The Fake Football Reader Leagues: FINAL STANDINGS December 28, 2012  |  Jeff

Before we get into the wondrous winners, we would like to thank all 336 participants of this year’s 28 The Fake Football Reader Leagues. We have thoroughly enjoyed having you along for the ride this season and look forward to having everyone back in 2013!

After the dust settled and week 16 was complete, “the roustabouts” came out on top as our Overall Champion. Our champ scored an average of 152.4 points per week on the way to a league title as well. The Roustabouts were led this season by a slew of top level performers including Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, CJ Spiller, and Jimmy Graham. A dominant receiving group led by Megatron, Randall Cobb and Roddy White was a huge factor is the monstrous point total the team racked up over the 2012 season. Very impressive run!

For our weekly high score, we have “@ChitownCommish” from the Fake Football Fickle Pickles league. Mr. Chitown dropped 197.78 points this week, led by the dominance of the man called Dez. Amazingly, this team claimed the high score while sporting a tight end who blew out his knee and king slug, Jackie Battle! Check out this lineup:

QB: Aaron Rodgers – 32.78

WR: Reggie Wayne – 19.10

WR: Julio Jones – 19.40

WR: Demaryius Thomas – 25.20

RB: Shonn Greene – 22.00

RB: Jackie Battle – 6.40

TE: Heath Miller – 7.50

W/R: Dez Bryant- 43.40

K: Jason Hanson- 10.00

D: Denver – 12.00

Total: 197.78


Below, you will find the Final Overall Standings, as well as all 28 league champions.

Remember, we have prizes for each league winner and an overall prize for the team with the most points scored (* THROUGH WEEK 16 *) out of all our leagues from Fantasy Sports

If you have a prize heading your way, please contact with your address.

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