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Consensus Week 1 Rankings

posted by Chet

Welcome fake footballers to week one of the fake football season. We’ve all waited impatiently and now it is knocking on our door. The 2013 season will go exactly the opposite of the way we think it will, which is pretty awesome because good gravy it would be boring otherwise. Below you’ll see our Week 1 Rankings. I know mine are still in flux as I study the matchups so come back for more the closer we get to kickoff.

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  • Standard 0PPR, who do I start at Flex: Mike Williams or Zach Sudfeld? I have V-Jax at WR1, Gonzalez at TE1. Thanks!

    • I’m giving Sudfeld a TD for being a goliath. So in non ppr I’m leaning his way.

  • need help with my RB2 in PPR: McFadden, DWilly, ABradshaw, or Daryl Richardson? Thanks

    • Leaning DRich.

  • Need 2 (non PPR): Lacy, Givens, Hilton, Thompkins

    • I like Thompkins and Lacy

  • I’ve checked the QB Ranks I have Vick or Eli…I LIKE Vick BUT does Eli have a REAL shootout w/Cowboys??? Who would YOU start this week ? Thanx (as Always)

    • I’d probably go with Vic if it were my team. Eli’s safer, but i like Vick’s upside.

  • Hey guys. Having trouble with my Flex spot and TE decisions.
    Non-ppr. Pick one. Colston, Antonio Brown, Lamar Miller, D. Richardson, or Vereen. I have D. Thomas (already played him) and Larry Fitzgerald at WR and T. Richardson & McCoy at RB.
    And TE: Sudfeld, Cameron, or Bennett. Thanks. Love this site!

    • Hi Ed, Lots of good choices there. I like Brown and Richardson the most of those, but in non-PPR I would go with Richardson.

  • Coby Fleener or Dwayne Allen? PPR 0.5

    • Coin flip. Give Allen a shot.

  • non-ppr, start djax or lacy at flex?

    • I am excited to see what DJax does in that offense. Go with him while Lacy has a tough matchup.

  • Been offerend Dez for B. Marshall in a PPR – seems like a wash, but would you pull the trigger? Does that fact that Romo is my QB make a difference?

    • Take Dez fast.

  • No David Wlson love vs Cowboys banged up D line?

    • I’d say 12th among RBs is a fair amount of love. There are some serious names ahead of him.

  • Going to be greedy, sorry…

    League 1 (1 WR2)
    Danny Amendola @BUF
    Jordy Nelson @SF
    Kenbrell Thompkins @BUF

    League 2 (1 WR3, 1 Flex)
    Kenbrell Thompkins @BUF
    Eddie Lacy @SF
    T.Y. Hilton v Oak
    Chris Givens v Ari

    League 3 (2 WRs)
    Danny Amendola @BUF
    Hakeem Nicks @DAL
    Antonio Brown v TEN

    League 4 (1 Flex)
    Shane Vereen @BUF
    Jordy Nelson @SF

    • Sometimes you gotta get greedy in fantasy football!


      Thompkins, Lacy

      Amendoal, Brown


  • What up Chet! Here we go again! Q:12 team, 1 qb, 1qb flex league, have bradford as my qb3. Got Ivory and Bryce Brown on my bench, as well as blackmon and gordon. Drop any for T Pryor?

    • I hate to drop Blackmon, but i think in a 2QB league you have to take the risk. Pryor could easily implode, but his upside is better than Blackmon’s

      • Thank you sir!

  • Who should I start in my 2nd WR spot? Torrey Smith against a broken down Broncos secondary or Dwayne Bowe since Andy Reid will be pass happy and Jags secondary is lacking??

    • I like both quite a bit. I’m going with Bowe based on volume of targets I expect for him. Smith could easily hit a couple big TDs, but he’s a little riskier without as many targets.

  • better bench stash right now? Wheaton or Harvin? Should we trust Harvin and his week 7 tweet? I have the bench spots to afford it

    • current WR roster consists of Bryant, Colston, Gordon, Thompkins and Patton so Wheaton is no more than a stash/trade bait if he gets consistent playing time in PIT.

      • I’d rather have Wheaton. Don’t trust that harvin will be back that fast.

  • PPR -Shorts or Vereen for my flex?

    • Close, but I’m all in on Vereen

  • Someone dropped Josh Gordon to the waiver wire…easy choice to blow top waiver claim on?

    • Yep

  • Dynasty .5 PPr Trade: I was offered RG3 & fDavis for RyMat & Unicorn. Already have Kap, RegBush, Lacy & LeVeon. Would you do it?

    • I would. I like the upside of those two.

  • Vereen or Givens in a PPR flex spot?

    • I like Vereen

  • Montee Ball, Pierre Thomas, or Alshon Jeffery for Flex? I’m really starting to get worried about Montee’s touches.

    • Yeah, he’s scary but so are PT and Jeffery. I’d say it’s between Ball and Jeffery. I think Jeffery is a little safer while Ball has more upside.

  • and…
    McFadden or Miller @ RB2?

  • Week 1 flex: start Decker, Mathews, or Mendenhall?

    • Non ppr

    • I’m leaning Decker

  • Lacy or Vereen @ flex, std scoring?

  • First time playing with a flex. Who do you like between: Lacy, Wallace, and Thompkins? btw it’s a ppr league.

    • Tough call. Lacy is a little safer because we know he’ll get carries, but in PPR I’d take the risk on the rookie Thompkins.

  • Chat – thanks for the rankings. Sproles or Decker for flex in 1pt PPR?

    • I’d go Sproles there.

  • @Chet: PPR, who do you like for my flex?

    matthews vs hou
    hilton vs oak
    thompkins @ buf
    s johnson vs ne

    thanks and good luck this season.

    • I’d lean Thompkins.

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