Dreaming of Streaming: A 10-Week Plan October 10, 2013  |  C.D. Carter

Streamers of any position seem to be a planning lot, a bunch of degenerate Type-A personalities looking weeks — months, even — into the future, straining their squinted eyes for any edge on the competition.

The Twitter mentions are bursting with questions from veteran defensive streamers who know, based on their experience decimating the competition who rolls with the same defensive unit every week, that finding optimal streaming opportunities three or four weeks in advance could be the difference between a playoff berth and a Week 14 crying shower.

The good and wonky folks over at rotoViz have released a handy dandy app for those who stream their defenses. The Streaming D app, as it’s called, helps fantasy owners visualize a fantasy defense’s upcoming strength of schedule. The app quantifies the prospects of every NFL defense so we don’t have to rely on the eyeball test.

The streaming eyeball test usually starts and ends with a look at upcoming schedules and spotting a few moribund offenses. I prefer rotoViz’s take on the process.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most favorable rest of season schedules, or teams you’d do well to target. It helps to have lengthy fantasy benches, but not essential.

And a brief note on championship week streaming options: the Titans, who play Jacksonville twice in the season’s final seven weeks, get the Jags in Week 16. Consider stashing Tennessee — a legit top-10 defense — over the next few weeks. At worst, you’ll block streaming league mates from securing a title game edge.


Team Rank
Kansas City Chiefs  1
Seattle Seahawks  2
Miami Dolphins  3
Cleveland Browns  4
Oakland Raiders  5


*  There’s a decent chance the Chiefs’ defense is your fantasy MVP through five weeks. No one ever said this was a game of pure skill; luck has its immovable place in fantasy. They have a real chance of ending the year as fantasy’s No. 1 defense, which, of course, makes them undroppable. Kansas City plays Denver in Weeks 11 and 13; they’ll be bench-able, like any other defense against Peyton’s Perfect Machine.

*  It seems the Seattle defense is almost a lock to finish among the top-5 fantasy defenses. This certainly doesn’t justify their absurd early-sixth round average draft position, but know that it’ll embolden those who drafted them four rounds before any other defense left the board. Let them have their lovely little delusions — more money for you.

*  Cleveland’s presence on this list should seize our attention. They’ve allowed the eighth fewest passing yards and a measly two passing touchdowns through five weeks. The Browns get Pittsburgh twice, along with Jacksonville and the Jets in the final five weeks of the season, making them a premiere fantasy playoff unit. Staying ahead of the curve on Cleveland’s defense could be a huge boon for defensive streamers in 2013.


4 Responses

  1. Bill Brascky says:

    Tenn is a nice pick for week 10 and 16 facing the Jags.

    Week 16 Championship D = Titans.

  2. Eric Belair says:

    Great summation. I actually created an Excel Spreadsheet years ago to basically do this same analysis (before “streaming” was even a term) but everyone else doing it makes it so much easier for me. The only thing I don’t like is that most analysis of FP includes DST TDs, which are EXTREMELY unpredictable. I wish more people excluded TDs from the analysis.

    • C.D. Carter says:

      You’re right about the flukiness of defensive TDs, Eric. It’s all part of what makes predicting defensive performance so tough.

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