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Week 1 War Room

posted by Jeff

This is it. No more mock drafts, and certainly no second chances at real drafts. We have spent every day since Welker’s drop and the Giant’s win last February waiting for the NFL to return in full force, and it’s finally on our doorstep. Consider this your home for Sunday morning. In between checking your kielbasa and pouring another bloody mary, make this the Main St. of your Fake Football lineup preparation.

Before we get into the roughly 2.7 million running backs who are questionable this week, check out the following links that will make your lineup decisions much easier, and save you some money on TUMS…


– First up, make sure you scope out the “Braude” street bully, Mike Braude’s Week 1 Start/Sit article here at The Fake Football. Chances are, he has already solved a couple of your week 1 conundrums in this post . Go get it.

– If you are hanging on the edge on an injured player, or have a tough Sunday morning choice on the horizon, check out our man ChrisDCo’s Injury Rundown, and Kevin’s Week 1 “Last Second Decisions.”

– Outside of The Fake Football family, make sure to bookmark Rotoworld’s Evan Silva’s matchup column each week. This beast is the most thorough fantasy recap of upcoming NFL action on the planet. You will be smarter than John Clayton after reading this column regularly. Great stuff.

– While you are checking in on our friends at Rotoworld, be sure to keep tabs on our fearless leader, @Chet_G, and his Preseason Target Watch. This will give you an idea of what to expect in week 1 for fake football receivers.

– In case you are holding one of the three pieces of the Redskins backfield Rubik’s cube, the good folks at Yahoo give us a nice overview of the muddled Washington backfield and the hijinks that may ensue.

– The last two staples that will make you the unquestioned Lord of Fantasy Lineups, are The Fake Football Staff Rankings, and of course, the Week 1 Matchup Machine. Do you have a toss-up between a few players for your flex position? The answer is undoubtedly answered by the matchup machine. Check it out.


Check below for status updates on the mountainous heap of questionable running backs before Sunday’s games begin.

Early Games

Adrian Peterson- Active but will share carries with Toby Gerhart.

Arian Foster- Active and will start.

Trent Richardson- Will start.

Alfred Morris- Will start.

Late Games

Marshawn Lynch- Q

Beanie Wells- Reported that he will back up Ryan Williams. Avoid starting.

Jonathan Stewart- OUT – Start DeAngelo Williams.

Isaac Redman- Will start.


As always, feel free to let those start/sit questions fly below in the comments.

Week 1! Let’s go get some WINS!!!



Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • @justin: I’d give Fitzpatrick another chance.

  • Ok I play in a league w a qb flex position …we can play 2 qbs option One is Romo I have fitzpatrick gabbert and Kolb are really only options on the wire rest of my team solid what would u do ?

  • @Mundo: First of all, that team with BGE/Blount/Mende as RBs is toast, so aim high. If you are already set at RB, then I would make the trade if Spiller won’t crack your starting lineup. Start high (I like Jennings most of those), but even higher if you can and then land yourself a nice WR if Spiller is gonna ride pine on your squad.

  • If you had CJ Spiller and think you could flip him for Welker, Jennings, or Wallace to a team with BJGE/Blount/Mendenhall as RBs, would you? Which WR would you target in a trade?

  • @justin: I wouldn’t drop Lloyd for Cobb.

  • Drop lloyd for Cobb ?

  • @Mundo: Julio is AWESOME. I would buy low on both the others, more so Stafford.

  • Would you buy low on Chris Johnson and/or Matthew Stafford? Has Julio looked legit on tape or is it just streaky/poor coverage?

  • @Zach P.: Decker for sure. Then I would go with Meachem actually. Not a huge BGE fan vs Balt and Williams will lose some carries to Beanie.

  • Pick two for this afternoon’s games (PPR league): Meachem, Law Firm, Ryan Williams, Decker

  • @JeffM: Manning

  • @Scott: Very very close. I think K. Smith is gonna get a lot of receiving action today, so I would go with him.

  • RG3 or P Manning?

  • Antonio Brown or Kevin Smith? PPR

  • @and1mcgee: Torrey Smith

    @Mj: That is a big time crapshoot in WASH, but with an elite option starting at TE, I don’t see anything wrong with that move.

    @and1mcgee: Brees

    @B.o.B: BGE, Brown. More guaranteed workloads.

    @Brian: Hillis

  • Hillis or Marshawn?

  • Please pick 2 between Law Firm, Donald Brown, AP, Tate, Gerhart

  • Brees or Vick today for .5 pt PPR league?

  • Should I drop backup TE Rodolph (A Hernandez starter) and pick A Morris for RBI depth in a 14 team?

  • Amendola or Torrey, ppr?

