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Draft Video #3: 10-Team, 2-QB, 6-pt/Pass TD, 0.5-PPR

posted by gregsauce

Howdy, fake footballers, and welcome back to my series of fantasy football draft videos. This installment features a 10-team, 2-QB, 0.5-PPR mock draft on MyFantasyLeague.com and will have infinitely more video than Draft Video #2. Take my word for it — dividing by zero will bring you only pain.

Before you dive below, remember that you may need to set the quality on your YouTube player to “HD” to read what’s on the screen without Eric Dickerson’s goggles (Jheri curls while viewing are optional).

Part 1 (Rounds 1-4):

Part 2 (Rounds 5 & 6):

Part 3 (Rounds 7-10):

Part 4 (Rounds 11 & 12):

Thanks for watching!


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Greg Smith writes for TheFakeFootball.com and TheFakeBaseball.com.He can be found on Twitter @gregsauce.

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  • Awesome job, Greg! Was great to mock with you!

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