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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 4 Staff Ranks

posted by Jeff

The NFL season is a trio of weeks old, and there are some solid matchups headed our way in week 4…and we may even have real referees! Check out The Fake Football Staff Rankings below and as always, fire away with your lineup questions in the comments!

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • s jax, v jax, bradshaw, andre brown, maclin, or f jax in the flex?

    • VJax

  • Ovaltine! Drop la fell for t t young, dhb, or mike williams? Thanx

  • Need to start 4 of these 5 since Nicks and Britt are hurting.
    LaFell, Hawkins, Ogletree, Hankerson, Fred Davis.
    Who do I sit?

    • Sit Ogletree.

    • Sit olvaltine

  • Sproles or Leshoure? .5 PPR. Thanks!

    • start Sproles

  • I need 2 WRs from Julio Jones, Vincent Jackson and Brandon Marshall.

    • Julio and Marshall. Despite, the tough matchup I think Marshall is less likely to disappear

  • I have to bench 1 out of L McCoy, J Charles, R Matthews , Fitz, AJ Green and Brandon Lloyd. I like them all who to bench.

    • That is extremely tough, but probably Mathews or Lloyd. I would bench Lloyd.

  • Sooo I need two RBs …. Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, Ryan Williams, Pierre Thomas and Daniel Thomas. Different League Murray, Leshoure or Andre Brown. Lastly, Mcgahee, Steven Jackson or Ben Tate.

    • 1) Jackson/Williams 2) Murray 3) McGahee as long as he is good to go, so watch that this wknd

  • PPR:
    Michael Bush or Dez Bryant (assuming Forte’s out)?
    Also, need 2 out of the 3: Malcom Floyd, Leshoure, V-Jax?

    • Bush but very close there and Leshoure/VJax

  • Standard Scoring, but need to start 4 WRs and only 2 RBs, would you trade away Luck, Benson, and Amendola for Maclin and Cassel? Other RBs I have are Rice, Ridley and Donald Brown, Other WRs are AJ Green, Julio, Ogletree, LaFell. My only other QB is Locker, and there’s no one on the waiver (16 man league)

    • If I’m not mistaken, it appears you are trying to package excess RB depth to strengthen your WR set. Im not sure if Luck is your starter or not, but I think you are giving quite a bit away to upgrade from Amendola to Maclin, with the downgrade at QB and giving away Benson. Try to leave the QBs out and see if the other guy will take Brown/Amendola for Maclin.

  • Pitta or Rudolph?

    • Throw in Torrey Smith and pick two of Smith/Pitta/Rudolph in standard league

    • Play the ravens

  • Torrey Smith or Danny Amendola as my WR2 this week? Also have Britt if you think he’s better than both. Thanks, you always come thru for me!

    • I would go with Smith this week. Hopefully we come through again!

  • Been offered D. Thomas for Brandon Marshall in a 0.5 PPR keeper league. Chi passing game worrisome, but am I overreacting to accept?

    • Ya I would hold off

  • Start Steven jacson or mikel leshoure?

    • start leshoure

  • Torrey Smith or Maclin? PPR league

    • Maclin, as long as he is active, which it looks like he will be

  • Drop Ingram for wr depth? Need 1 or 2: t young, hankerson, avery, mike will. Thanx

    • I would keep him around, but if you feel like adding a WR, I would rank them as you have them listed.

  • Pitta or Britt in my W/T flex this week?

    • Pitta seems more reliable and has much better matchup

  • Romo is killing me. Picked up ponder. Who will have a better week?

    • Good pickup, but give Romo another shot

  • @Chet, @ Jeff: PPR league, start two of the following. decker vs oak, dez vs chi, al morris @ tb or j stew @ atl.


    • Decker and Dez

  • So, I need 1 Flex out of these guys: Leshoure, Ridley, Britt…thoughts? Feel like Britt may have a huge game soon, but not sure if he’s worth the gamble over Ridley or Leshoure.

    • I agree on Britt’s impending breakout but I would go Ridley here

  • Tough WR pick: Bryant or Colston? Who gets their first TD this weekend I suppose…

    • Close, but Dez

  • I know how bad everyone is down on Chris Johnson ( deservingly so) but he was dropped in my PPR league to WW.. My RB’s Rice, Mathews, Sproles.,Andre Brown, JQuizz… Is it worth a gamble sto drop JQuiizz for him and Stash CJ 2 see if he comes around in the 2nd half w/easier schedule? or am I better staying put

    • Ya, I’d pick him up.

