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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 3 Staff Ranks

posted by Jeff

Getting ready to build on that 2-0 record? Looking to turn your season around after an 0-2 start? Then join Chet, Jeff, and Greg in The Fake Football’s Week 3 Staff Rankings! Remember, we’ve got another Thursday night game this week with NYG/CAR, so get those lineups set! As always, feel free to leave any lineup questions/comments/concerns in the comments section below. Enjoy!

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Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • My Recieving squad is banged up this week… Need 3 of these Torrey Smith, Desean Jackson, Austin Collie, Golden Tate and Denarius Moore

  • Who would you rather have ROS as backup QB: Fitzpatrick, Schaub, Cassel? Thx

  • PPR/6TD – Lance Moore or Dennis Pitta?

    • Pitta in PPR

    • If Colston doesn’t go I’d go with Moore though

  • Need three of the following for standard non ppr scoring
    Stevie Johnson
    Malcolm Floyd

    Am I crazy to bench Fitz this week?

    • Not crazy, but in standard I’d sit Danny.

  • 14 Team 1pt PPR
    Need help on a third WR

    G Jennings…..Injury plus monday night concerns me
    N Washington
    G Little
    A Collie


    • If you want to stay away from the risk of Jennings, go with Little. Collie is dicey, and Nate Washington isn’t a great play. Hopefully Little can build on his week 2.

  • 1pt PPR
    Need help on a third WR

    G Jennings…..Injury plus monday night concerns me
    N Washington
    G Little
    A Collie


  • I was offered Jerome Simpson for Alfred Morris, PPR.

    Long term value of Andrew Hawkins versus Donnie Avery, PPR.


    • The Simpson for Morris deal would depend on the structure of the rest of your roster, but I like Morris more and Avery as well.

  • Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson or Pierre Thomas?

    • If we’re talking this week, Chris Johnson with SJax banged up

  • Who would you trade Spiller for? I’m kind of on the fence about trading him. He has tremendous skills to but up alot of points but I worry about what happens when Jackson comes back. I offered Him and Rice for Mccoy seeing if an owner would bite. WHat do you think?

    • Sidney Rice, I’m assuming?

    • Yup, was gonna start low and see if he would bite. Was going to add torrey smith in my next offer if he declined

  • Flacco or Cutler? Michael Bush or Reggie Bush?

    • Go with Flacco and Mike

  • Pick 3 in a 1PPR League

    L McCoy/C Spiller/D Murray/M. Bush

    Good to have hard decisions like this one. ;)

    • ha yes it is! Go with the first three.

  • PPR choose two: Ridley, Kevin Smith and Daryl Richardson. Also, standard scoring Stevie Johnson or Brandon Lloyd assuming lloyd plays.

    • Ridley/Smith unless SJax is out, then Ridley/Richardson. Then go Lloyd

  • ppr flex spot. Would you go with either: Ben Tate -coach goes by feel = his touches. Or LeShoure -good matchup and already said to have ~15 touches.

    • I would go with Tate. He is more of a known commodity. Leshoure is a bit more risky this week until we see what his workload looks like.

  • still shopping for a flex. Revis back, PG out? so Ogletree, Hartline or Hankerson? non ppr drop Ogletree or Ballard for one of the other 2

    • Still probably Hartline of those, although the other two have decent matchups.

  • Last bench spot. Drop David Wilson now? pick up: Helu, K Hunter, Tubin, *D Richardson, A Robinson, L Hankerson, or B. Hartline? I also have S Jackson as RB3

    • If you’ve got SJax, I would drop Wilson for D. Richardson for sure

  • 12 team redraft non ppr. Gerhardt and Hillman dropped, either or both worth a grab? sitting on Ballard right now. we start 2RBs and a flex

    • Give Ballard another week or two

  • Fred Jackson was just put on waivers. Was thinking about picking him up, who should I drop out of Jacquizz Rodgers, Justin Blackmon, Devon Bess, Kevin Ogeltree

    • My starters are Larry Fitz, Bowe, Stevie Johnson, at RB I have Trent richardson, forte, ryan matthews, and peyton hillis

    • I would dump Bess for him

  • That depends on what your situation is at WR. If you are thin there and need WR help, obviously pick up Hartline. However, if you have the bench space to spare its not a horrible idea. Seattle would be a nice addition.

