The Fake Football Reader Leagues: Week 13 December 7, 2012  |  Jeff

The fake football regular season is now complete and the playoffs are finally underway. Before we dive into the playoff picture, lets see how the 28 The Fake Football Reader Leagues are shaping up!

the roustabouts” are still holding down the top spot in our overall rankings, but remember, the contest runs through week 16, so advancing in the playoffs will be critical for the top teams to accumulate more points.

For our weekly high score, we have a true monster on our hands! “The Big Janikowski” from the Fake Football Fig Newtons league, has won the high score for the second consecutive week! Out of 336 teams, back-to-back high scores in one impressive feat!. This week, The Big Janikowski dropped 203.92 points! Check out this lineup, with a couple Cowboys and Bryce Brown leading the way once again:


QB: Tony Romo – 25.52

WR: Dez Bryant – 27.80

WR: Andre Johnson – 10.60

WR: Pierre Garcon – 24.60

RB: Adrian Peterson – 29.00

RB: Bryce Brown – 32.30

TE: Brandon Myers -33.00

W/R: Chris Johnson – 9.10

K: Lawrence Tynes – 11.00

D: Seattle – 1.00

Total: 203.92


Remember, this season we have prizes for each league winner and an overall prize for the team with the most points scored (* THROUGH WEEK 16 *) out of all our leagues from Fantasy Sports, as well as a The Fake Football t-shirt for the overall high score from each week!


Below, you will find the Overall Points Leader Standings, as well as the 28 League Leaders on the second tab.

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  1. @Mark_in_MI says:

    I was wondering the same thing as the previous poster. Do i get a zero for week 14 if i have a bye? I put in a lineup anyway because i didn’t know if we still accrued points.

  2. Al Greenspam says:

    Purple Drank wants to know: I have a bye this week in the playoffs, but will the amount of points my team would have scored count toward my 16-week total, or do I get a zero?

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