PPR and Non-PPR Fantasy Football Tiers August 26, 2012  |  Chet

Here are my Tiers for this year. You can also check out Jeff’s right here. Just Click the “PPR” link at the bottom to get to, um, PPR.

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  1. LakerSteve says:

    Hey Chet, thanks for all your hard work! I have a draft question for you. Something that isn’t discussed much is what to do in leagues where the top tier QBs way outscore their counterparts. In my 10 team PPR league, with 6pt TDs and yard bonuses, the top 6 scorers last year were all QBs (and 8 of top 9). It went Brees (39ppg), Rodgers (38), Brady (35), Stafford (33), Cam (29), Eli (27). Ryan, Rivers and Romo we’re all around 25ppg – that’s 14 below Brees which is massive. This year I’ve got the 9th pick and I’m keeping McCoy (23ppg last year) for my 2nd rnd pick. I have no idea what to do because Foster, Megatron, McCoy, Brady (and Julio) are all being kept and I expect Rice, Brees, Rodgers, CJ1K and McFadden to be gone along with a couple of these guys: Mathews, Lynch, Murray, Graham, Gronk, Fitzgerald.

    So, based on the value of QBs and who should be available, would I be crazy to take Stafford or Cam late in the 1st round? Would I be better off taking Graham or Gronk and shooting for Ryan or Romo in the 4th or 5th?

  2. Nathan says:

    First time looking at this. Very, very helpful. First one that I can reasonably agree with. Thank you for posting.

    Though I firmly believe Fred Jackson should be swapped with Sproles. Brees had no qualms passing to PT and crew in pre-season equivalent to Sproles(bad knee?). Fred Jackson may be old, but 3 of those years weren’t in the NFL. Still think he’s Fitzpatrick’s bread and butter. Spiller was too shifty behind the line in exhibition.

  3. tim says:

    hey chet my man.. followed you here from razzball..

    draft recap question for you. its a 12 team keeper. we keep 2 guys sacrificing a draft pick higher than when they were drafted last year. i traded some draft picks for my playoff push this year so i didn’t have a 2, 3, or 5th round picks. i went in keeping lynch & mccoy. had 12th pick and took mathews. i feel my WR’s might be shaky. when mathews come back my team i think is rock solid. what’s your take?

    QB – Eli
    RB – Lynch & McCoy
    WR – Brown, Maclin, & Titus
    Flex – Ingram
    TE – F.Davis
    K – Henery
    D – Pitts
    Bn – R.jennings, Mathews, A.Jeffery, Moore, Turbin, & Lafell.

    6pt for all TD’s .5PPR

  4. herschel says:

    @Doc: got mccoy in my recent ppr draft but neglected to handcuff him with dion lewis. worth grabbing lewis off the ww at the cost of dropping randall cobb or hang tight?

  5. RP says:

    see I didnt give up on your tier sheet!!

    Much cleaner!!

    Thanks guys

  6. Phil says:

    I have pick 3.
    I already have as keepers Stafford and Murry.
    I would like to pick up another RB.
    This is who I can pick from.
    Jones drew
    What do you think?

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