    • I have harvin, decker, m. williams, and s. rice. It;s .5 ppr too.

  • I am streaming defenses right now. Currently I have Arizona. Seattle and Detroit are both available. I have a bench player I am dropping as well this week. Would I be better off grabbing two of these 3 and alternating them, or just keep going one at a time and pick up Hartline instead?

  • A. Morris or Ridley in 0.5 PPR league?

    • Ridley

  • 1PPR
    Pick 2

    PercyHarven/Demarius Thomas/Antonio Brown

    • Harvin for sure, then Brown

  • trade leshoure fro eric decker?

    • Depends on the rest of your roster, but if you are set at RB and need WR help, I think that’s a solid deal.

  • My running backs are DMC and Martin. Guy offers me Ridley for Nicks. My appropriate counter would be: VJax, Lloyd, Denarius Moore, Austin Collie, or Kyle Rudolph. He’s hurting at WR btw.

    • Counter with VJax unless you want to low ball with a package of Moore/Collie/Rudolph but that probably won’t get you anywhere. VJax should get it done if he’s desperate.

  • Would you trade MJD and Romo for Aaron Rodgers, I have DMC and Trent Richardson as my other running backs.
    If i make the trade i would have to use Bolden or Moore as my flex instead of Richardson

    • I would keep Romo and the advantage you have at flex with MJD

  • Sup fellas…non-ppr sjax, lafell, or t smith?

    • Tough because LaFell plays tonight. I would wait until the weekend. If the news about SJax sounds good, play him. If he gets scratched on Sunday, sub in Smith.

  • Of these five running backs, which two would you start?
    1. Darren McFadden
    2. Doug Martin
    3. Michael Bush
    4. Marshawn Lynch
    5. Stevan Ridley

    • Doug Martin and Beeeeaaaaaaast Mode

  • Which three WRs should I choose to start from Brandon LaFell, Mike Wallace, Larry Fitzgerald, Jeremy Maclin, and Stevie Johnson? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • in a non-ppr league*

    • Doubt that Maclin plays so he’s out. I would play Wallace/Fitz/Stevie J.

  • Who would you rather have for the rest of the year? Kyle rudolph or dennis pitta? PPR league one point per reception.

    • Pitta. Looks like he’s gonna get way more action in the passing game.

  • start Laurent Robinson or Jon baldwin

    • Baldwin

  • thoughts on possible trade:

    receive: mjd, dez
    give up: charles, marshall, hillis

    also i think i could choose between fitz or dez to get. I have romo if that factors in to the decision. what do you think?

    • I think the deal is ok. MJD is safer than Charles, so I think the deal it works. Keep Dez in there.

  • DMC or Doug Martin? (non-ppr) Thanks!

    • Dougie!

  • drop Ryan Williams for Andrew Hawkins?

    • Depends on the structure of your roster, but if you are stacked at RB and need WR help, I don’t think its a terrible idea.

  • Should i trade Chris Johnson and DHB for Larry Fitzgareld? I have good depth so thats not a big problem.

    • Of both CJ and Fitz who are starting slow, I would consider Fitz much more likely to get things turned around. I think the deal is decent enough to pull the trigger.

  • How come the saints are not on the list?

    • Their D is on there, gotta scroll down a bit

  • Little dilemma. Need to pick 2 guys to start. .5 PPR. DWill vs NYG, DMartin vs. Dallas, D Brown vs JAX, DMC vs PIT, or Andre Brown vs CAR.

