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Fantasy Football Defensive Matchup Statistics: Week 12

posted by Chet

Hello everyone. We’ve got to hunker down this Thanksgiving week and get our lineups set to optimal positions. The playoffs are at stake! So here are the stats for defenses against each position. As usual New Orleans is the team to start all your players against except your defense, but we can’t all be so lucky as to have all the players that make up the offensive juggernaut that is the San Francisco 49ers. Some of you may be out of it, but these are the stats that daily leaguers live by, so if you are FanDueling, have at it as well. Without further adieu:

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Chet has written for the N.Y. Times: Fifth Down Blog, Rotoworld, Fanduel Insider and Razzball. He is extremely/obsessively active on Twitter and likes cottage cheese.
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  • Justin Blackmon or Ronnie Hillman ? standard non-PPR

    Also..week 12 should I go with Carolina or st. Louis defense?

    • I like Hillman. Carolina

  • Please rank the following TE’s ROS in a 1 point PPR: V. Davis, O. Daniels, K. Rudolph, B. Celek, Dwayne Allen, Dallas Clark. Thanks again.

    • I’d go with the order you have them

  • I need to start 1 out of the following in a 1 point PPR: D. Alexander, D. Moore, T. Smith, J. Blackmon. Also, how would you rank them ROS? Thanks.

    • Smith — Smith, Moore, DX, Blackmon

    • Smith

  • Correction: (.5 PPR) I need 4 (at least 1 RB):
    Bryce Brown
    Cecil Shorts

    • Ballard, Brown, Alexander, Shorts

  • I need to start 4 (at least 1 RB):
    Bryce Brown
    Cecil Shorts

  • Need 3 (0.5 PPR): Charles, Ridley, Reece, Mathews, Bryce Brown, Leshoure

    • Charles, Reece, Ridley

  • As my flex (0.5 PPR): Fred Jackson, Dwyer, Maclin, Britt, or Edelman

    • Fred

  • Would you trade Cruz for Spiller straight up, non-PPR? Positional needs are unimportant.

    • I’d go with Spiller

  • I’d lean Cutler if he plays

  • Tough call, but I could see doing that. It looks like you could grab someone else if McFadden does come back.

  • Should I stock with heath miller who been killin me without big ben or play martellus bennet with the great matchup

    • Go with Bennett this week

  • This week: Kendall Wright (vs. JAC) or Jalen Parmele (vs. TEN), non-PPR?

    • Parmele

  • Chet- huge help this year! Thanks a ton for all your fantastic work!

    QB – Big Ben owner looking for help. Do I roster Henne, Locker, or Vick until Big Ben comes back?

    RB – Foster and Lynch Owner, already handcuffing Tate, do I drop Reece for Turbin?

    Def – I have Pats and SeaChickens. Feels like a waste of a roster spot to hold 2 but saved my Butt last week with pats D. Do I drop Pats or Seahawks or hold both given their schedules from here on out? Which one do I play this week?

    • No problem, hope it helped. Tough call there, but might lean Henne for at least this week. I’d hold Reece. I’d roll with the Pats and keep both if possible, but not to the detriment of your team.

  • Choose 3 to start: Nelson, Nicks, Wallace, M. Williians, Shorts.

    Should i drop 49rs to grab CAR ?! Good matchup for CAR and battle KC next week..

    Trade Wallace for D. Moore ?!

    Ridley or JC ROS ?!


    • Nelson, Nicks, Wallace, get Carolina, I could see making that trade, JC

  • Help with 2 WR and 1 WR/RB standard PPR league:

    two of: Dez Bryant, Andre Johnson, James Jones and Victor Cruz

    one of: anyone above, Charles, Reece, Bryce Brown, or Andre Brown

    also: do i drop james jones for d alexander, hilton, s rice, blackmon or even Kaepernick? (Newton is my only other QB)
    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Dez, AJ and Charles. I’d probably keep Jones, but if you feel like you don’t need him and want a backup QB I could see going with Kaep.

  • I’m thinking of starting Locker over Rivers/Cutler this week … your thoughts?

  • Bit of a spot, can only carry 3 RB, start 2, can flex 3rd. Have Forte/McCoy/McFadden. Two weeks reg season left 1st in division 7-4 two trailing me at 6-5. 12 team PPR league 4 make playoffs. Worth Dropping McFadden to add Reece? Hillman and Mendenhall are also available.

  • Alexander

  • d. amendola or d. alexander?

  • Drop 2 in PPR for waiver: TorreyS, DenariousM, or StevieJ? Which order would u drop?

    • Moore, Stevie, Torrey

  • Heath miller killing me without big ben should i play him or martellus bennet our pettigrew

    • I’d lean Pettigrew

  • d. amendola or d. alexander?

  • Pick up Ballard or Hillman?

    • Hillman

  • Henne or Kaep ROS?

    • Kaep if he plays

  • Getting restless waiting on Ryan Mathews, should I go after Jalen Parmele or Bryce Brown off WW to play this week? 12 tm ppr…and if Harvin sits, go with Britt, Maclin, or Steve Smith? Thanks in advance!

    • Steve Smith and I’m going to lean Mathews, but I feel your pain. I like Brown the best of the two pickups if you can’t stand playing Mathews again.

  • 60 minutes (Batch/Haden) or Sidney this week?

    • Yeah, that’s tough. If I trusted the Seahawks on the road more I’d probably go Rice. I’m going to lean Wallace reluctantly.

      • Broyles a distant third?

      • Yeah

  • sidney rice or gresham…PPR

    • Gresham

  • Rest of season value: maclin or Antonio brown? Unfortunately due to injuries have to drop one, other potential drop would be denario Alexander? But after the past 2 weeks he has become a better option than both of them.

    • I’d drop Maclin.

  • Bengals, Rams or Seahawks D for this week?

    Also, should I trade Gresham for Austin (Other TE: Hernandez, WRs: Shorts, Julio, Wallace, NIcks, D. Moore).


    • I like the Rams. Rolling with AHern the rest of the way may be risky with his health. I think it depends on where you are in the standings.

      • I know, that is way too risky, I need to have a good backup (Myers is available) I’m 7-4 (Tied on first).

      • If you can fit Myers in there as a backup, I’d do it.

      • I’ll, thanks Chet.

  • Trade BJGE and Welker for Spiller and Miles Austin?

    • Yeah

  • Pick two: Ridley, Mathews, Dez

    • Dez, Ridley

  • I’m struggling with who to go with this week. Need 2. Morris, Lynch, Reece, and Parmele. Non ppr. Thanks

    • All decent options. In non PPR I’d roll with Morris and Lynch

      • One more thing. I have 3 crappy QB situations. Do I go with Fitzgerald, Wallace, or Maclin?

      • Fitz

  • ALF or Spiller? Standard scoring.

    • Spiller

  • Is this thing on?

  • 12 Team PPR: Flex: James Jones, Alexander, Rudolph, Beanie & Garcon.

    • Jones

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