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Fantasy Football Rankings: Chet’s Week 1 Ranks

posted by Chet

Check out my week one rankings just below this area where the sentences are. I’ll be updating this as news comes in so check back at least every 5 minutes.

Oh and make sure you join us in our Free Week 1 FanDuel League. A good time will be had by all! (the winners).

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  • Ingram or D. Wilson. PPR.

  • Bowe vs James jones

    • Bowe in PPR, Jones in Non

  • Chet! I need your opinion on who to start at my flex position in week 2 in my 12 team league. R. Cobb, E. Decker, M. Bush, or J. Stewart? It’s a PPR league and I have a good feeling about Stewart considering Car had less than 10 yards last week. Do you think any of the others will have a better game than him?

    • Tough call but I think we get a shoot out in atl. I’m leaning decker.

  • Hey Chet,
    1pt PPR – need to choose 2 WRs from this group:
    – Lance Moore (@ Car)
    – Cobb (vs Chi but looks like Jennings is out)
    – Bowe (@Buf)
    (also have Blackmon and Britt but don’t trust them)

    • Cobb and Bowe

  • Looking to start Ridley, Morris, or Richardson in PPR. I dont have confidence in any of them as Ridley will get his garbage yards if the Pats are up. Morris, we all dont know much about him and that whole Washington RB situation is always scary. Richardson’s knee and his debut in week 1 scared me. HELP?

    • I’d lean Ridley but they are all pretty close.

  • In a ppr league I was offered d.murray, mendenhall, a.hernandez for gates, jennings and m.ingram. Is that a good trade for me?

    • Yep.

  • Brees/Cutler Murray/Ridley/TRich/Wilson/Vereen Nicks/Green/LLoyd/Cobb/Jeffrey Witten do I handcuff Felix and if so who do I drop?

    • I would stick with what you have.

  • Rank Cobb, collie, amendola, lafell for full year in ppr. Thx

    • Cobb, lafell, collie, Danny

  • Need 2 RB’s for my PPR league this week: Charles, Sproles, Bradshaw. Who do I sit? Thanks!

    • I’d sit Bradshaw

  • Which one for a BN spot for the rest of the year

    David Wilson or Jonathan Dwyer regular league

    • Wilson

  • Which other RB:s would you trade Chris Johnson for right now? Feel like I need to unload him before he puts up another stinker. (And another…and another…)

    And what do you think about Alfred Morris, hold on or sell high rightaway?

  • Hey, I’m in a bind and need some outside input. Need to fill my 2 WR spots & RB/WR/TE spot with: Cruz, D Jackson, R. Cobb, L. Moore, or Kevin Smith. Also, Greg Olsen and Jared Cook. Which TE do you like better? thanks!

    • I’ll need to look over the matchups a little closer first.

  • Does anyone else like to Start a Kicker and RB for the same team as their Stud QB, I find myself sacrificing to pick up Stafford’s supporting cast, even when they are not the best option. Hedging my bets.

  • How many were over zealous on David Wilson? I am always a sucker for the hot young speedsters. Good thing Kevin Smith and Ridley carried my fumble punished young stud.

    Though I didn’t see Bradshaw or Cruz get benched for fumbles or dropped/tipped passes.

    • Hold on to Wilson. Bradshaw didn’t look too good.

  • 12 PPR, currently have Jonathan Dwyer, Benie Wells & Brandon Lafell at Flex, would you use your #3 Waiver on Ogletree?

    • I’d let someone else use it, see who they drop and move up in priority.

  • Hi Doc, 10-team league. .5ppr. This is my lineup:

    QB – Cam Newton
    TE – Aaron Hernandez
    WR – Megatron,Maclin,Amendola,S.Rice,T.Young
    RB – Trent Richardson, D.Martin, Kevin Smith, David Wilson, Ryan Williams, Peyton Hillis

    Little concerned with my teams start and Was offered M.Colston for T.Richardson.

    I have mixed thoughts. T-Rich has huge upside but is a rookie on a terrible team and has injury concerns. Colston is very solid, lots of targets, he doesnt have the same upside, but again, he’s real solid.

    Would you hold/decline/accept AND WHY?


    • also start a flex

    • I’d hold. I still like trich and there’s no reason to give up on him yet.

  • Hey Chet, thanks for the earlier advice.