  • Current QBs are Cutler and Alex Smith. I’ve been offered Rivers & Donald Brown for Leshoure. Other RBs are Murray, Martin, T-Rich, and Deangelo. I know I need a QB upgrade but I’m not sure Rivers is it. Feels like I’d just have more of the same while losing Leshoure’s upside for Brown’s low ceiling.

    • Interesting situation. Rivers is an upgrade over those other QBs for sure, but you are right on with the Leshorue/Brown comparison. However, with those other backs, do you really plan on playing Leshoure? I think I would do it, and just keep Brown around for depth while upgrading at QB.

  • Non-PPR, Need 1: SJax or T Smith? Thanks!

    • Smith

  • 0

  • Need 2 of: Ridley, RyWilliams, FJax (if playing) and SJax. Ridley seems obvious but the other less so. Thanks!

    • Ridley and then FJax if he’s a go. Tough matchup for WIlliams and you want no part of Sjax this week if you have those options.

  • In a ppr league I have s-jax, mcgahee, Leshoure, g. tate, k. Walter. I need 2 RB and 1 flex. If injuries were not a problem I’d go easily with the first three, but unfortunately this is what i’m dealing with.

    • Well Leshoure will be one of your RB for sure. Then I would play McGahee (if active) and then SJax if he is not. For Flex, depending on the health of those backs, I would lean Tate but this is all dependent on how those RB look. Tough to call, wait until we get more injury info tonight and tomorrow on jackson/mcgahee.

  • In a non ppr league I need a flex between leshoure and tor. Smith

    • Leshoure

  • Should I drop Mendy for Ryan Williams? I have MJD, DMC, Doug Martin, & Ced Benson. Would mainly be to block others/potenial trade bait. Just don’t know who’s better long term, Mendy or R Williams? Thanks!

    • I would lean towards Williams there. No lock that Mendy will be great upon his return and he wasn’t all that awesome last year

  • Vick or flacco? flex: McGahee or Sjax? thanks

  • looking for some trade advice on how to improve my WRs.
    This is my team – http://i.imgur.com/PVEBP.png
    12 team PPR and return yards.
    The two trades I’m mulling over are
    Murray (or Spiller) + Amendola for A Brown and Tate
    Murray for Jordy straight up.
    I would rather give up Murray cause I think Spiller has more talent but when Jackson comes back who knows what will happen.

    • I would rather move Spiller than Murray. Like you said, Jackson will jack up that situation when he is back. I think either of those deals are good if you make it Spiller rather than Murray. That way you could upgrade your WR without breaking up your three headed monster at RB.

  • I am in a 12-team, 1pt. PPR, PPRushAttempt, PPCompletion, Return Yardage league. I just made a trade, nabbing Ryan Matthews and Brandon Lloyd for Mike Wallace and Shonn Greene. I think I made out like a bandit, but I would like some expert opinions. Here is my roster now:
    QB Stafford
    WR Harvin
    WR Lloyd
    WR Cribbs
    RB Lynch
    RB JC Superstar
    TE Tony Gonzalez
    Q/W/R/T Carson Palmer
    BN Matthews, Bradshaw, Andre Brown
    BN Emanuel Sanders, Andrew Hawkins
    BN Matt Cassel

    Thanks in advance.

    • I think you are feeling like you made out like a bandit BECAUSE YOU DID!!! Very nice work. That team looks good.

  • Bye Week help: QB for Big Ben.. i have Dalton on roster is he fodd to go or WW Options are Ponder or is Shaun Hill a good play if Stafford is out?
    PPR WR: having a hard time between Tampa Mike or if Sid rice can break out? Just to throw out other options would be drop 1 for WW Cobb or Titus Young? Thx

    • I think Dalton will be ok this week. I would play Tampa Mike of those.

  • In a .5ppr league. What is the trade market for Ben Tate. Would I be crazy to drop him for a flier like Simpson when I have others like D. Brown, Benson, S. Rice, and M. Williams on my bench?

    • If you’ve got other WR in that range on your bench already, I would hang on to Tate. As for trade value, I would first start with Foster’s owner for obvious reasons. Then I would try to hit up the teams in your league that have been hit with injury at RB or are thin there. Shoot for a mid range WR.

  • Should I trade DeMarco & Doug Martin for AP & Percy Harvin?

    • If it won’t kill you at RB to lose 2 backs, I would do it. Harvin is the man (AP is no slouch either).

  • Would you give up Cam for Carson and Austin? 2QB league and Palmers been killin it so far. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t give up on Cam just yet and Palmer is MORE than capable of hitting the crapper at any moment and winging 4 picks in a game.

