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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 13 Staff Ranks

posted by Jeff

The final week of the regular season has finally arrived. For those of you nursing leads and preparing for playoff bye weeks, congratulations. For those of you looking at “win and in” scenarios, buckle up and get ready to make some season defining lineup decisions. Every point is critical when a playoff berth is on the line, and that is where The Fake Football excels. Stare down the staff rankings below, and as always, leave any and all lineup questions in the comments section. The biggest week of the fake football season is upon us, so lets go get those WINS!

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • In PPR 0.5, I have been offered VJax+Ridley+Vernon Davis for TRich+Witten. My other RB is McCoy/Bryce Brown. Should I do it?

    • At first glance, I would not take the deal. You would be giving up the better RB and TE, although you would snag VJax in return. I guess if your WR group was extremely weak and you needed VJax I would think about it, but I am too much of a fan of TRich/Witten to pull the trigger.

      • Okay, thanks for your input.

  • who is better ROS: Vernon Davis or Witten?

    • With the up and down performances of VD so far this year (with both QBs), I would go with Witten. He has been getting consistent targets/production and seems to be a much more important piece of his offense.

  • Can keep two of Amendola, Bowe or Broyles in PPR. Bowe or Broyles will play this week. Who would you keep?

    • Are we talking about who to keep for next year or keep beyond this week?

      • Sorry to confuse. In 3 WR PPR league I have Nicks/LMoore/DMoore/Amendola/Bowe. For this week Amendola is out and DMoore may be in a tropical storm, so I want to play either Bowe or drop somebody to play Broyles since Bowe has been struggling. Would you drop any of my current receivers for Broyles ROS?

    • Very good question. With Titus Young pouting his way out of town, Broyles will be locked into some solid production from here on out, especially in a PPR setup. I would cut ties with Bowe for him.

      • Thanks, Jeff.

  • Hi guys,

    Broyles (vs Ind) or Rashad Jennings (@Buf) at flex this week?


    • 0.5 pt PPR


    • Tough one. I think Jennings has stunk enough this year to go with Broyles here, even with JAX having a favorable matchup.

  • would you trade TRich and Torrey for Ridley and VJax ROS?

    • Good question. It would depend on the current structure of your lineup. I think that the sum of the 2 parts (Ridley/VJax) may be a bit more valuable that TRich/Torrey, however TRich is the best player in the deal and I would hang onto him. Plus, Ridley has a tough stretch of defenses coming up (HOU/SF playoff matchups) while Richardson should continue tearing it up.

  • Maclin and Broyles are my standard scoring WR’s this week. Lloyd or LaFell worth starting over either?

    • Or Josh Gordon? In reference to Maclin, Broyles, Lloyd, and LaFell

      • I think you’ve got the right 2

  • Gentlemen, if you would…I hate to leave the wordy questions but it’s a must win week to make playoffs. Here is my starting line up and my bench. Any changes you’d make? Most shaky on G.Jennings return, and H.Miller w/Batch at QB. Standard scoring. Anyway..thanks, as always. I do appreciate your help.
    QB – RG3
    RB – Mathews
    RB – B. Brown
    WR – VJax
    WR – Jennings
    TE – Miller
    Flex – BJGE
    K – Hanson
    D/ST – NYJets

    Dallas Clark
    TY Hilton
    New England
    Shady (O)

    • No problem, the more info, the easier it is to give you an answer. I think the lineup looks pretty solid right now. I think I would swap Clark and Miller, but thats about it.

      • Thanks Jeff.

  • Roll w Fitz in my 2nd qb slot(have Ben on bench), or drop Fitzy and start Henne, Wilson, locker? Thanx

    • I would give Henne a shot. Nice matchup.

  • Non-PPR, need two – Colston, Marshall, Nicks.

    • Marshall/Nicks

  • FLEX: Ryan Math-ewww’s, Denarius Snore, King D Alexander, Justo Blackmang, Knowshow Moreno?


    • Give old Knowshon a whirl

  • V-Jax (vs the scary Champ) or someone like Denario Alexander or Stokley that could probably get me 10 points due to their matchups? My current lineup is Kaep, muscle hamster, leshoure, demaryius thomas, eric decker, *v-jax*, brandon myers, plug ‘n play jets, and the awesome Tynes.



    • Personally, I would side with VJax here, even despite the tough matchup. Freeman loves chucking it to him, and I think he should be able to overcome the defense. Plus, I think Manning will roast TB, so the Bucs should be throwing a lot.

  • Need a flex this week..dmc, marcel Reece, Denario Alexander, Vick Ballard, Michael bush, or Bell from Detroit

    • Ballard? Son, you for real?