    Leaning towards Dougie and Andre. But D Brown entices me alot and it is real hard to bench DMC. HELP!!

    • Doug Martin for sure, then I would still ride with DMC but Andre Brown would be a close 2b

  • you guys have Chandler and cook right next to each other. Who gets the edge in PPR this week? I have to drop one for a kicker after I picked up both after losing AHern. Thanks!

    • I’d give Cook the edge.

  • I’m in a deep league where the RB waiver wire is looking bare. I have DMC & Doug Martin as my backs (both have a week 5 bye) and I’m looking at these jokers: Lamar Miller, Bilal Powell, Brinkley/Battle. Which two should I look at?

    • Miller and then I’d check out the SD pair

  • Should I start Percy Harvin or Roddy White in PPR League?

    Also Crabtree or Britt? Also in PPR league

    • Harvin and Crabtree

  • One more…..Rudolph or Finley this week? Been rolling Finley last couple weeks and wondering if its time to run Rudolph out there.

    • I would give Finley another run. Tough matchup for both.

  • sounds silly but should i start Amendola or Alf Morris over AP in my flex since AP draws SF this week? 1pt PPR League

    • Amendola is tempting for sure but stick with AP. if anyone can conquer the SF defense, its him.

  • I have Jacob tamme. I don’t want to play him. Pretty much no TE available besides Rudolph. Any sneaky options?

    • If those are your options, I would stick with Tamme. deeper than that….Gresham maybe?

  • I would do that deal. McCoy is the best player there, and Rice/McCoy/Martin would be awesome. Plus you avoid having the injured guys clog your bench for the next few weeks.

  • In a non-ppr league, my friend offered my Owen Daniels and Lesean McCoy FOR Alfred Morris, Freddy Jackson, Aaron Hernandez, and Randall Cobb.

    Should I take this? I have Pitta as a current backup to Hernandez.

    It would give me Rice, McCoy, and Martin as my top 3 backs. I already have Marshall, Lloyd, A. Brown ahead of Cobb.

    I’m not so sure that Morris won’t outscore McCoy for the rest of the year. Am I blinded by Morris’ success so far for my team?

  • Sit gates for M Bennett? Worried gates might screw me again with late scratch?

    • Apparently he was working well and looked good in practice today. It seems as if he should be ready to go on Sunday. I’d wait and play him but I wouldn’t think you’re nuts for playing Bennett to be safe.

  • Hey guys! If G.Jennings plays…
    Pick 2: Vjax, LaFell, G.Jennings. And if R.Matthews comes back this week, RB2 or Flex?

    • VJax and Jennings if he plays. Mathews is a RB2 if he’s back in action

    • Thanks Jeff.

  • In a non-PPR league, which one would you start as your third receiver?

    Ramses Barden @ Carolina
    Sidney Rice vs. Green Bay
    Kendall Wright vs Detroit

    Thanks Chet!

    • Rice

  • Two teams, two decisions at WR involving LaFell:
    1. LaFell or Torrey Smith? Standard scoring.
    2. LaFell or DeSean Jackson? .5 PPR

    • Very close with all three of those WR’s, but I would give Smith another shot, and with Maclin most likely sitting, go Jackson.

  • hey guys….

    i’m considering a trade where i give up eil manning for big ben and either ahmad bradshaw or frank gore…who would you go for? would you go for it…

    would probably leave me playing ben, flacco and cutler in QBBC…

    rest of my team is jordy, vjax, spiller, shady, jimmyG and desean/decker at flex (std scoring) so gore/ahmad would become my flex most weeks…

    worthwhile trade? thanx for any comments…

    • I think its ok. I wouldnt do the deal with Bradshaw included until we get some more specific information on the extent of his neck injury. Gore is a decent pickup, but you run the risk of them phasing Hunter in towards the end of the year like they did last season. I would wait and if Bradshaw looks like he will return soon, go with him in the deal over Gore. If not, do Gore if you feel like you want to make the deal.