  • I need to sit one of these: Run-DMC, Lynch, Cedric Benson, Cruz, Harvin, Torrey Smith. I’m leaning Smith but what do you think?

    Also, different league but who’s a better flex play this week – Doug Martin, Tony Gonzalez or Wes Welker?

    • Normally I would say Benson, but he has a great matchup this week. I agree, Smith. I would lean Martin at the flex in a close one over Welker.

  • Andre johnson, Ridley (or leshoure) and Pettigrew for jimmy graham and m bush, which side? Also leshoure or Ridley ros?

    • I like the Andre Johnson side and I like Ridley ROS

  • I traded R. Rice for R. Matthews and R. Gronkowski. Thoughts?

    • If you were hurting at TE I think it its alright. Mathews should be pretty solid this year.

  • Hey Jeff, what are your thoughts on Romo? A lot of QBs are off to weak starts, but Romo has me worried. There’s a guy shopping Rodgers (also has Eli) that offered him to me for McCoy, but I passed. Another guy has Brady and Stafford (idiot drafted him in the 1st, and Brady was his keeper). Both teams need RBs, but they want a stud for their stud QB. If you had my roster below, would you sit tight with Romo for now, or be aggressive and look to make an upgrade?
    10 team, 1pt PPR, 6pt TD (QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, DEF)
    QB: Romo
    RB: McCoy, Murray, T. Rich, LeShoure, R.Williams
    WR: Harvin, Bowe, Britt, Amendola, L.Moore, Blackmon
    K: Hartley (stream)
    DEF: Dallas (stream)
    Notes: We can have 1 keeper. I kept McCoy (for my 2nd rounder) and can keep him thru next year (also for 2nd). Murray (3rd) and TRich (5th) could also be my keeper next season. Lastly, Available FA QBs include Ponder, Locker, Dalton, Fitzpatrick. I plan to drop a WR (likely Blackmon) for Ponder or Locker to cover my bye week.

    • Wow – sorry for the length of this post – won’t happen again!

    • Romo has had a rough start so far, but he is better than he has shown. He’s got a tough matchup this week but I think he’ll be ok. Due to the keeper value of your top RB’s, I wouldnt dish any of them for a QB unless the QB was a keeper in about the 10th round or later. You would be losing a lot of value giving those type of keepers up. I think your current plan of dumping Blackmon for Ponder or Locker is a good idea.

  • So, I need 1 Flex out of these guys: Leshoure, Ridley, Britt…thoughts? Feel like Britt may have a huge game soon, but not sure if he’s worth the gamble over Ridley or Leshoure.

  • 1 pt PPR. Hawkins, Amendola or Burleson as my WR2. My WR1 is Colston. I have Garçon on bench. Same league, need to start 2 out of Ridley, Morris or Martin for my RB2 and FLEX. My RB1 is Matthews. Thank You!

  • Need help finding a Defense that wont lose me points…Detroit, TB, Den, or Dal..week 4 and the future

    • Dallas for sure

  • ryan or flacco this week?

    • Matt Ryan

  • Hey, could you rank your top 4 this week for a standard scoring league out of: Steven Jackson (Sea), Willis McGahee (Oak), Jacquizz Rodgers (Car), Daryl Richardson (Sea), Randall Cobb (NO), Andrew Hawkins (@Jac). Thanks.

    • As of now, it would be SJax, Quizz, Hawkins, Cobb. If McGahee is ok to play, I would plug him in behind Quizz

    • or ahead of Quizz, either way, if he’s a go bump Cobb out

  • I’ve been working hard all week to trade Chris Johnson and I was just offered the following trade

    I give: CJ, Peyton Manning and Denarius Moore
    I get: Matt Forte and Philip Rivers

    I was a HUGE CJ fan coming into this year but after his awful start to the season I am very down on him and feel like the window to sell is only going to close more this weekend with a tough matchup against the Texans. Rivers has been up and down this season but I like the idea of using him and Luck in a QB rotation based on matchups. While I like Moore I think I’ll be OK with LaFell, Hankerson or Jerome Simpson as my WR3.

    Should I take this deal?

    • I think you should make that deal for sure, and I agree 100% with your reasoning…especially the fact that CJ has a terrible matchup this week. Go get it!

  • LaFell or J.Simpson off the waivers? Need to drop 1 defense, PITT? or NE? And Start Torrey, Morris, CJ2K, Floyd, Amendola, or Richardson at FLEX?