    How about tonight? Floyd or Torrey Smith?

  • You like this trade for a ppr league

    I get Steven Jackson & Pierre Garcon

    I give Maclin & Benie Wells

    • Close, but yeah

  • R. Williams, MJD, R. Jennings, Gerhart, Ben Tate, Spiller, or Torrey Smith? in a ppr league*

  • R. Williams, MJD, R. Jennings, Gerhart, Ben Tate, Spiller, or Torrey Smith?

  • I have T. Smith and J. Maclin available for a flex spot. Which one?

  • I have martin, k.smith, arian, and tate. With foster hurt, what three should I start? Should I play foster anyway.

  • Flex spot, T. Smith, A. Hernandez or R. Brown?

  • Non-ppr, C.Benson or P.Garcon in flex spot?

  • Where do you have K. Smith now that his ankle is healed up?

    Also, the FLEX rankings tab is empty.

  • PPR Flex; Spiller, M Bush, or Collie? thanks

    • Spiller

  • Hey Chet, You seem pretty down on Young compared to most. Are you worried about a lack of targets? Would you drop Young (or Locker my QB2) for Collie off the wire (for WR4 in 3WR PPR) or wait to see Austin play first?

  • In a dynasty league do you think trading Hunter for Michael Bush is worth it?

  • Would you drop royster for alfred morris? I think morris has more potential to go off

  • Thank you. Quick one, I want to offer Mcgahee and Martin for Matthews. If Martin lights up Carolina this weekend, then only gonna offer him. Yay or nay.

    • Id keep Martin.

  • I understand these are mainly start/sit questions, but I have a trade question. Got offered Maclin and S. Holmes for RG3. Would be dropping K. Britt and L. Moore on my bench, with Austin in my WR2 spot. Brady is my QB. This isn’t worth it right?

    (Let me know if I should post trade questions elsewhere or not at all. Thanks.)

    • I’d hold RG 3.

  • Hey, Standard league, start 1 RB & 1 Flex: Ridley, Gerhart, Donald Brown, Blackmon, HeywardBey?

    • Ridley and Blackmon if he is healthy.

  • In 2 leagues and need to pick my flex:

    League 1 (PPR): R. Jennings/R. Wayne/W. McGahee/K. Wright

    League 2: P. Harvin/P. Hillis/R. Jennings/R. Wayne

    Right now I’m leaning towards Jennings in Leauge 1 and strongly leaning towards Harvin in League 2. Agree??

    I’ll be back each week probably with more questions of the same.

    • Agreed.

  • Wats good chet, Oggletree or Jean Lester for PPR 12 team?

    • Ogletree

  • Chet, talk me off the ledge…assuming Collie is/stays healthy, I’d be a fool to drop him for Ogletree, right???

    • Hold onto Collie.

    • [slowly inches back in through the window]

  • do you start lynch this week? i got lynch, f jackson sproles at flex, do i sub lynch and add torrey smith at flex instead or go with lynch? thanks chet

    • go with Smith if you have to choose tonight

  • So it’s a no-brainer to drop Knowshon Moreno for Vick Ballard, right?

    • yeah

  • I have Fred Davis and Greg Olsen. Coin flip?

    • Pretty much. I like Olsen.

  • Hey Chet, I believe you accidentally skipped over my question a few posts up. Thanks!

  • Non-PPR – Steve Smith or Justin Blackmon for WR2? I drafted Steve Smith as my WR2 but keep getting enticed to start Blackmon over him this week because of Steve’s foot issues.

  • Hey Chet. Sproles or Bradshaw for RB2 this week? PPR league. Both have question marks: Saints have crazy amount of targets and Sproles is just back from injury. Giants’s backup Wilson scares me and makes me think he’ll steal carries away. What do you think? Thanks!

    • I like Sproles.

  • Romo or cutler/k smith or turbin if he starts?

    • Romo/smith

  • I have the Giants defense but really don’t like the week 1 matchup against the Cowboys. Buffalo (@ NYJ) is available on waivers, should I drop Greg Little, Jacquizz Rodgers, Roy Helu, or even the Giants for Buffalo?

    • I’d drop little.

  • Hey Chet – Rashad Jennings or Torrey Smith at Flex in a 12-team standard league.

