcel Reece. Thanks!

  • Who do I sub for AHern again this week? Pettigrew @Min, Olsen vDen, Rudolph(no Harvin?) vDet, Tamme, Cook, Fasano, Miller, Casey @Chi?

    Also, nonppr which 2 WR should I start: Stevie, Lloyd, Britt

    • I think Olsen has the most upside here against a Denver defense that has been slaughtered by opposing tight ends. Start Lloyd and Britt.

  • ppr 1pt flex J Charles S Johnson or T Smith? Starting Forte/Ridley and Wayne/Cruz. Thanks!

    • Go with Stevie here, and hope his various injuries don’t flare up in game.

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