      Here is the situation. Someone just pooped in the swimming pool. DMC, Reece and Ballard were in it. Ballard actually pooped in it but DMC and Reece are the primary suspects. This hurts them both because they area both punished equally, but deep down Ballard feels horrible that he did it and it affects his performance.

      You can use the same story above and trade out DMC and REECE with Forte and Bush.

      Bell? Bell is the one in the story who had to clean the poop out of the pool and then slipped on it on his way out.

      Go with Alexander. He is cool. He is the life guard. He saw everything that was happening and GTFO with his integrity. Go with him.

      • haha very descriptive. Nice recap.

    • Alexander is probably the play here unless they come out with some groundbreaking news in the next day or two about DMC’s workload.

  • jennings or dwyer? (or antonio brown i guess its for a flex)

    • forgot harvin may play. need one flex and one wr2.

      jennings/dwyer/a. brown/s. smith/harvin

      • I would play S. Smith and Dwyer at flex. I don’t think Harvin will push it this week and I am concerned about how many snaps Jennings will play right now.

  • would you prefer to have Gates or Witten ROS? is it even close?

    • I would much rather have Witten. He is leading the NFL in targets for tight ends (by a ton) and has more than twice as many targets as Gates on the year.

  • DX and Torrey are so close this week, that I am perfectly fine with you rolling him out there…he has been solid. As for the flex, that is a very tough one. As for the flex, I think I would lean toward Reggie at the moment. I do like Dwyer this week (he was great when the featured back previously) but I think DMC may be too risky with Reece in the mix. I would lean Reggie’s way right now.

  • So, I have to start either Donario or Torrey Smith at WR and then whichever of those two I don’t start or McFadden, R. Bush or Dwyer at the flex. PPR.

    Leaning Donario at WR against the Staff Reccomendations, but it’s PPR and it’s close enough (I don’t like Smith’s match up. At all). And then I’m at a loss. If McFadden goes I kind of feel like I should start him. That’s what I drafted him for, right. But Reece looks good and they’ll probably ease him in. I like Dwyer’s match up, but let’s get real. It’s a committee there at best and the o-line is dinged up so who know what you’ll get. And then there’s Reggie Bush. He’s just plain unreliable and the Pats are likely to put up gaudy offensive numbers at MIA (even though they have played poorly in MIA in December in the past).


  • Sorry, just 1 wr. thanx!

  • What up Jeff, appreciate the rankings. Q: start 1 wr, 1 wr/rb: miles, larry fitz, torrey,

    • I would go with Torrey Smith, followed by Austin as long as he is healthy and active.

  • Hey Chet – More concerned with ROS but always value your start/sit advice too! This week, SEA or NE? ROS – Do I keep one/both of these DEF Or drop one for Bills, Jags,Colts? Also who is Foster’s handcuff now?

    • I think Seattle is a slightly better play this week, but not by much. NE is worth keeping around with their wk 16 matchup with JAX, and Seattle has ARZ/BUF in 14/15 so that may be a good playoff combo.

      As for Foster, once Tate is 100%, he will be Foster’s primary handcuff. He is practicing now, so it sounds like that could be soon.

      • Thanks Jeff,

        Tate even though Kubiak announced that he would be relegated to Special Teams upon his return?

      • Ya, I think that will just be for the first week he’s back.

  • In PPR; Would you play BWells or drop him for Dwyer in order to have the opportunity to wait for DMC? Must win week for me and Wells/Dwyer would need to play following weeks if neither DMC or Murray can get back.

    • I would play Wells this week. NYJ isn’t tough against the run and he should get a solid number of carries. I do have them ranked closely though and I think Dwyer will continue to creep higher in my rankings this weekend. Close, but I would slightly lean Beanie at this moment.

  • In my PPR league, please help me pick my RB, WR, and Flex

    RB: Alf, SJax, Sproles, Moreno
    WR: Fitz, Denarius, Maclin, Lance Moore, Lloyd
    Flex: One of the options above

    • I would rank them:

      RB: Alf, Sproles, Moreno, SJax
      WR: D. Moore, L. Moore, Fitz, Maclin, Lloyd
      Flex: Alf, Sproles, Moreno, D. Moore, SJax, L. Moore, Fitz, Maclin, Lloyd

      Hope that helps!

  • I need 1 RB & 1 Flex: Vereen (@Mia), Moreno (TB), Forte (Sea), Gresham (@SD)

    And… Is Miles Austin a go? I have D. Harris on bench. Starting Smith, Austin, Givens right now…

    • Above is Non-PPR, forgot to mention that!