    • thanx for your analysis Jeff – maybe I’ll wait a week to hear about Bradshaw
      might try to get desean for miles austin into the mix as well… :) this would be my third biggish trade this year

  • Love this site, gentlemen, thanks for helping everyone out. I think my team is the best in my PPR league. This week I’m starting Cam Newton, Shady McCoy, Spiller, Dwayne Bowe, Reggie Wayne, Martellus Bennett, and flexing Dez Bryant and Darren Sproles. My stacked bench includes Kyle Rudolph, Brandon Lloyd, S-Jax, and Pierre Garcon.

    I want to upgrade at TE. Do you think S-Jax, Pierre Garcon, and Bennett OR Rudolph for Gronk and Sidney Rice makes sense? I know having a bunch of starters on my bench doesn’t help, but on the other hand I can hold onto the high waiver wire position and I’m pretty injury-proof.

    Last year (1st time playing fantasy) I drafted Jamaal Charles #1 overall and took Rivers #2 and Felix Jones #3, so please don’t begrudge my kick-ass problem this year!

    • Thanks for the kind words. That teams looks great. I think the trade is a decent idea. It will leave you a little thinner at RB, but you still have Sproles in your flex spot who you can move around. I say give it a go.

  • .5 PPR league…..roll out McFadden, Julio Jones, Wayne, and Lloyd instead of Charles or C Johnson in the mix? Normally run with a RB in flex but strongly considering sitting both Charles and Johnson until SOMEONE shows life.

    • I like that idea. Sounds good to me.

  • Which 2 should i start this week of out Marcellus Bennett, Brent Celek, and Peyton Hillis???

    • Celek for sure, and then I would lean Bennett over Hillis. Ive got a feeling that KC is going to be waaaay behind once again and throwing most of the game.

  • How do you guys feel about Jerome Simpson after week 3?

    • I think he’s worth a pickup. That passing offense should improve some over the course of the year and its worth grabbing him to see how he fits in.

  • Hey fellas: Should I start Crabtree this week in place of either Decker or T. Smith? If so, who? Also, do I go with Schaub or Palmer for my QB2 this week?

    • I would stick with Decker/Smith and go with Schaub

  • Flex Question: Could you see starting any of the following over Reggie Wayne this week?

    LaFell, Britt, SJax, Finley, Benson, Leshoure?


    • I’d stick with Wayne.

  • In a standard league. H2H

    Start two out of these WRs
    Antonio Brown
    Stevie Johnson
    Dez Bryant
    Macolm Floyd

    For flex position
    Kevin Smith
    Shonn Greene


    • I’d go Dez, Stevie, and Kevin Smith.

  • Antonio Rrown for Alfred Morris? i get Brown

    • That’s a nice sell-high if you need WR help, but I like Alfred’s matchup this week.

  • Hey there.
    Have a slight dilemme btw my last WR and flex; pick 2 of the 4:
    Steve Jax, Desean Jax, Jamal Charles, B LLoyd
    Already starting:
    McCoy, Steve Smith, RG 3, Jimmy G, Spiller
    Appreciate it brotha !

    • If Charles plays Sunday, I’d start him and Lloyd. If Charles is out, go with D-Jax and Lloyd.

  • .5 ppr, need 2 WRs…Decker, S. Rice, M. Williams, or Hartline?

    • Decker and Rice

    • Decker & Williams.

  • Percy or Jordy?

    • I like Jordy, but it’s really close.

  • Hey Chet. Should I start Crabtree this week in place of either Decker or T. Smith? If so, who? Also, do I go with Schaub or Palmer for my QB2 this week? Thanks!

  • I was wondering if calvin for matt ryan and mcfadden is a good trade. My rbs are doug martin, j charles and k smith. My wr ‘s are lloyd, wayne, and calvin. My qb is flacco.