  • @DT: Charles

  • @Aaron: Cutler

    @Pat: T. Smith

    @Chiefin_It: Ridley

  • Stevan Ridley or Jamaal Charles standard scoring?

  • Stevie Johnson, Stevan Ridley or Sidney Rice? PPR League

  • Flex – T. Smith, R.Brown or A. Hernandez?

  • J. Cutler or P. Manning?

  • @justin: Maclin

    @Crystal: Harvin and Decker

  • @Petter: DHB should be safer.

  • N Washington, P Harvin or Torrey S?

    Also B Lloyd, E Decker, Sproles or Benson for flex player on different team?

  • Lynch or maclin for flex ?

  • @TheRealTaz: I think Gerhart is good out of those.

    @TJW: Amendola, TRich. Sounds like Johnson’s groin might be a problem

    @hogan: Amendola right now while AP is splitting.

    @cfaris09: K. Smith

  • Standard league, DHB or Alfred Morris?

  • TD heavy lg, Lloyd or KSmith?

  • @Jonathan Silsby: No, stick with Maclin

  • FLEX spot in my PPR return yardage league: AP, Donald Brown, or Danny Amendola?

  • 1WR & 1 FLEX: Amendola, T Richardson, Stevie Johnson?

  • Who to start at flex: Gerhart, Turbin, Redman, Jacquizz? Currently have Gerhart there. Greg Olsen an option too but I think the RBs are all better choices. Thanks!

  • Should I start t. Smith over Maclin?

  • @Jonathan Silsby: Start Foster still.

  • Should I start Tate over Foster? Thinking that they will be up early, and Texas will pull Foster at that point.

  • @Michael Shermer: Foster is #1 for sure now that he is active. After that, I would lean Lynch, unless you want to just remove all the risk in the equation and start Ingram early. @AdamH’s question was similar but I think Thomas will get as many or more touches as Lynch this week, but I wouldnt expect Ingram to. I’d go Foster then Lynch here.

  • Fred Davis or Reggie Wayne in a flex

    Young, Gerhart, Wright, or Lafell in a flex n a different league

  • R. Wayne or Hillis? .5ppr Thanks

  • Pick 2 RBs: Foster, Tate, Lynch, Ingram

    • Foster and Tate isn’t a bad combo today. But I’d have to go with Foster and Lynch.

  • @AdamH: Do you have any other late game options? Since Pierre plays early, I guess it depends on how much risk you want to take. It sounds like Lynch should play, but his workload is questionable. If you want to take the risk out, start Thomas.

  • Lynch or pierre Thomas?

  • @Cobby: I would swap TRich for Bush and leave the WRs just like you have them.

  • At the moment I’ve got S.Smith and Titus Young at WR and DeSean Jackson sitting.
    Michael Bush in my Flex spot, I could put TRich in, but concerned how much he plays.

  • @B.o.B: Heyward-Bey. I would wait until we officially see the Redman/Dwyer split before starting either of them.

  • Redman or Heyward-Bey at Flex?

  • @ianw14: I love Torrey Smith

  • Reggie Wayne or Torrey Smith standard non-PPR?

  • @Scott: I like Jennings and DHB

  • @Jeff: Brutal. I would go with Crabtree and stay away from the other two that could really kill you by either leaving the game early or not seeing much work.

    @cstinso1: I like your style. I would give Al Morris a run.

  • PPR, pick 2: Hillis, DHB, Rashad Jennings. Also, Ridley or Torrey Smith at flex?

    • Go with Jennings and Hillis. Ridley should have a nice game, not much competition for carries.

  • Looks like worst case scenario in SEA w/ Lynch playing but possibly limited- don’t feel great starting Lynch or Turbin. Get cute and pick up Al Morris to start? Or Ingram …

  • @ianw14: Charles but it should be close.

    @Tourinct: PPR Flex: K. Smith, .5 PPR: Still stick with TRich

  • Gerhart, Lynch or Crabtree for flex spot. .5pts ppr

  • PPR flex, Turner, K smith, Tate?

    .5 PPR, Richsrdson or R Williams?

  • Doug Martin or Jamaal Charles

    Standard scoring

  • @Alex: McGahee and Benson should get more work, go with them.

    @Keir: Gates unless Foster is a late scratch.

  • @Sven: Toss up. Thomas.

    @Alex: Streater should start on Monday, I’d roll the dice with him. The others are buried behind other targets right now.

  • PPR. Flex question, Antonio Gates vs. Ben Tate? Hernandez is my starting TE.

    • Gotta go Gates. He should shred the Raiders underneath. Tate’s workload is anyone’s guess.

  • Pick Two: Turbin (@Ari), McGahee (vs. Pit), Benson (vs. SF)

  • @Ryan: Bush and Nate Washington in PPR

    @ferdi: Still lean Richardson at this point

    @Tami: Brown

    @Mr. Smith: Ryan Williams. Who knows how many touches Morris will get.