      • Go with Moreno and Forte at RB and flex as long as Forte stays healthy through Friday.

        I think Austin will probably be a game time call, but everything I have seen sounds somewhat promising in regards to him playing this week. I think you should be abkle to use him as long as he’s active.

  • start one: josh gordan, ty hilton, vick ballard or kevin smith?

    • yikes. This is pretty tough. I like Ballard if you’re looking for the safe pick, but Gordon if you want some upside possibility.

  • In a standard scoring league I need an RB and a flex. I have Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush, Darren Sproles and Steve Johnson.

    • I would go with Sproles, even in standard scoring, in what should be a shootout tonight. Then I would go with Stevie Johnson, who has been great last 3 games (6 rec. 90 yd avg).

  • Which 3….Julio, Decker, Torrey, or Shorts? Also Ridley or Bryce?

    • Julio for sure, then I would go with Decker against TB’s soft defense (which is now missing their top CB as well) and the red hot Cecil Shorts. Sit Torrey against Pitt. At RB, I would give Ridley the slight nod over Bryce. Ridley has scored in 4 straight games and should be fresh after not playing since Thanksgiving.

  • Start 1: Lance Moore, Dwyer, or Lloyd?

    • Go with Dwyer. He has been named the starter this week and Baltimore isn’t too scary against the run. Also, the last 2 games when Dwyer was the lead back (weeks 7 & 8), Dwyer topped 100 yards rushing in each game.

      • Appreciate it. I knew Dwyer was starting but wasn’t sure what his leash was or how committed Tomlin was. I like Moore in ppr but the receptions are down and everyone is healthy.

  • Have Fitzgerald, Maclin, Austin, D.Alexander, Blackmon, Broyles, Britt. 3WR format. Am I crazy to start Blackmon Alexander Broyles and pray something gets fixed with my other WRs heading into playoffs?

    • First up, solid name. I like it. As for the WRs, how crazy is it that this is actually a question! Man, those guys have just taken a nose dive. I don’t think you are crazy at all if you play those three, but I would take a little bit of a look at Austin. If he practices at the end of this week and looks like a go, I might swap him in there, but I feel very uneasy about Fitz and Maclin.

  • Such a minor question. But with a 30 point lead based on projections (for what little its worth), what defense would you play: NYJ or Hou?

    • Such a gravy matchup for NYJ. Roll with them, as HOU has been struggling a bit lately.

  • In a PPR, I need to find a RB2 from this motley crew:

    Knowshon, Reggie Bush, Beanie

    Also, flip a coin between Cobb and Decker at Flex?

    • I like Knowshon of the RBs. Denver should move the ball with ease on TB this week and get Moreno lots of opportunity. I would side with Cobb slightly on the coin flip. Chet and I both have them very closely ranked…I’ll defer to the boss!

  • PPR (w/ 5 pt bonus @ 100yds) Flex – Sproles, Quizz, or Bush (if Forte sits)

    • Sproles was a machine in the passing game last week (7 for 65) and should tear it up tonight. I would roll him out there.

      • Thanks. The only worry I had was that most of his production was in garbage time last week. Hopefully he sees more action (50% of the snaps would be nice) another week removed from the injury.

      • Ya, I hear ya. I think the high scoring nature of this game tonight should help as well.

  • TY Hilton or Lance Moore? PPR

    • I would go with Lance, as I expect this game to be pretty high scoring tonight. Hopefully Brees hooks him up with a long one for a score.

  • PPR league – need 2 RBs, 2 WRs and Flex
    Going with Rice and Bryce at RB
    Going Colston and Steve Smith at WR
    Question is Flex – options are Quizz, SJax Bilal Powell or Vereen

    • Although ‘Quizz is mighty tempting, I think SJax is the pick here. He has been getting TONS of touches lately (23.3 a game over last 3) and actually topped 100 yards rushing against SF in their first meeting.

  • Cecil Shorts or Moreno? non ppr

    • I can’t bet against Cecil right now. Keep rolling him out there.

  • Best PPR flex play: Dwyer, J. Rodgers, R. Bush, Broyles, M. Williams, T.Y. Hilton.

    Lots of mediocre options, but I’m desperate.

    • I do like Broyles and ‘Quizz, but I think Bush may be your best option for importing and exporting fantasy points this week, Art. Reggie was good last week and has had his touches increase in the last two weeks. Miami should be able to move the ball on NE enough to get him some decent production.

