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2013 Fantasy Football

Feb 11, 2013 Ξ No Comments

Playing the Slots: Greg Little Edition

posted by C.D. Carter

When supremely talented wide receivers are moved to the slot with more frequency, we’re excited about their usage becoming slightly less predictable. When a guy like Greg Little moves to  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

2012 Fantasy Football

Jan 21, 2013 Ξ No Comments

Super Bowl Links That Don’t Stink

posted by Chet

We have ourselves a Super Bowl! Championship Sunday proved to be entertaining and it’s hard to dispute that the better teams won each game. I thought the Patriots would take  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

Jan 10, 2013 Ξ No Comments

Divisional Round Defenses vs. Position, NFL Playoffs

posted by Chet

Here are the statistics for the NFL Playoffs Divisional Round defenses versus each position over the last half of the season. They’re neat and keen.  

2012 Fantasy Football

Jan 8, 2013 Ξ No Comments

2012 Scoring Settings Analysis – QBs

posted by gregsauce

As the commissioner of multiple leagues and a participant in many other leagues, I’ve played fake football with a variety of different league settings. In this article, I’ll be taking  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

Jan 4, 2013 Ξ No Comments

NFL Playoffs: Saturday Fantasy Football Target Breakdown

posted by Chet

Welcome to Wildcard Weekend! Today we have the Bengals vs. the Texans and the Vikings vs. the Packers.  Let’s take a look at their targets for the season and then  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

Demaryius Thomas – Superstar?
Jan 3, 2013 Ξ No Comments

Demaryius Thomas – Superstar?

posted by The Football Chik

Calvin Johnson. Andre Johnson. Brandon Marshall. When the average fan is asked to name the best receivers in the NFL, these are usually the names that come to mind. But  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

Dec 8, 2012 Ξ 12 Comments

Week 14 Fantasy Football Last Second Decisions

posted by Kevin Roberts

Jim Mora is sounding off in my ear. Playoffs? Playoffs? Yeah, buddy. The fantasy playoffs have arrived, and it’s the sweetest time of the football season if you’re in them.  Full Article »

2012 Fantasy Football

Dec 6, 2012 Ξ 17 Comments

The Matchup Machine: Week 14 Fantasy Football Efficiency

posted by Scott

Welcome to Week 14 of the Matchup Machine. This is a feature Chet started using to help me out over at in our daily fantasy basketball matchups. It proved  Full Article »

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