Dreaming of Streaming Week 12: Advice from Vegas November 22, 2013  |  C.D. Carter

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Blessed are the planners, for they will inherit fantasy football glory, however fleeting.

We’ve talked a lot in this space about why, exactly, it’s so important to plan ahead in our streaming defense strategy. Finding prime matchups two or three weeks in advance offers us an undeniable edge on the competition, who either flail for a plug-in defensive option on Sunday or roll out the same unit because they’ve mistaken their fake team for a real one.

The best fantasy football playoff defenses haven’t changed all that much over the past three weeks, but here’s a quick update. I’ve included only streaming options in this list. Once more, I’ve used the rotoViz Streaming D app to get a handle on the best statistical plays of Weeks 14-16.

Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
Raiders (vs. NYJ) Bills (at JAC) Browns (at NYJ)
Dolphins (at PIT) Bengals (at PIT) Lions (vs. NYG)
Chargers (vs. NYG) Colts (vs. HOU) Titans (at JAC)
Texans (at JAC) Patriots (at MIA) Cowboys (at WAS)


Week 12 over-unders

Let’s take a gander at what Vegas is screaming at us this week with its projected over-unders. Thursday night’s lackluster Falcons-Saints game — a projected barn burner — is a reminder that Thursday nighters often give upgrades, however small, to whichever defense is playing.

Game Over-Under
Buccaneers at Lions 49
Jaguars at Texans 43.5
Chargers at Chiefs 42
Steelers at Browns 40
Vikings at Packers 44
Bears at Rams 45.5
Jets at Ravens 39
Colts at Cardinals 45
Cowboys at Giants 45.5
Titans at Raiders 41.5
Broncos at Patriots 54
49ers at Washington 47


* Regarding the Patriots-Broncos game: Just no.

* That crazy low over-under in the Ravens-Jets matchup probably makes both defenses playable, though we know which one heads into Week 12 with what could be the highest fantasy floor of any defense in the league. Remember: Gang Green has melted down on the road, averaging 2.8 turnovers per road contest.

* That Giants-Cowboys over-under makes me a tad squeamish. I still say Dallas is a high-upside swing-for-the-fences play against the Eli Turnover Machine, but the Giants’ resurgent rushing attack could limit the Cowboys’ turnover upside. The Dallas defense is a shell without linebacker Sean Lee, who will miss at least another week with an injured hammy.

* I think the Bucs-Lions projection could and should serve as a warning for those pegging Detroit as a clear streaming option. Tampa’s offense has been proficient of late, especially in garbage time. Detroit’s fading defense is being gashed to the tune of 25.5 points per game.


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  1. Paper Lion says:

    12 team standard scoring
    What do you think about Cleveland?
    All but one team carries two defenses so the waiver wire is fairly thin.

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