    • T Smith

  • Hey Chet. 2 Leagues. In one Shonn Greene or Reggie Bush no PPR. In the other 1 PPR Shonn Greene or Toby Gerhart

    • Bush and Greene

  • Hey Chet – trust your rankings more than most. Big thanks for doin’ what you do!

    2 questions for ya today in my 12 team .5/PPR league.

    RB- I have Lynch. Need someone to pair with Foster. Do I continue to watch Lynch and start him if he goes? But he has a later game than my 3 benched backs, Donald Brown, Pierre Thomas, or CJ Spiller. Or should I start one of them over Lynch?

    TE- I have Fred Davis but could get Kyle Rudolphif I drop CJ Spiller. Do I keep Davis, pick up Rudolph too, at the cost of Spiller? Or Drop Davis for Rudolph?or stop over thinking things and stick with Davis for week 1 and beyond?

    Thanks again!

    • I’d probably lean Brown, but wait until Sunday to make the final decision.

      I’d hold off on dropping either.

  • Would you burn the #1 waiver pick before Week 1 to grab Helu now? I’ve got DMC, SJax, K. Smith, R. Williams, and K. Hunter in a 12 team 0.25PPR league. I’d love to hold onto the pick and use it later (maybe on a QB…I’m starting Locker), but I feel like this might be too good to pass up preseason.

    If you think I should grab Helu, should I drop Hunter, Williams, LaFell, or Little?

    • I would wait on using the #1 pick. Something could happen this weekend to really open up something.

  • I was offered harvin, dwyer for ingram and little. Would that be a good trade for me?

    • I like Harvin a lot, so I would do it

  • Better flex play, 0.5 ppr, Spiller or Santana Moss? Thanks Doc.

    • Moss

  • Would you drop Kendall Hunter or Taiwan Jones for Robert Turbin right now?

    • Or pickup Donald Brown…

      • I could see going Brown over all of them

    • I’d drop Jones for him

  • PPR league +5 pt bonus if the WR goes over 100 yds. i gotta start 3: S.Smith(CAR), Decker, Blackmon, Kendall Wright, Collie, Sidney Rice.

    • Smith, Rice, Blackmon

  • Who to start at the flex position? 12 team standard no PPR.

    Ridley, B. Tate, T. Young, or K. Wright. I’m leaning towards Ridley but I have a feeling Houston is going to crush the fins leaving the door open for Tate.

    • I’d lean Ridley.

  • So I have Kevin Smith, Stevan Ridley and Nate washington and an open Rb position and Flex Position. Your Thoughts?

    • I like all of them fairly equally. I’d probably go with the RBs though.

    • Would lean Smith for upside.

  • To many teams, all starting to jumble together in my mind. Got to get organized better. My bag. I’ll try to keep my teams in check. Sorry about that. Thanks

  • My roster locks at kickoff tomorrow night. I can start Lynch and if he doesn’t play I can have a backup kick in. Would you start Lynch and back him up with Maclin (or Dwyer?) or would you just sit him entirely and start Maclin (or Dwyer) and play other backups?

    • I’d go with Maclin. Not sure exactly how that backup system works for you, so I can’t really say which way to go there.

  • Have R. Williams, R.Wilson, R,. Wayne on bench, should I drop any of them to pick up M. Leshoure? Thanks also for all your fantasy goodness…

    • I’d probably hold for now. Williams is tempting though.

  • PPR WR question -Start 2 of the following 3:

    Miles Austin, Demaryius Thomas, Torrey Smith (already starting Marshall and I can start 3 WR’s.

    Also, in a different league; 1.5 PPR, you can creatively start up to 3 TE’s (RB/WR/TE, WR/TE, & TE). I have Kyle Rudolph on my bench and was thinking of starting him for Stevie Johnson (#Revisisland), Malcolm Floyd, or Stevan Ridley. My current starting lineup in this crazy league is:

    QB Matt Ryan
    RB Doug Martin
    RB Darren Sproles
    RB/WR Malcolm Floyd
    WR Brandon Marshall
    WR AJ Green
    WR/TE Stevie Johnson
    TE Jimmie Graham
    FLEX Stefan Ridley

    • Smith, Austin
      I’d probably stick with your lineup.

  • RB’s- McFadden, Lynch, Wells, K Hunter, Dwyer, Ballard, Taiwan Jones (handcuff for DMAC)
    I really like Hunter but should I offer him to the Gore owner for Turbin or wait and see how this all plays out?