  • If run DMC is a go, do i play him at flex over Garcon, Lloyd or A. Brown? My starting RBs at the moment are Lynch and Alfred Morris. WRs are Jordy Nelson and Danario Alexander. Should I change anything else up?
    Win and In. PPR

    • I think I would stick with your current lineup, and use Garcon at the flex. Unless the Raiders announce that they plan to give DMC ‘x’ number of carries or something crazy, thats the route I would go.

    • and good luck, Mr. Spliff

  • I need to pick 2 out of these in a ppr format: Ry. Mathews, McFadden (assuming he goes), Shorts, and Maclin. Its tough becuase each one is a soft matchup. Thanks for any help!

    • Playing McFadden is awfully tempting, but I think you’ve got to go with Mathews and Shorts here. It’s damn near impossible to sit Cecil these days, and I am still nervous about Maclin, even with Jackson out. McFadden just poses too much of a risk with Reece still in the mix, presumably.

  • 1 pt PPR, need 2 RB, 2 WR and FLEX

    Martin, Morris, Ridley, Mathews and the Quizz

    Colston, V Jackson, Broyles and Jennings

    My concerns are V. Jackson verse Champ Bailey matchup and I really like the Quizz verse the Saints.

    • RB: Dougie and Alfie
      WR: Colston and VJax
      Flex: Ridley

      I think VJax is a clear choice over the other two WR despite the matchup. I also agree with you about Quizz, but the other RB options you have are much more locked in to bigger workloads. Last week he got 12 touches, but that was his 1st time in double digits since week 8. I would stick with the other 3 backs.

  • Stay up on both Leshoure and Forte’s status through Friday. If Forte keeps practicing and looks good to go, I would play him even if Leshoure sits.

  • With forte looking healthy is bell a better possible flex ppr/bonus league desperation play? Currently have reece because you never know with dmc..but other options would be britt,fitz(getting the cromartie treatment scares me but the cards do move fitz into the slot occasionally and he can win there). Gotta win to stay in the playoffs got to try to make the right moves.

  • why were the two rankings of Jordy Nelson so different?

    • Chet has been more of a Jordy fan since the preseason and I am lukewarm on him. I just don’t expect that much from him this week with Jennings back in the mix and lots of other good WR options this week.

  • Must WIN for playoffs. My WRs Maclin/Stevie/SteveSmith/Denarius/Garcon/GJennings HELP Start 2? PPR

    • Stevie and the Frenchman

  • Qb: newton or kaepernick?

    Wr pick two: Cruz Andre Johnson dez


    • Newton, Johnson, Dez

  • LeShoure looking iffy today. Who you playing in the W/R/T flex:

    LeShoure, J.Bell, M.Bush, Forte, Beanie, Witten, Garçon, Blackmon

    0.5 PPR with 3 bonus points at 85 yards receiving or 100 yards rushing; 6 bonus points at 135 yards receiving or 150 yards rushing.

    I have Baltimore but Dallas is available. Snag Dallas or leave in Baltimore assuming Big Ben is out?

    Thanks for the advice.

    • I think Dallas is worth picking up.

      For the flex, I think it’s between Forte and Garcon. I would lean Garcon with Forte banged up and facing Seattle.

  • Up for the points title in my league. Huge decision here – Ryan Mathews or Marques Colston at FLEX?

    • Colstonia. Good luck!

  • Waivers close in my league this week. Any point in my keeping F. Jones and Reece on my team for the stretch?

    • I think it is worthwhile having them, but I guess it would depend on the options you could pick up if you dropped them

  • Need to pick one of these RBs up :Who are your top 2 in order:
    Bilal Powell, M. Ingram, R. Turbin, B, Jacobs, J Stewart

    • Ingram, Powell if you need them for this week. Stewart, Ingram if you can withstand JStew missing a week or two (like if you had a bye locked up).

  • ppr league win and im in playoffs.
    injuries screwed me so
    rb-rashad jennings, joquie bell
    flex-torrey smith, d alexander, bell, rashad

    • Do you need to pick one RB and one flex?

      • yes

      • I think Jennings is the option at RB and Alexander at flex

  • I have Spiller + TRich plugged in at RB and Green + Demaryius at WR. No brainer to put Julio over Ridley in the flex?

    • Ya, I think so. He should roast N.O.’s defense tomorrow night.

  • Thanks! Looks like I’m rolling with Fitzpatrick again this week :-( Unless Vick makes a miraculous recovery and they actually play him. I missed out on both the Kaepernick and Henne sweepstakes. Tebow you’re my only hope.

    • Yikes. At least Fitz has a decent matchup.

  • still loading?

    • It appears something is wrong with the FantasyPros feed. Let me check it out.

    • Should be good to go now

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