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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 5 Staff Ranks

posted by Jeff

Week 5 is upon us and bye weeks are in full force. Take a look at the Week 5 Fake Football Staff Rankings below, and make sure you’re equipped with the finest knowledge the fantasy world has to offer before you tweak and tune your lineup. Leave those questions in the comments, as usual!

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • Just traded for Kyle Rudolph to cover Grahams bye and really want to play him against Tenn. I am stating Forte at RB1 and due to byes Torrey Smith and Antonio Brown at WR. I have to choose an RB and a Flex from Alfred Morris, Willis McGahee, and Rudolph. Any way to justify playing Rudolph?

    • I don’t think so, Morris looks like the best play

  • need wr, qb help. 1 qb, 1qb/wr/rb/te, 3 wr, 2rb, te, def league. my jennings hurt, d moore on bye, la fell, hankerson, avery, romo, and dropped locker for Hasselbeck. offer De Marco(I still have charles and rice) for HER flacco and andre johnson?

    • I think the deal is ok since you can start 2 QBs. Thats a nice advantage.

  • Appreciate it!

  • what up Jeff. Need to start 2: s jax, f jax, maclin, and bradshaw. Thanx

    • I would roll with Maclin and Bradshaw

  • Due to byes I have an ugly RB situation this week, and now it’s looking like Tate may not play. Would you roll with McCluster, Lamar Miller, James Casey, or Woodhead. PPR league.

    • Oooooh thats dicey. McCluster.

  • Very tempted to play S-Jax tonight instead of waiting for Lloyd on Sunday. Bad idea?

    • Yes. I would wait for Lloyd.

  • Hey Jeff! You advised me above on a Welker deal, but I think I’ve got a better blockbuster offer. 12 Team Std league. Thanks in advance for your advice.
    I give Matt Ryan, Ced Benson, & Hixon for Brees & SJax.
    My RBs: Foster, Charles & Mathews
    My WRs: Harvin, Wayne & Britt
    Although Matty Ice has been phenom, I think Brees is a step up due to volume and I expect his efficiency to improve. Benson & SJax are a wash in my book, especially as my RB4. Brees would be a big help for me during Wk 7 where Charles, Mathews & Ryan are all on bye. Should I accept this offer?

    • I would say the deal is a coin flip. Sounds like you’re a fan of Brees, so go for it. I think your reasoning makes perfect sense.

  • 10 team PPR:
    Drop James Jones for Hixon?


    Drop Heath Miller for Hixon?

    I have Pitta and Nicks

    • The trouble with Hixon is Nicks could come back next week and then his value drops significantly. I would hold Jones but drop Miller for him.

  • Same question as I posted above, but with a bit of a change, so I’ll just repost entirely…

    I’ve been offered Vick, Mathews and Heyward-Bey for Matt Ryan and Mikel LeShoure.

    16 team league, no ppr, start 2 QB, 20 return yards per point

    My current roster:

    QB Matt Ryan
    QB Ryan Tannehill
    WR Percy Harvin
    WR Mike Wallace
    WR Randall Cobb
    RB Doug Martin
    RB Cedric Benson
    TE Fred Davis
    W/R Greg Little
    BEN Mikel LeShoure
    BEN LaRod Stephens-Howling
    BEN Bilal Powell

    Thanks again!

    • DHB doesn’t do a whole lot for me, but if you think that sways things enough, go for it. Mathews would be a nice addition.

  • What do you think about me giving Romo & Martin and getting AP & Bradford? My RBs would be DMC, AP, and Ridley and my starting QB would be Kolb? Standard scoring where sacks count -1, TDs are 6 and TOs -2.

    • I think its an ok idea but you would be struggling at QB. Is anyone else available on the wire at QB?

  • Over thinking to start Williams tonight and sit MJD vs chi sun?
    Also have Mathews.

    • Ya, I would say that a case of the “overthinks”

  • Would my RG3 and Martin for his Foster and Torrey be a good move? I have Stafford and my current backs are McFadden and Murray. My receivers are Jordy and Maclin. I also have Leshoure and Hartline on the bench.

    • I wouldn’t say its a terrible move, as you obviously can’t play both of those QB’s at once. You would still have Stafford, and then Foster/McFadden/Murray would be pretty nice in addition to picking up a boost to your WRs. Go for it.

  • Donnie Avery, Kendall Wright, Jerome Simpson, Sidney Rice. How would you rank them ROS in .5PPR? Thanks!

    • Avery, Simpson, Wright, Rice. I would like to rank Rice higher but he is going to have lots of 3 rec 37 yard type games until they get more consistent QB play.

  • Bolden or Daryl Richardson this week at RB? Pending status on SJax?

    Also, James Jones or Stevie Johnson at WR?

    • Bolden, ESPN is reporting SJax is going to play. I would play Johnson at WR.

  • 1 pt PPR

    I need 2 RB’s, FLEX and 2 WR’s from these players. Ryan Mathews, Albert Morris, Ridley, Amendola, Garçon, Colston, or James Jones.

    Thank You.