  • As a lynch owner, he has me worried. Grab turbin and drop jacquizz? Non-ppr

    • Yeah, I think you have to.

  • Y collie over dem. Thomas. I’m more worried about him not finishing the game because of his concussions. I do like him but he worries me. But if I was worried about injury, i wouldn’t have drafted Vick as my qb1. I’m all in.

    • Thomas wasn’t on your list to choose from.

  • Drop Dwyer for Turbin? Mendy had a practice today.

    • Yeah, I probably would. Revolving door.

  • TRADE: R. Jennings/K. Smith for S. Rice/D. Wilson .5PPR? Which side and how close is it?

    • It’s fair. I’d lean the Wilson side, but it’s close.

  • Sorry about that. I have one more for you. Ppr I need 1rb and 2 flex (wr/rb). Mcgahee, ingram, spiller, blackmon, little, collie. No misprint this time

    • Mcgahee, Blackmon, Collie

  • 1 wr and 1 flex

  • Cook vs pats or olsen vs bucs in a ppr?

    • Leaning Olsen, but it’s close.

  • Non ppr. Need flex(wr/rb) and 2wrs. K.smith, tor. Smith, dem. Thomas, ben tate, n.washington. Collie

    • I’d go with your first three there.

    • Thought you said Flex and 2 WRs. Just 2, I’d go with the 2 Smiths.

  • 12 team PPR. J. Cook or Rudolph? R. jennings or Trich as my flex?

    • I like Rudolph’s matchups. I’d lean Jenning right now, but if news continues to be good for TRich I could see switching.

  • Marshawn Lynch injury has me worried and I couldn’t get Turbin. I’m in a deep 14 team league and don’t know what to do. I need to fill my RB2 and flex RB/WR/TE with Lynch, K. Smith, F. Jones, Ryan Williams, R. Cobb, L. Moore, E. Royal, or Jared Cook

    • If Lynch can’t go I’d play Smith (who I like there) and then Flex Moore.

  • 1 WR 1RB/WR. PPR and Return Yards
    Danny Amendola
    Trent Richardson
    CJ. Spiller
    Cedric Benson
    Evan Royster

    I am leaning Amendola and Richardson. I dont trust Benson yet, especially against the 49ers

    • Still a little early to call Richardson, but he’s of course a start if he looks like he’ll play a lot. And as long as Amendola is returning punts, I agree.

  • 1.5 ppr: Mike Williams(TB), LaFell or Greg Little

    • leaning Williams

    • Thanks a lot

  • Ronnie, right? Not Donald? Since it’s not a week 1 start, wasn’t sure if you liked Lynch’s long-term health vs Mathews. Like Turbin’s upside (whatever that means) a lot more.

    • yeah. I just like Turbins upside more than Brown’s.

  • Drop any of these RBs for Turbin? D.Brown, R.Brown, M.Ingram, R.Bush. Starting J.Charles, L.McCoy and prob R.Jennings. Just a bench spot.

    • I’d drop Brown

  • R.Wayne in my lineup at flex in a ppr league with bonus points at 100 yds. Replace Wayne(v.bears) with benson(v.packers),alf(v.NO), or k.wright(v.pats)? Thanks

    • I’d stick with Wayne.

  • 3rd RB week one PPR, J Charles or D Martin?

    • I’m leaning Martin.

  • 12 team non-ppr:

    WRs: AJ Green, Colston, Bryant, Bowe
    RBs: C.Johnson, Charles, Bradshaw, Gore, Turbin

    need 3 WR, 2 RB, 2 flex

    sit who?

    • I’d most likely sit Gore and Turbin unless we have rock solid info that Lynch is out, and then I’d play Turbin for Bradshaw.

  • 12 team ppr and was offered this trade today:
    Lynch (mine) for Maclin (his)
    My other RB’s:
    My other WR’s:
    A. Brown/Titus/Blackmon/Wright/Collie/S. Moss

    You and I debated Maclin and Brown on Twitter recently and I said Brown, now I can have both, what are your thoughts?

    • Also, I need to drop someone for a Kicker (ludicrous I know) who do you think goes?

      • Probably Moss

    • I wouldn’t. It’s too early to sell low on Lynch and your running backs are already weak.

  • R. Jennings/K. Smith for S. Rice/D. Wilson .5PPR? Which side and how close is it?

