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2014 Fantasy Football

2012 Fantasy Football

The Real News About Fake Football

posted by Chet

So Terrell Owens is a Sea Chicken now. At 38 years old he ran a 4.43 forty, which, at nearly the same age, I would need a much faster car  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

7 Questions: NFC East

posted by Kevin Hall

Questions. The very root of all we do as fake footballers revolve around questions.  “What do I do with him? Should I start him or him? Can I trade this  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

The Fake Football, The Real News

posted by Chet

So let’s see, what’s been going on in the National Football League lately? Multiple arrests you say? Driving while under the influence, some mother shoving, oh, and I see some  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

The Native Americans To Start Low Ceiling Hightower

posted by Chet

The news out of Washington D.C. regarding the Native American’s starting running back is depressing. It looks like Timmy Hightower, the owner of a torn ACL and 3.8 yards per  Full Article »

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