    • RB: Morris/Ridley
      WR: Colston/Amendola
      FLEX: Mathews

      Garcon/Jones are pretty close but I would skip the injury risk in Garcon

  • I’ve been offered Vick and Mathews for Matt Ryan and Mikel LeShoure.

    16 team league, no ppr, start 2 QB, 20 return yards per point

    My current roster:

    QB Matt Ryan
    QB Ryan Tannehill
    WR Percy Harvin
    WR Mike Wallace
    WR Randall Cobb
    RB Doug Martin
    RB Cedric Benson
    TE Fred Davis
    W/R Greg Little
    BEN Mikel LeShoure
    BEN LaRod Stephens-Howling
    BEN Bilal Powell

    Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • That is a close one. I would probably hold off at this point. Ryan is having a special season and will continue to tear it up.

  • Spot start this week: Kolb, Tannehill, Cutler, Hass, or Weeden? Passing TDs worth 6.
    Also, I need a RB fill in: Bolden, Woodhead, and Draughn while I have Lamar Miller and Powell already (DMC & Martin on the bye).
    Should I pick one of the available backs or roll with Miller or Powell (if so, which one)?
    -Does Miller or Powell have a realistic shot at starting ROS?
    Sorry for all the ?s. Thanks!

    • I shouldn’t say starting for Miller unless Bush gets hurt but getting significant playing time.

    • QB: Cutler
      RB: Dicey, but give Bolden a shot
      As for Miller/Powell, I prefer Powell and he should have a better shot than Miller at starting at some point. Thomas is still in the mix in Miami if Bush goes down.

  • Would you start Battle over Chris Johnson or Ryan Williams this week?

    • Nope. Battle is listed as the starter but this is a weird situation where he could come in and play the first series or two and then get yanked.

  • Would you trade R. Williams and Ridley for DMC or is that too much?
    Also, pick 2, Ridley, R. Williams, K. Hunter, or Britt. Thx for everything guys!

    • I would do that trade for DMC. If the pick 2 is for this week, take Ridley and Williams.

  • Non-PPR, Std Scoring, Dynasty League

    I was offered Dez & Rookie Rd 2 for CJ2K… thoughts?

    RB(2-3): R. Bush, MJD, Ridley, CJ2K, Jennings, Ringer, Thomas, Powell
    WR(3-4): Cruz, Jennings, Nicks, White, Hankerson, Jeffery

    Other than Jennings & Nicks being banged up, I have a solid WR corps. CJ isn’t starting for me currently. I love Dez’s talent, and as an OSU grad I have a particular fondness. A week ago, I would have jumped at this offer, but know I’m thinking long & hard. Help! Thanks!!!

    • I think it’s a decent deal. Dez is still a great dynasty guy and will be good for years to come. CJ is 27 already and if he isn’t done at this point, only has a couple years left at most. If you’re a fan of Dez, I would say go ahead and do it.

  • In a yardage heavy league who do you like ROS: VJax or Antonio Brown

    • Brown

  • What do you think about trading SJax and LMoore for RBush? Too much? Is DWill instead of SJax fair for the RBush owner? PPR

    • If you are the SJax owner, I would try DWill and Moore first. Depends on the makeup of the rest of your team, but I think the SJax/Moore deal is ok, but might be a tad much.

  • can you rank these RBs ROY: Hillman, j. Bell, K. Smith, E. Royster, M. Ingram, D. Wilson, Daniel Thomas and B. Bolden. Are any must adds?

    • J. Bell
      B. Bolden
      E. Royster
      R. Hillman
      M. Ingram
      D. Thomas
      D. Wilson
      K. Smith

      I think Bell and Bolden are decent adds if you need some Rb depth.

  • Hey guys,

    Who would you start at flex: Donnie avery, Donald Brown or Deangelo? Colts go vs GB and CAR vs SEA.

    It’s a 0.5pt PPR league.


    • I’d go with Avery

  • What do you think of the Battle/Mathews situation? Chargers have Battle listed as the starter :(

    • I think the entire situation is CRAP. As in, Battle is a piece of crap and it’s crap that the Chargers are even doing this junk. Mathews is about 40 million times better than Battle, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the situation, though Battle may hog a some carries for the next week or two.

  • I’d love some advice on this trade: I give Benson & Britt, I get Welker & Tate. My RBs: Foster, Charles, & Mathews. My WRs: Harvin, Wayne & depth. I really want Tate as a handcuff, but I’m not loving Welker once AHern is back. Thanks for your input!

    • I think the deal is pretty good. The other 3 RB you have are certainly enough to carry you, making Benson expendable. Welker would be a nice immediate addition to your WR since you’re pretty much stuck playing the waiting game with Britt’s injuries. Give it a shot.

  • I was offered MJD for my Julio.
    I have WR Wayne, dez, torrey, malcom, and Hartline.
    RB macfadden, mathews, sjax, mcgahee
    QB vick and flacco
    what do you think

    • Im cool with that deal if you would like more RB depth. The rest of your WR will be fine without Julio

  • Tricky one for the WR/TE flex: Rudolph or Hixon (assuming Barden and Nicks are out)

    • Hixon. He should kick some ass this week.