  • Trade Dez Bryant to get Trent Richardson?

    • It’s good as long as it fits your team.

  • Would you drop gresham for kyle Rudolph or greg olsen? Tony Gonzalez is my TE1 and I’m looking for upside.

    • Yeah, I’d drop him for Rudolph.

  • Need a fill in flex while I await MJD’s return. Nate Washington or Ronnie Brown?

    • Ronald Brown

  • (Standard) RB2: P. Thomas or Hillis?
    W/R: S. Holmes, L. Robinson, Boldin, or whoever doesn’t make my RB2 cut?

    • I’d start PT and Hillis

    • Thanks Chet.

  • Drop Benson for Turbin…two man bench…td only league. Have DMC and Hillis as my starters.

    • Hmm, he’s probably short term, but there is that chance that Lynch’s problem is bad. I would.

  • Doug martin, Trent Richardson and Brandon Lloyd, which two do I start???

    • Unless word is rock solid that TRich gets a full workload, I’d sit him.

  • 10-team PPR, 6pts for passing TD’s. I am weak at RB, with Bradshaw and Hillis as my starters. Been offered Cutler/Doug Martin/Ridley for Vick/Bradshaw. I have Rodgers at QB so I’m set there. What do you think?

    • I’d do it

  • start two in ppr: L. Moore, Ma. Floyd, S. Rice or DHB?

    • DHB and Floyd

  • Thoughts on Hakeem Nicks’ foot, and whether I should start Antonio Brown over him this week. Thanks

    • Tough call. I could see playing it safe with Brown.

  • Sorry chet, again in a ppr league again in the trade question

  • Just was proposed a trade, DeAngelo Williams and David Wilson for CJ Spiller and either (Turbin or Dwyer). Whatchya think??

    • I’d probably lean to the Wilson side.

  • POP quiz hotshot, with the recent news of Lynch’s back… R. Wayne or Turbin as my flex in ppr??

    • Turbin

  • Better PPR Flex Play: Torrey Smith or A. Bradshaw?

    • going to lean Bradshaw. Close though.

  • Sorry that TE flex question is a PPR league!!

  • Ok have to start a te and a flex. T.E.’s: Pettigrew, Randolph, FLEX: Wayne, CJ Spiller, Ingram, or Devone Bess

    • Pettigrew and Wayne

  • Would you drop Henery for Greg the Leg in a league with 30-39 (4) 40-49 (5) and 50+ (6) ?

    • I’d play matchups. I like Greg this week.

  • Big Ben or RG3?? 6 pts for pass TD
    Blackmon or Kendall Wright? PPR
    BJGE or Dwyer??

    • Tough call. Ben is safer, but RG3 has more upside against the Saints. I’d lean RG3.

    • Blackmon, BJGE

  • Yo Chet, rather have Kendall Hunter or Jonathon Dwyer sitting on your bench? Was feeling good about Dwyer until I heard about the new on Mendenhall being back at practice.

    • Well, it’s a bit of a fluid situation with Mendenhall ahead of schedule. I’d probably lean Hunter.

  • Would it be difficult to add a W/R/T flex column for your rankings Chet? Thanks!

    • I’ll look into it

  • I am in a .5 PPR league and was offered Jimmy Graham for Jamaal Charles and Jermichael Finley. I have D. Martin to move into Charles’ starting spot and good depth behind him. Should I do this trade?

    • I wouldn’t

  • How much out of $100 FAAB would you spend on Mendenhall? I have McCoy, McFadden, Mathews, K. Smith in a 12 teamer. (I know, stacked). I was thinking $1, if I miss I can grab leshoure, royster, or collie for $0.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t go much higher.

  • Hey Chet, I’ve got Rudolph and Celek. Can you convince me to go Rudolph?

    • Dunno, but that’s what I’d do. More upside as the #2 receiver with Simpson out.

  • Hey Chet…I don’t see New Orleans DEF on your rankings. Would you start them this week over Minnesota in a return yards league? (1pt/20yds, 6pts/TD).