    • LaFell. NE. Richardson.

  • I’m starting MJD and Charles at RB and Julio at WR. My question is for WR2 and Flex. I have B Lloyd, Nicks, T Smith, Maclin, TRich, Leshoure and Pitta. Thanks.

    • You have got be 3-0, huh? That team is stacked. I would play Lloyd at WR2 and then I would probably play TRich at flex. Nicks is tempting but you’d have to wait until later this week to make sure he’s ok.

  • I have Ponder and Cutler at QB. My opponent has only Roethlisberger. I’ve also got the second WW priority, which doesn’t reset, and I know the team with the first is grabbing Williams.

    QBs Ponder, Fitzpatrick and Luck are available as is the AZ defense.

    So, with all that in mind, do you recommend I grab one of the QBs? If so, who? Or should I get the AZ D – I have Eagles? Or do nothing?

    • If it doesn’t reset, I would keep the waiver priority since you’ll have number 1 after this week. That will be useful down the road. Its a crapshoot anyway if you pickup Fitz and another WW QB does decently for your opponent.

  • Chet – WR help this week… I have Rudolph, F. Davis, and M. Williams. Should I start Rudolph at TE, and Davis at flex? Or Should I play Rudolph and Mike Williams at WR3? or should I drop Williams for Hankerson and play him at WR3?

    • Play Rudy at TE and then I would make the Williams for Hank swap

  • Sidney Rice or Burleson? Ppr

    • Burleson

  • T RICH , BJGE OR ALF? Need 2.

    • TRich, then BGE…he’s got a nice matchup

  • Why are the Rotoworld Season Pass Top 200 out of whack this week? Can you check into it and confirm whether or not they are currently accurate?

    • Sorry, I have no connection to their season pass work. I’d contact Chris Wesseling via email or Twitter.

  • Richardson or sproles? In another league, which two: abrown, ry will, murray? Thanks

    • Richardson…..and abrown/murray

  • I got spiller and Freddy jack. Need to upgrade from Phillip rivers. You recommend packaging spiller, freddy, and rivers to get A Rodgers or is that too much. I got R Mathews, foster, and Tate at Rb. Solid at WR to. Thanks.

    • I probably wouldn’t give quite that much, but I don’t think its too crazy. try to see if just Rivers and FJax will work.

  • R. Williams or Sproles in a ppr league?

    • Sproles

  • Also J simson avail

    • Thanks Marc. I would rank the top three of those Titus, Hankerson, and Avery. See how Simpson looks this weekend and he may also be worth a stab.

  • What up Jeff, appreciate the feedback. Need a wr, not necassarily for this weekend tho. T Young, M williams, DHB, D. Avery, Hankerson, hartline, blackmon, k wright avail. You guys are awesome

  • Ponder or Locker ROS?

    • Very close but I like Locker, personally

  • What kind of RB/WR value should i expect to get out of Steven Jackson? Or should i just hold onto him? PPR.

    • You are probably looking for something in the WR2 range at this point. Try buying low on Jennings/Jordy before this week, or maybe someone in the Austin/Lloyd range if a team is desperate for RB help. Start talks with those teams first.

  • I have julio, hakeem, and jordy as my recievers in a 12-team standard but my rbs are leshoure and tate with garbage back ups. What type of RB could I trade a hakeem or jordy for to get another decent rb2?

    • Check out the rosters of the teams in your league that have a stockpile of backs right now. I would start fishing around with those teams and see what Nicks can get you. Maybe a Martin type.

  • I have a question! Should I drop McCluster for either Hartline or Simpson? Or burleson? thanks

    • I have an answer! This one depends on whether you play on a host site that counts McCluster as an RB or not. If you are stashing him as an RB, that changes things. If he’s just a WR, I would take a shot on Simpson.

  • Must carry 2 QBs and 2TEs, would you trade Rivers, Spiller and either Pitta or Tony G for Eli, Alf and dinged Hernandez?

    • have Peyton, R.Rice, Forte, Martin…non-ppr

    • I think I would do it to get the upgrade at QB and the TE upgrade later. You’ll be ok at RB.

    • thanks!

  • Need 3 RB’s out of this group for wk 4 (PPR): Leshoure, Sproles, Morris, Martin, Tate, J Rodgers. Thanks!

    • Leshours, Sproles, and Martin

    • Sooo I need two RBs …. Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, Ryan Williams, Pierre Thomas and Daniel Thomas. Different League Murray, Leshoure or Andre Brown. Lastly, Mcgahee, Steven Jackson or Ben Tate.

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