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Week 2 Recap: Enter the Spiller Gold Mine

posted by Jeff

The second week of the 2012 NFL season is almost complete, and we are beginning to gain a clearer understanding of the roles and systems various players will be playing in this year. We are also getting a better picture of which draft picks we absolutely screwed up, and which picks will be spewing oil until Christmas. If you happened to slam your pick into the ground this summer and ended up with C.J. Spiller, you must look like Jed Clampett covered in bubblin’ crude.

The following batch of players had noteworthy performances in week two. Some were good, and some were Chris Johnson…


C.J. Spiller: Yes. He did it again. 8.2 yards per carry today while the Chiefs didn’t even ACT like they were trying to stop him. 170 total yards and two more scores for Spiller in week two, who looks downright amazing when he touches the ball. Fred Jackson is going to come back to a much smaller workload. Enjoy your rehab, Fred!

Reggie Bush: Reggie thought he was back at the coliseum today, as he turned in two tremendous touchdown runs on his way to 197 total yards. Bush will always be effective in PPR, but days like this remind us of how talented a runner he can be. This offense doesn’t have a many/any weapons, so expect Bush to keep getting tons of touches.

Alfred Morris: Alfie didn’t get into the endzone this week, but did look a bit quicker as he turned 16 carries into 89 yards against St. Louis. Morris looked less Turner-esque carrying the ball, but still won’t be involved in the passing game at all. The ‘Skins look like they are really focused on letting Morris lead the backfield charge at this point, as no other Washington backs are getting any attempts. Is his value peaking? Sell? Hold? We’ll wait for Asher to answer that later this week in Week 3’s Buy Low/Sell High…

Matthew Stafford: A second straight uninspiring effort from Stafford, as he was stifled by the 49ers defense. I wouldn’t be too worried about trying to get rid of Stafford right now. He turned it on late against the Rams and you’ve got to give him a pass for getting shut down by San Francisco. Better days will come, my friends.

Hakeem Nicks: Tales of Hakeem Nicks’ sore foot were greatly exaggerated, as we received one more lesson in injury report panic. Nicks has played with minor dents and dings in many games over his young career, and always delivers. 10 catches for 199 yards and a touchdown for Nicks today, as he and Victor Cruz battled for Giant receiver supremacy.

Trent Richardson: The prized Cleveland rookie got rolling today, scoring on the ground and through the air while racking up 145 total yards. Richardson looked great carrying the rock, as well as catching it, and looks like he can be comfortably started from here on out.

Cam Newton: Cam looked solid today, as he reminded us (along with the QB below) how greatly a quarterback’s running stats boost his fantasy value. 71 yards and a touchdown on the ground took this performance from Ponder territory to Cam town…you gotta love that.

Robert Griffin III: RG3 was great again, turning in a decent game through the air and killing it with his legs. For the sake of not irritating you, I won’t compare this rushing performance to that of your fantasy running backs, but you get the picture. This rookie does it all. If you drafted him late, trade your other quarterback and enjoy your season.

Danny Amendola: Juuuuust your standard 12 catches IN THE FIRST HALF for Amendola today. A final stat line of 15 grabs for 160 yards and a score tells you exactly how Bradford feels about his favorite wide out. Just wait until Valentine’s Day!

Eli Manning: As the Giants stormed back in a shootout against Tampa Bay, Eli stacked up a mountainous pile of passing yards. The 510 next to his name in the box score doesn’t even look right, the number is so big. Sanchez, Cutler, and Rodgers threw for a COMBINED 483 yards this week. Three touchdowns to go along with his 510 made a nice little Sunday afternoon for Eli, not to mention his wide receivers.

Ahmad Bradshaw: Bradshaw left the NYG/TB game early with a neck injury. The Giant’s have him scheduled for an MRI on Monday that should tell us more, but with a Thursday game looming, things do not look good for week 3 at the very least. Andre Brown, and not David Wilson, got the bulk of the work after Bradshaw departed…just like all Bradshaw handcuffers planned.

Steven Jackson: The Rams turned to Darly Richardson on Sunday after Jackson left the game with a groin injury. The severity of Jackson’s injury is unknown at this point, so if you own him, try to grab Richardson if possible and get ready to spend the next six days watching injury reports. How fun.

Dennis Pitta:  Flacco didn’t carry his week one mojo into week two, but Dennis Pitta sure did. Pitta saw 15 targets today (most among tight ends), giving him 24 in targets through two weeks. For those of you looking for help at tight end (Ahern folks, that’s you), Flacco seems to love throwing to Pitta, so snag him, pronto.

Martellus Bennett: The unicorn was at it again this week, snaring 5 of 10 targets for 72 yards and his 2nd touchdown. Eli won’t always be throwing for 2.7 million yards like he did today, but Bennett seems to be involved in the offense no matter what is happening.

Chris Johnson: Another clunker. You couldn’t even trade Johnson for Rick Mirer at this point, so you’re stuck with him. Fan-frackin’-tastic.


Jeff was the only 7th grader at Sumner Jr. High playing fantasy football in 1995. When he isn't on the diamond playing softball or on the couch watching NFL RedZone, you can catch him on Twitter @Jeff_Brubach.

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  • @john: yep

  • .5 PPR do you trade spiller for lynch harvin witten?

  • @Mike: Good question. I would probably just ride it out. I dont think the RB you would get in return right now, with Jacksons return looming, is worth losing the next few weeks of production from Spiller. I think Spiller will be playable after Jackson returns anyhow.

  • what RB would you attempt to get for Spiller, with Jackson’s return the well will surely run dry..or do you keep Spiller and hope for the worse in terms of Jackson’s return

  • @Mundo: Yes, Stafford will get things turned around.

  • Would you trade Eli away for Stafford ROS?

  • @y4rivera: I’d rather have Bennett. Better passing offense.

  • Who’s the better grab?

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