    • I can’t recommend the Saints D even with Sproles there. Return TDs are too rare. I’d go Minny

  • Just got Pettigrew for Rashad Jennings from MJD owner in my league would you go with Pettigrew or Jared Cook in the TE spot

    • Pettigrew

  • PPR standard TD scoring:
    What lineup would you go with

    WR’s: Steve Smith (Car), Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Reggie Wayne, Danny Amendola, DHB

    RB’s: Arian Foster, Demarco Murray, Reggie Bush, Issac Redman, Rashad Jennings


    • Foster, Murray, Jones, Bryant, Smith

  • PPr Flex: Mike Williams, Kendall Hunter or David Wilson? thx :)

    • Williams for safety, Wilson for home run capability

  • Def:

    In a leage where guys are wasting waiver picks every week on Defenses and I’m not wasting a pick on a defense:

    Do I go with Baltimore (who i feel isn’t the old shut down def anymore), or Dallas (who i feel has more of a total package with a good DE to compliment DWare and great LBs and Playmaker Corners)

    • I’d roll with Baltimore. I think their run offense helps keep their D rested.

  • Standard + Return Yards (1pt/20yds, 6pts/TD), 12-team:

    Pick one to use at Flex…Ridley, Celek, Collie, Wayne, or Benson? Also, would you dump any of those guys at this point to add Leshoure or Dwyer? I’m thinking not, but wanted to get second opinion. Thanks for all you do!

    • I’d lean Ridley and I’d hold probably.

  • Glad to have found you are writing here, wished I would have prior to my drafts this year…
    In a 12-team ppr that starts 2RB, 3WR i have Matthews as RB2 behind Ray Rice..Should I drop anyone for Ronnie Brown this week? Options are Issac Redman, J Stewart, Amendola, Meachem, Malcom Floyd, Fred Davis. Otherwise Im stuck w/ starting Redman

    • That is a tough one no doubt. I’m not sold on Meachem, so I think I would lean that way.

  • Flex question for non-ppr:
    Rashad Jennings, Kyle Rudolph, VJax or Dez Bryant? Also, would you trade Hakeem Nicks for Tony Romo? I’d be getting Romo and my only QB is Locker (I also have Julio Jones, Collie and Lloyd at WR).

    • I feel good about Bryant. Tough call on Romo. He would help you for sure, but would hate to have to rely on Collie playing 16 games. I’d lean no, but keep working for a QB.

  • Dear Chet-

    NON-PPR league. With Britt and J. Simpson’s suspensions compromising my WR/Flex depth, who should I flex of the following:

    Helu @ NO, D. Wilson v. DAL, or K. Hunter @GB


    • I’d lean Wilson for his big play ability. Was thinking Helu if we knew he’d be the passing down back in a game where they will pass a lot, but it’s so hard to tell with Shanny.

  • PPR Flex:
    M Bush, Peterson, Gerhart, Decker, Wayne?

    Also, big thanks for all the great info. Your rankings & tiers were the keys to my draft success.

    • Glad they helped. Tough call here. Leaning Decker in PPR.

  • I have to carry 2 TEs, I have Olsen & Witten. Would you drop one (Witten?) for Kyle Rudolph? Thanks.

    • I wouldn’t. He should be reliable in that offense when he is healthy. It’s close between Olsen and Rudolph, but I like both pretty equally.

  • Starting Martin Fjax Wallace Decker need help with my flex.

    PPR start in my flex: MJD, Rashad, or D-Jax (starting Vick)?

    • Close call. I’m leaning DJax because I’m not sure how many touches Jennings will get.

  • flex spot non-ppr, start Bowe, Ronnie Brown or Beanie Wells? thanks.

    • Bowe

  • Hey chet,
    One of my leagues i got romo as qb and m.austin so i wanna move austin. My other receivers are r. white and d.thomas. Should i trade miles austin for pierre garcon and REggie wayne??

    • I would

  • Chet –

    Pick 3, .5pt PPR – Colston, Cruz, Welker and Bowe.


    • I’d sit Bowe

  • No PPR, have to start two RBs, who should I go with for Week 1?
    AP, Gerhart, Greene, D.Brown and Benson

    • Greene, Gerhart

  • .5 PPR need to start 1 flex and 2 receivers between: Jacquizz, royster, spiller, DBH, D. Moore, Titus Young, Wayne

    • DHB, Wayne, Spiller

  • PS Stokley and Hankerson are available.

  • Yo bro,

    I managed to get stuck with Freeman and Wilson in one of my leagues. I see that you’ve switched the two vs. ECR in your rankings this week. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a mancrush on Russell since I first saw him at NC State, but doesn’t Carolina’s pass D suck enough to give Freeman the nod?