  • i know donald brown is nothing but not even ranked? over gerhardt or other backups, hes a starter?

    • I see him at 24

  • So, like, which Kendall at the flex: Wright or Hunter? PPR. Was leaning Wright, but Buffalo got gashed by the Pats last week on the ground and I expect SF to do much the same.

    Also, too, how droppable is Mark Ingram? With that defense I don’t expect NO to have enough of a ground game to make him startable, like, ever.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Wright at the flex spot and I think Ingram is probably droppable, but of course that would depend on how deep the league is and who you drop him for.

  • Week 5-Rivers @ NO or Newton VS. SEA?

    • CAM

  • Trade question:

    Give Ridley and B. Marshall
    Get Forte and Decker

    League is 0.5 PPR, 0.25 PP Target

    I think Forte is clearly an upgrade long term over Ridley, who has been inconsistent. Marshall is better than Decker, but I like Decker’s uptrend the last two weeks. Your thoughts?

    • If you like Forte, go for it. I think Decker is good enough to make the deal appealing. PP Target is interesting!

  • Pitta or Owen Daniels?

    • I like Pitta, Chet likes Daniels. Flip a coin….or go with Pitta!

  • 10 team PPR:

    TE: Pitta or H. Miller?

    Flex: Sproles, James Jones, Maclin, or Pitta/Miller?

    As always, thanks.

    • Pitta and Sproles

  • I can only start one of the following – James Jones. Maclin or Britt – Which would be best in 12 team PPR? Thanks!

    • I would stick with maclin even after his disappearing act last week

  • At my WR3 spot I currently alternate between M. Williams and S. Rice. It’s a .5 PPR league. On the FA wire currently is Hixon, Wright, and Simpson. Donnie Avery as well, but he is on waivers until tomorrow since someone just dropped him. Are any of these 4 players a better long-term solution than my current juggling act? I have #1 waiver priority as well. Thanks!

    • Not sure I would burn #1 priority, but I think Hixon is better than those while Nicks is out. Simpson/Avery may be better long term as well.

  • nonppr…offered Roethlisbergere and Wallace for my J. Graham…thoughts? I have Romo, but that gives me little confidence after monday night…thanks

    • I wouldn’t do it. Don’t pull the plug on Romo quite yet.

  • Hey, can you rank these RBs in a standard league for the rest of the year: SJax, Benson, McGahee, Green-Ellis? Thanks!

    • McGahee, BGE, SJax, Benson. Not a ton of separation between any of them though. All pretty close.

  • .5 ppr Bradshaw for dez. either one would be my flex.

    • Not sure what your positional depth looks like, but I think its fine

  • .5 ppr D.Hixon or james jones? 4for4 just said barden has concussion

    • Ya, Hixon is the NYG WR you want for sure and I would play him this week.

  • I got offered Jimmy Graham for my Trent Richardson and Kyle Rudolph. I have Jamaal Charles, Lesean McCoy, Willis Mcgahee, Ryan Williams, Jacquizz Rodgers and Billal Powell as my other RBs. Should I take Jimmy?


    • You should be ok at RB with that kind of depth. See if you can get him to chip in a throw in on his side, but I think the deal is worth it.

  • My league is a 12 team standard scoring league
    Starting lineup is QB 2rb 2wr 1flex te def k
    My team
    QB Brady Ponder Locker
    RB Foster Matthews McFadden Powell
    WR Garçon Jennings Bowe R.Moss Gordon Baldwin
    TE Tony Gonzalez
    DEF Arizona
    K Hanson

    Been offered Cruz and TRich for DMC and Jennings

    Pull the trigger?

    • Ya, I would take that deal.

  • 0.5 PPR, 16 team
    Who would you rather have rest of the season? Jerome Simpson, Justin Blackmon, Santana Moss, Domenik Hixon

    • Simpson

  • 14 ppr….. D.Avery or A.Jeffery rest of way????

    • Avery

  • Trade Doug Martin for Greg Jennings in a PPR?

    • I probably wouldn’t, as Jennings will miss this week most likely and possibly more. If you are stacked at RB it might work. Just don’t count on Jennings for a couple weeks, as groin injuries are tricky.

  • My Team :
    WR- B. Lloyd, Stevie Johnson, Jerome Simpson
    RB- Stevan Ridley / Empty
    TE- Graham
    Flex- Davone Bess
    Bench- T.Y. Hilton, Andrew Luck, Ponder, Dez Bryant, Nate Washington, Sidney Rice, Chandler

    What would you do with this team in order to improve on RB and maybe QB?

    • PPR 12 person

    • Forgot Demarco Murray in there too

    • Well you’re gonna need an RB obviously, so I would look at maybe trying to trade Lloyd or Graham to somebody who has a surplus and see what you can scrounge up. Try to trade Graham for a lesser TE and RB package I guess. Hurts to lose him but you’re in a tough spot.

  • pick 2 charles, donald brown, mendenhall, ryan williams

    • Charles and Williams

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