    • I don’t have any problem with the trade. You should be able to survive with your remaining WRs

  • At RB (Pick 1): morris (@cin) or peterson (@sf)
    At WR (Pick 1): A. Brown. D. Amendola E. Decker

    • AP and Brown

  • If Maclin is out, I have to start 1 of Britt, DHB, Mike Williams, Jon Baldwin. What say you?

    • Britt. Should play more this week.

  • Pick 2 mcfadden, charles, andre brown

    • DMC, Charles. Charles should come back around this week.

  • So, I feel weird saying this, but should I bench DMC this week? The move I would have to do is…
    1. Move Ridley up from flex to make RB2 (D Martin now RB1)
    2. Bring LaFell up to flex spot.
    Is that going to be the right move?

    • I would give DMC another shot, even though LaFell looks tempting this week.

  • Drop FDavis for Rudolf?
    Drop Ryan Williams for DRicharson/PThomas or DWilson?
    Drop Helu for Hunter or Turbin?

    • Davis: Close…I probably would
      Williams: Yes for Thomas if you are desperate for someone to play now. Yes for Richardson if you want another bench type.
      Helu: Yes for Hunter

  • Hey Im depleted at wr..amendola,lafell,avery n/a who are some viable options?

    Would you take the more proven player vs a bad matchup ex(mcfadden.tate) or lesser player with a better matchup (david wilson,leshoure,armon binns, adrew hawkins etc)? Thanx

    • I would take the proven player most times, but of course it depends on the situation. I would play DMC/Tate over those others. Im not sure about the WR question…are those your current wide receivers? Who is available on your wire?

  • I have been trying to trade CJ0K with no success. I even offered CJ0K, RG3, and Hillis for Ray Rice. Now I’m thinking about just keeping him in my bench and hope for future good games. My other RBs are Spiller, MJD, Charles, TRich and Hillis. I also have M Ryan, Julio, Nicks, Graham. Should I hold on to CJ0K?

    • Wow, your team is stacked. Nice work. It looks like you’re still set at RB for the time being, so I wouldn’t be in too big of a rush to dump him cheaply. I would do exactly what you said, hold him and hope for a turnaround. If that happens, then you may be able to trade him easier. No sense in selling low if you don’t need to quite yet.

  • Two spots….1 flex and 1 WR……have to choose from Lafell and garçon….and A.Brown and S.Jax….big problem considering I have Foster and R.Matthews so if I play Brown I can’t play both Lafell and garçon. What do I do.

    • Lafell at WR and A. Brown at your flex.

  • Am I stupid for thinking about starting Lafell over Ridley at the flex? My other WRs are Wallace and Julio. My other Rbs are Murray, Lynch and Tate.

    • I don’t think you’re stupid for thinking that, it’s not a horrible idea. I would stick with Ridley, however.

  • Since Nicks is out who would u go with,
    Lance Moore vs KC
    Bolden vs NE

    • Lance Moore. NO will come out firing this week.

  • Celek or Bennett?

    JCharles, Doug Martin or LaFell at flex? 1ppr

    • Celek and Dougie Martin

  • 1 PPR need to decide on starting two RBs from:

    Mathews vs Atl
    Martin vs Dal
    Sproles vs KC

    • I would play Martin, and then as long as everything goes alright with Mathews for the rest of the week in practice, Mathews.

  • Colston is looking a little banged up and hasn’t had a great 2 weeks. I need to either start Colston or take a shot with LaFell due to the matchup tomorrow night.

    • I would play Colston still. I think NO continues the trend of teams smashing on KC this week.

  • 1 PPR, Ship: Lloyd, Benson
    Receive: Cj spiller

    Should I do this? Will CJ keep his job?

    • I like that deal for you, but I’m much lower on Cedric Benson than my compatriots.

  • I’m in a 10 team .5 ppr that plays 3 Wr, 2 Rb and a Flex.
    I need to drop 1 of the following: Leshoure, Mendenhall, LaFell or Ben Tate
    I also have D. Thomas, A. Brown, Nelson, Harvin and at Wr and DMC, Ridley,TRich, and Morris at Rb.