    • Watching freeman in preseason makes it tough to think he steps up early.

  • Need my WR3 for Week1. Choose 1: Heyward-Bey, N.Washington, Randy Moss,LaFell

    • Washington.

  • Start 1 in 1PPR
    Antonio Brown
    Nate Washington
    DeMaryius Thomas

    • Brown

  • We play 1QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, and 1 WR/RB/TE.
    My team. 14 Team League

    QB- Vick, E Manning
    RB- McFadden, Lynch, Wells, K Hunter, Dwyer, Ballard, Taiwan Jones (handcuff for DMAC)
    WR- Nicks, Britt, S Moss, LaFell, S Smith(StL)
    TE- F Davis

    Which 2 are the most droppable just in case I want to add players after this weekend?
    Also should I consider trading 1 of my QB’s for a WR? I think if Britt plays well I’ll be ok.

    • I think we’ll know better after this weekend on who is more droppable. I’d hold your QBs for now.

  • RB2: F. Jackson, McGahee, or Ronnie Brown?
    (1 pt / PPR)

    • Fjax

  • Now that Kevin Smith’s ankle looks okay, start him or SJax at RB?
    Also, which of Jacquizz, Little or Rudolph to drop for a kicker?
    Much thanks!

    • Still leaning sjax. Little.

  • antonio brown or donald brown at flex play?

    and just to make sure. harvin over downtown brown at wr2 correct?

    • Brown. Close call there but yeah leaning harvin.

    • can you specify which brown?

    • hah, whoops. Antonio

  • I have QBs Luck and Dalton, and RBs Benson, SJax, D Martin, and Turbin.

    I’m being offered Russell Wilson for Turbin. I don’t want to take it. Should I?


  • Ronnie brown, Evan royster, or BJGE in week 1. Jon Baldwin or Robert meachem

    • Brown and Meachem

  • Do you see Donald Brown losing his starting job at any point this season?

    • I do

  • Hurting at TE; should I start j cook or martellus bennett? Or look for another option in the WW?

    • I’d lean Cook.

  • Brees/Colston vs. Newton/Welker — which side do you take?

    • Brees/Colston

    • Thanks! Should I drop Dwyer for A Morris? I hate Shanahan RBs, but seems like Morris is getting more love than Dwyer for a RB5 or so?

      • No, I’d keep Dwyer.

  • I have Pead as cuff to Sjax, should I drop him for Dwyer or Jacquizz, or just keep Pead? std non ppr league

    • I’d drop Pead for Dwyer

  • Would you trade Chris Johnson straight up for DMC? I feel like trading the two would be akin to swapping cases in Deal or No Deal.

    • It is a bit of oranges for oranges, but I do like DMC a little more.

  • flex: ben tate or miles austin, non-ppr

    • Austin

  • trade trich/lloyd for rrice/lmoore? AND/OR ryan/celek for graham/ponder? .75PPR, 12-tm redraft. thx!

    it’s a qb-flex league – my other QBs are RG3 & RWilson. FYI…

    • I wouldn’t want Moore as a starter. If you have someone else who could start at WR, I’d lean toward yes.
      I wouldn’t make that trade in a 2QB league.

    • Moore would be my WR4. I’m mainly regretting my trich pick (early draft). is rice worth letting go of trich and lloyd? thanks

      • It’s fair.

    • Thanks Chet. Do you like crabtree or boldin over l. moore? I could try for one of those guys instead.

      • Moore has more upside.

    • Appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions.

      Do you think Harvin/Bradshaw for Rice (or Rice + l. moore) is a better or worse deal? I wouldn’t have a #1 WR anymore, but I’d be able to keep TRich. I’d still have lloyd/decker/garcon, which isn’t great, but ok in a ppr.

      Thanks again for your time.

      • I’d do that

  • You think Dwyer can win the starting job from Mendy when he comes back?

    Ok better question
    Pretend its week 8
    The starting running back of the Steelers is _______?
    The starting running back of the Cards is _______?

    • Dwyer/Beanie

  • Doug Martin or Hakeem the Dream?