    @travis finck: Ronnie Brown

  • Standard scoring league: Randall Cobb (vs. SF), Rod Streater (vs. SD), Devery Henderson (vs. Was)?

  • Demaryius Thomas or Mike Wallace in ppr?

  • BJGE or Ronnie Brown

    • I’d go Ronnie. Chargers beat writers expect him to get a significant workload, and the Raiders defense isn’t exactly a brick wall.

  • Ryan Williams or Alfred Morris? PPR.

  • Antonio Brown, Decker, or Lloyd?

  • T. Richardson or M. Hardesty?

  • Need 2 from Reggie Bush, Stevan Ridley, Nate Washington… PPR. Thanks

  • PPR we/te flex…Titus or Pettigrew?

    • Pett in ppr

    • Pettigrew in PPR. Young won’t get consistent targets until Burleson is benched.

  • Desean, randy moss or Malcolm floyd

    • Floyd

  • Need an RB2 & Flex in half ppr:

    Lynch/Turbin, R.Jennings, L.Moore, Lafell, or Ingram?

    • Lynch Ingram

  • D Tom or djax

    • D Thomas

  • .5ppr: Richardson, Torrey Smith, or Maclin as my flex?

    • Maclin

  • Lynch or Tate, standard?

    • Lynch

  • Similar to Kdubya above, not loving my QBs: how much do you like Russ Wilson, start him over Roethlisberger?

    • I’m leaning Ben.

  • D Thomas or T richardson

    • Leaning trich.

  • With Alfred Morris now starting, do I go with Morris or Bess at flex? (PPR)

    • Leaning Morris.

  • Alfred Morris or Rashad Jennings as flex play in standard league?

    • Morris.

  • non-ppr 14-player league: start one: Dwyer, D.Brown, CJ Spiller – can’t decide

    • Brown

  • Please rank: Lloyd, Torrey, colston, Meachem, a. Morris
    ESPN standard 16tm thanks!

    • Colston. Smith. Lloyd. Morris.

  • Amendola (w 20 ret yds = 1 pt) or T Richardson in the flex spot?

    • Amendola.

  • D brown or S green

    • Greene

  • Need one for flex: E. Decker, K. wright, J. Dwyer, P. Thomas, or S. Holmes ??

    • Decker

  • Could also sneak in Ronnie Brown instead of Redman, DJax, or DHB.

    • I like Brown.

  • Kevin Smith or Deangelo Williams in ppr?
    Torrey Smith or Brandon Llloyd, also in ppr?


    • Williams. Torrey.

  • Scared enough of Texans taking it easy on Arian in what should be an easy game for them to start Kevin Smith and his awesome matchup over Foster even if Foster is active?

    • As long as foster goes I have to lean his way.

  • Redman getting the start. Still leaning DHB over him in a flex 0.5 PPR? What about DJax… Redman over him?

    • I’d lean Redman.

  • Very concerned about starting Stevie in the flex since even if he plays, he might not avoid Revise Island (I know he has before, but precedent does not mean it always happens) .

    What is the latest news?
    Would you recommend starting Kendall Wright, Kyle Rudolph, or even Titus Young (Note: already have Calvin starting)?

    • Tough call. I like wright about as much. I lean Stevie because of experience.

  • pick a WR and Flex from the following: V.Jackson, N. Washington, J. Blackmon, W. McGahee, and D. Brown. thanks!

    • Vjax Blackmon in ppr. Rbs in non ppr

  • R. jennings, R. brown, T. gerhart, A. peterson, S. greene – pick 3

    • Brown Greene AP

  • Flex Kevin smith or torrey smith

    • Close but I’m leaning smith.

  • Not in love with my qb situation but I have to decide between freeman and Wilson.

    • I like Wilson.

  • Which two do you like best? Rashad, Sproles, R Bush, Lynch

    • Sproles and Lynch

  • Maclin or D.Thomas as WR2?

    and in a different league who do you like best for my flex spot?
    Adrian Peterson, Rashad Jennings, P.Hillis, Kendall Wright or Malcolm Floyd?

    • Maclin. The flex is tough. Might lean AP if he goes.

  • Ppr league

  • Flex play (.5 pt RB /1pt WR) PPR league: M. Bush, Ingram or L. Moore. Already starting Sproles, Forte and Colston. Leaning towards Ingram. Thx

    • I agree with Ingram

  • Desperate flex: a. Morris or d. Bess?

    • Close but I’d lean toward Morris since he’s “starting”

  • Pick 2: Charles, Kevin Smith, Tate

    • JC and Smith

  • BJGE or Alfred Morris

    Kendall Wright, Meachem, DHB – pick 2

    • Bjge dhb wright

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