The Fake Football Reader Leagues: Week 9 November 10, 2012  |  Jeff

Nine weeks are now in the books an the competition among fake footballers is becoming fierce. Before we battle down the homestretch of the regular season, lets see how the 28 The Fake Football Reader Leagues are shaping up!

We are down to one undefeated squad after week 9,  as “The Grimiest” is rumbling on in their pursuit of perfection. At the other end of the spectrum, we just have three teams still searching for that elusive first win. Keep the faith, guys!

Our weekly congratulations goes out to the “Wine Er Dine Er 49er” from the Fake Football Fahrenheit 451’s league. The Week 9 High Score Champion won a The Fake Football T-Shirt, after dropping a 192.46 points! Check out this lineup, I think you can probably guess who he has at running back…

QB: Carson Palmer- 31.86

WR: DeSean Jackson – 19.00

WR: Demaryius Thomas – 13.70

WR: Mike Williams- 16.80

RB: Marshawn Lynch – 23.00

RB: Doug Martin – 55.20

TE: Brent Celek – 7.70

W/R: Rashad Jennings – 10.20

K: Jason Hanson – 8.00

D: Green Bay – 7.00

Total: 192.46


Remember, this season we have prizes for each league winner and an overall prize for the team with the most points scored out of all our leagues from Fantasy Sports, as well as a The Fake Football t-shirt for the overall high score from each week!


Below, you will find the Overall Points Leader Standings, as well as the 28 League Leaders on the second tab.

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