FanDuel Bargains: Week 2 September 14, 2012  |  Jeff

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! Just in case week 1 slapped you with the cold hand of defeat, or injury, The Fake Football and FanDuel are here to give you another shot with The Fake Football’s Week 2 FanDuel Freeroll. For those of you that didn’t dabble in our week 1 freeroll, this bad boy is FREE and has a total payout of $250. All you have to do is CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP, and construct the best possible lineup under the $60k salary cap. That’s it!

Before we get into this week’s value picks, a big thank you goes out to all who participated in our week 1 FanDuel Freeroll, and congratulations to “dirtyjersey,” who took home the title and $100. I’m sure he/she will spend it on gym, tanning, and laundry.

Our week 1 picks had some success (Cutler, K. Smith, Ridley), so let’s see if we can unearth some gems as the NFL season turns two weeks old. Below are the best values in FanDuel that will lead teams to victories, and most importantly, huge stacks of dough.




Joe Flacco ($6,800)- After throwing for 299 yards and two scores in only three quarters, Flacco is the 19th most expensive quarterback, and costs less than Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton and Matt Schaub. Now, I’m not a numbers guy, but I don’t need to dig out my calculator to realize that this doesn’t add up. Flacco is a great buy if you’ve got your eye on some pricey RB/WR options, and will look to build on his success in Baltimore’s new high octane offense.

Robert Griffin III ($7,500)- We all know what RGIII did in week 1, and now for an encore, he gets the Rams in week 2. Griffin is the 12th highest priced QB, so grab him for some decent QB value and hope he has a repeat performance.




CJ Spiller ($6,600)- 194 total yards last week for Spiller, and now the starting job is unquestionably his. 18 running backs carry a higher FanDuel price tag than Spiller this week, and that is a crime. Let the new Buffalo starter be the foundation of your week 2 lineup.

Stevan Ridley ($5,900)- Ridley was 3rd in rushing yards in week 1, and is still 24th in price at running back. There won’t be too many more weeks where he will come this cheap, so saddle up with Ridley once again, as he faces Arizona at home. An RB duo of Ridley and Spiller for $12,500 is an awfully solid start, and will leave lots of budget space for a top tight end or that handsome quarterback in New England.

Alfred Morris ($5,500)- Playing a Redskin running back in a weekly cash game may seem like a risky proposition, but at the bargain basement price of $5,500, Morris doesn’t need to produce too much to justify his price. A nice matchup with St. Louis adds to his appeal.




Percy Harvin ($6,600)- Harvin had 5 rushing attempts in addition to 6 catches in week 1, and provides a nice security blanket for FanDuel lineups. Harvin is one of the few players that you can be certain will get touches, and faces an Indianapolis team that gave up a laundry list of great fantasy performances to Chicago last week. Percy is in for a big week.

Reggie Wayne ($6,300)- Wayne led the NFL in targets in week 1, and I expect quarterback Andrew Luck to lean on the veteran once again in week 2. 1st in targets among wide receivers, but 24th in FanDuel price? That, my amigos, is value. Throw him in your shopping cart and move along.

Brandon LaFell ($5,400)- LaFell only caught 3 passes in week 1, but he did score a touchdown. The Carolina/New Orleans matchup is very intriguing this week, as the Saints will come out ready to put their week 1 performance in the past and light up the scoreboard in Carolina. That only means more passing attempts for Cam and the Panthers, and LaFell is as cheap as they come in the FanDuel world.

Lance Moore ($5,800)- 10 targets, 120 yards and a score were all in Lance Moore’s week 1 stat line, making his $5,800 price look mighty tasty. The chances of Moore repeating looks good, as New Orleans will be eager to bounce back (see above). Make him the cheap third wheel in your wide receiver trio, and go spend your leftover money on Arian Foster.




Coby Fleener ($5,200)- Fleener was tied for 2nd in targets among tight ends in week 1. Perhaps some additional targets were gathered as the Colts attempted to chase down the Bears, but anything remotely in the ballpark of Fleener’s week 1 (6 rec/82 yards) will make him a nice tight end choice at only $5,200.

Jermaine Gresham ($4,900)- This price is just absurd. Now, the Bengal tight end only managed to scrape up 3 catches and 30 yards on Monday night, but he was targeted a healthy 8 times, which is plenty for a tight end. This week, Cincinnati gets the Browns, who are…um…not good. Gresham is a great buy at this price for the FanDuel lineups that beef up at running back and wide receiver.




As we discussed last week, keep your kicker selection to $5,000. Nate Kaeding (5 field goals in week 1) and Garrett Hartley (sweet offense) are among the 5k choices this week. The extra $500 you save from skipping David Akers is better spent elsewhere in your lineup.




Seattle Seahawks ($5,000)- The ‘Hawks defense always brings the heat at home, and they will be celebrating their 2012 home opener this week against the Cowboys. Not a spectacular matchup, but this pick is all about environment.

Cincinnati Bengals ($5,000)- The Bengals play the Browns at home this week. After watching Brandon Weeden in week 1, that should be all you need. No defense is cheaper, or has a better matchup (just close your eyes and ignore the 44 points they gave up on Monday).



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