Headsupfantasy.com Week 1 Picks September 7, 2013  |  Jeff


Welcome, Fake Footballers! Aside from smashing on opponents each week in our yearly fantasy football leagues, we at The Fake Football also do some dabbling in the fine arts of Daily Fantasy Sports. If you like the rush of fantasy football in one-week portions (with a few pesos on the line), then Daily Fantasy Sports may be your cup of tea as well. This season, we will be pumping out weekly advice for the daily games run by our pals over at Headsupfantasy.com, which is a new platform that offers daily gaming with NO RAKE taken. Need convincing? Take it from the Headsupfantasy folks themselves:

“It is our goal to present our users with the most enjoyable and affordable form of competition possible. Under no circumstances will Headsupfantasy take any percentages from user funds in challenges or pools.  Users can use our organized categories to find the perfect game for them. We have provided the clearest form of scoring for each sport so that all our users can compete on an even scale.”

So, instead of the host site taking a percentage of your hard earned winnings, you simply purchase “tokens”, and use one per contest. Now that you have an idea of how things work, let’s check out the format:


Each week, players have multiple formats to choose from including 2 athlete, 3 athlete, and 6 athlete contests. Within those formats there are further options for fantasy degenerates to enjoy! All scoring is standard fantasy scoring…4 pt passing TDs and no PPR.


* 2 Athlete: Choose any TWO fantasy players then compete head-to-head in any one of five categories:

* Most combined fantasy points  * Most touchdowns  * Most passing yards

* Most rushing Yards  * Most receiving yards

 * 3 Athlete: Choose any THREE fantasy players then compete head-to-head in any one of five categories:

* Most combined fantasy points  * Most touchdowns  * Most passing yards

* Most rushing Yards  * Most receiving yards

* 6 Athlete: Choose any SIX fantasy players then compete head-to-head in either:

* Most combined fantasy points  * Most combined touchdowns

(6 athlete contests can be either QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE *fixed format* or six of any position)




With so many different contest options, we are going to highlight our favorite three formats and the picks we’re rolling with this Sunday. With the ability to select any fantasy football player, the options are endless, but here are the top plays for week 1:


* 2 Athlete: Most Passing Yards

– The shootout of the week makes this pick fairly obvious, but sometimes you have to take what the schedule gives you. In the first meeting between New Orleans and Atlanta last season, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan combined for 709 passing yards. Each offense looks just as, if not more, potent as last season so let’s give this quarterback duo a shot. THE PICK: Matt Ryan & Drew Brees.


* 3 Athlete: Most Receiving Yards

– This category can be tough, as most players will likely flock to only the top consensus options for the week, but that’s where we strike and make some coin. In the 3 athlete division, I like to take two consensus top picks and then roster them with a favorite of mine that resides outside the consensus top five. This week, that formula gives us Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant as our two sure-fire studs, and then we’re going to roll with Pierre Garcon as our third wide receiver. Garcon is RGIII’s top option and is ready for a monster week against a poor Philadelphia defense. THE PICK: Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, & Pierre Garcon.


* 6 Athlete: Most Combined Fantasy Points (fixed format)

– In the “fixed format” setup, we use a QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE lineup. While preparing a lineup, most teams are likely to use Drew Brees at QB along with some form of Peterson, Martin, Megatron, Dez, and Jimbo Graham. While taking all top options is a fair idea, thing rarely shake out that way in fantasy football, and I recommend a mixture of top options and other key starters like we used in the 3 athlete format above. We already covered this matchup, but NO/ATL will give us mucho points, so I am siding with Matt Ryan at QB in this format. At RB, I like myself a little Doug Martin (who will destroy the Jets) and Trent Richardson (should get a huge workload) this week, skipping the popular Adrian Peterson pick. At WR and TE, I like to keep things normal and preserve the edge at RB and QB. Megatron, Dez and Graham seem like easy selections. THE PICK: Matt Ryan, Doug Martin, Trent Richardson, Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, & Jimmy Graham.



Good luck in Week 1, and be sure to check out Headsupfantasy!



5 Responses

  1. Gilbert Reina says:

    My team’s starting lineup this week (10-team league):

    QB: Brees
    RB: A. Peterson
    RB: T. RIchardson
    WR: Julio Jones
    WR: M. Colston
    FLX: Chris Johnson

    What do you think??

  2. sam says:

    nice piece – the 6 athlete most fantasy points category is bad ass – brees, ryan, kaepernick, romo, stafford, & brady – are you kidding me?

  3. Cal Wason says:

    Good call on Garcon. He’s going to explode this year!

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