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Rest Of Season Fantasy Strength Of Schedule

posted by Chet

Now that we have five weeks of data under our belts I think we can start looking a little harder at the Fantasy Strength Of Schedule for the rest of the season. I’m using week 7 through 16 here to average it out. You can see that Denver still has the best passing schedule going forward, while the Chiefs have the best playoff (weeks 14-16) passing schedule! Can you say Brady Quinn!? No? Ok, yeah, me either.

The Cardinals, Vikings and Buffalo look to have the worst passing schedule all around. I don’t love that for Larry Fitzgerald and Percy Harvin, but I feel much better about Percy Harvin overcoming tough defenses than Kolb and company.

It looks like the AFC West has the monopoly on good rush defense schedules, with McFadden and Charles leading the way. If they can stay healthy, they’ll be able to help you out.

Matt Forte and Adrian Peterson have a tough row to hoe as well as Marshawn Lynch, especially in the fantasy playoffs. Bt of course, talent often wins out and injuries hurt defenses. It’s too soon to really know how much Brian Cushing’s injury will hurt the Texans run defense, but it will hurt them.

So I still like to lean toward talent over schedule for the most part. If you are trying to make a decision between two equally talented players, this could be a good tool to break the tie.

Click on the position you’d like to check out at the bottom of the chart.


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  • Got a trade offer for AP and Marshall for Charles and P Harvin… Thinkin about it! Strength of sched is what im lookin at… Let me know

    • Thanks

    • I could see doing that with the uncertainty of the Chiefs offense.

  • Chet, pls. rank these TEs ROY (I have Pitta and want to trade W. Powell and Pitta for a better TE):

    Fred Davis
    Jared Cook
    Owen Daniels
    Martellus Bennett

    Is there a good target in there or should I stand pat?

  • Should I do my Murray and Wallace for Mathews and Bowe? Looking at this chart it looks good but I don’t really know how to take this information and apply it to trades. I also have Lynch. Would that be better since his strength of schedule for the rest of the season is bad?

    • How would you rank these rb’s going forward?


  • I’ve been proposed a trade in one of my leagues that I have been pondering for a couple of days.

    I wanted Julio Jones on all my teams this year. Long story short, I ended up with him on zero of my 3 teams.

    I was just offered a deal of Julio for Percy straight up. Two weeks ago, I would have accepted in a heart beat. However, the fact that the Falcons are undefeated and that Ryan is my QB, I am nervous about them sitting their stars come week 16 if they have the #1 seed clinched which would kill my chances at fantasy gold. Plus Harvin is the clear cut #1 guy in Minnesota while Julio and Roddy have been 1a and 1b.

    What do you do here? Hang on to Percy or get some Julio?

    • tough call for sure, but I’d lean Percy.

  • Always look forward to your articles, you always help me think about different aspects of the game and help me plan for the rest of the season. Thank you.

    I do ask for a little lineup help as well, thanks in advance for that too!

    In nonppr: I’m starting Antonio Brown an Reggie Wayne at WR and Foster and Lynch at RB, but I need help figuring out my Flex. The players I’m considering are Andrew Hawkins, Brandon Gibson, Vick Ballard, and Donnie Avery. Who would you suggest?

    • I think all have some upside this week, but I’m going to roll with RB. I think Ballard will see the ball 20 times, which gives him plenty of chances to help you out.

  • thanks, i love it!!!
    so im 1-4 in a league. my team is below. i have 3 WR on bye week 7…any trade ideas to help me salvage my season?
    qb stafford
    rb mathews
    rb forte
    wr austin
    wr decker
    wr bowe
    flex sjax
    te pettigrew
    bn maclin, wilson, hunter, best, ballard, cutler, b. powell

    • I could see trying to package Forte/SJax for a RB and WR.

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