    Which player should I drop?

    • Cutting LeShoure is reasonable with your other options at RB, but I’d cut Mendenhall. Considering that neither guy is likely to start over your top 3 RBs in most weeks, you’re better off stashing the healthy player with more upside and that’s LeShoure.

  • So what do you think about Jamal Charles? Will he be effective again this year or is he going down hill? Also Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd. What are your thoughts on them? The Patriots front office is controlling Welkers PT in my opinion. Does this ever change?


    • I think Charles will come back around. They were getting smoked last week and there was no need to push him with a sore knee, but he was much better week 1. Its hard to get a feel for that offense since they’ve been getting crushed both weeks, but he will be ok. As for NE, I think Lloyd will be a better option this season, as Edeleman will continue to hurt Welker’s PT.

  • Pick three from this bunch: J Charles, Law Firm, Doug Martin, M Bush.
    Which TE: Rudolph, Fleener, Chandler, H Miller.
    Andre Brown or Kevin Smith?
    And lastly…. Eric Decker or Ramses Barden?
    Thanks guys.

    • Charles/Martin/Bush

  • Andre Roberts also out there

  • AP against a stout SF defense, Alfred Morris against Cincy. Standard scoring.

    • Stick with AP even against the 9ers

  • hurting this week.Forte out , Nicks out, possibly JSTew out. need a flex…DHB, Hartline, Barden, Randle, Gibson, LRobinson, Tolbert, Kahlil Bell, Draughn, etc non ppr

    • Oh man, those are some brutal options. Go with Hartline. Got quite a bit of work last week and they don’t have many options.

    • Revis back, Hartline scares me. passed on Barden :( so Ogletree, Rudolph, Gibson, Hankerson/Robinson(GP out?), A Roberts

  • Hi; I traded Julio, Marshawn, Turbin & Santonio for McCoy, Fitz, Pierre Thomas & Cobb. Right move?

    • I think it’s ok. You’re improving at RB for sure. As Long as Fitz comes back around, which I think he will, you’ll be in decent shape there despite losing Julio.

  • @emceeperiod: I think you’ll be ok in the next week or two that Forte is out with Martin/Spiller. It sounds like Forte doesn’t have the high ankle version of the sprain, so he shouldn’t miss too much time after this week. I am not a big DeSean Jackson fan, and I think those current RBs will get you through. Once Forte is back, you’ll be set.

    @Principal Blackman: PPRA, huh? If it is that scoring system, I would go with Brown. Who knows how many Charles is in line for this week, and it seems like Brown should get a good work load on Thursday night. I see him as the most sure thing for touches and that should help in that format.

  • Need some help withy ridiculous scoring league. I’m at a bit of a loss as to who to play this week at RB. It’s PPR, also PP rush attempt. I am definitely starting Marshawn Lynch in one of my two RB slots. My RB2 options are Jamaal Charles, Andre Brown, Shonn Greene, and Ken Doll Hunter. Who is the play here?

  • First?

    Anyway, got Forte on a squad. Offered M. Bush and DeSean for AJ and R. Williams. Other RB and Flex are D. Martin and Spiller. If I make the trade, I obviously downgrade at WR from AJ to DeSean, but I’m 0-2 and M. Bush is playing STL this week. Is it too early to panic? Or is the downgrade at WR worth the points for the next couple weeks. Or will it even be a couple weeks? Do we know when Forte will be back? I mean I guess it could be next Sunday, but it could be longer. If I don’t make the trade, my RB 1 & 2 would be D. Martin and Spiller, with R. Cobb, M. Williams, Ogletree or Blackmon at Flex. With the trade obviously I’d have M. Bush at Flex, but DeSean instead of AJ for the rest of the season. What do you think? Thanks in advance.

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