    • Douglas

  • Well shoot, I guess ill join in as well
    .5ppr league All TDs are 6 points

    Eli (Rivers)
    Chris Johnson, DeMarco Murray, Doug Martin, (Donald Brown, Ryan Williams, Jaquizz Rodgers)
    Roddy White, E. Decker, (Garcon)
    Pettigrew (K Roudolph)

    I know Im thin at WR

    Drop Jquizz or Ryan Williams for a WR upgrade?
    or drop one of them for Dwyer?

    • And based on your rankings start White and Garcon at WR?

    • I’d drop Williams for Dwyer. And yeah, I’d go White/Garcon.

  • I have both K. Smith and D. Martin as possible flex plays, PPR. I’m leaning towards Martin, but would like to hear your thoughts. Thx.

    • Yeah, I like Martin more.

  • I don’t have a kicker on my roster but Hartley is available. Should I drop Jacquizz Rodgers or Ryan Williams to pick him up? Thin at RB in 12 team PPR league. Lots of “upside” RBs on my team (Dwyer is available).

    Full team: P Manning, Nicks, A Brown, Decker, Britt, A Hernandez, A Gates, D. Martin, R. Jennings, Benson, Ridley, J. Rodgers, R. Williams, B. Tate, SEA

    Starting Line Up: QB, RB, RB WR, WR, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF

    P.S. I’ve spent the day talking myself out of dropping a RB for Russell Wilson to hedge against Manning not returning to at least 90% of his previous self.

    • I’d drop Williams for Hartley. Tough call on Wilson. I’d lean Jennings, but looks like you need him week 1.

  • My bench RBs are D. Brown, D. Martin, B. Tate, R. Jennings, K. Smith and C. Benson. I need to drop one for a defense. Dwyer is also on the waiver wire. Who should I drop for the defense, and is Dwyer a good enough pick up to drop another? Thanks!

    • I’d drop Jennings reluctantly. Probably hold on getting Dwyer unless you have TE or WR you could drop.

  • Working on my RB bench, starting Martin, McCoy….BN has K.Hunter, K.Smith, P.Hillis J.Charles, Mikel LeShoure….would you drop Mikel & Hunter for Dwyer and TE Rudolph, have JGraham already slotted for my starting TE? Thx!!

    • I’d drop Hunter for Dwyer, but would probably hold Mikel since Graham should hold down that spot nicely.

  • Would you trade Doug Martin for Julio Lones in ppr? My other starters are DMC, Murray, Harvin, and Decker. Appreciate your witty articles and any help would be most appreciated.

    • Tough call. I like Martin a lot. It’s an even trade though.

  • Which 3 WRs would you start in standard scoring, non-ppr?

    Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Bowe, DHB?

    • First three

  • Which 2 backs would you start this week in standard scoring, non-ppr?

    MJD, T. Richardson, D. Williams, Beanie Wells, Alfred Morris, E. Royster, Kendall Hunter

    • TRich/Williams — Wells if TRich has a set back or Jonathan Stewart starts practicing fully.

  • I have rivers and am worried about his lt being out. My backup is locker, but I was wondering if you think Schaub would be better?

    • I’d stick with Rivers/Locker

  • Hey there… Cutler or Ryan this week? Seems Cutler has a better match up.

    • Cutler has a better matchup, but Ryan has better weapons. I’m leaning Ryan.

  • Drop Ryan Williams or rashad Jennings for a kicker? Other rbs are dmc, martin, Ridley, and mathews. Is it worth it to drop one for dwyer?

    • I’d drop both for a kicker and Dwyer unless you need Jennings this week.

  • Hey Chet, need some help. NON-PPR, standard scoring. Donald Brown vs. the Bears or Torrey Smith against the Bengals?

    • I’d lean Smith.

  • Are you buying the hype of Ryan Williams this year if he stays healthy

    • I think he has ability, but I’m not as down on Wells as everyone else. I think Wells will have to be hurt.

  • Non PPR std scoring who do I flex?

    K. Smith or Stevie Johnson?

    Starting RBs McCoy, McFadden, WRs Julio, Maclin.

    • Smith

  • Who would u start trichardson or dhb week 1

    • Richardson unless he has a setback after practicing today.

  • Ppr flex. Cj Spiller or David Wilson?

    • Spiller, but very close

  • Week 1
    Non ppr d. Martin or Torrey smith

    Non ppr Olsen or fre Davis

    • Martin and Davis

  • Can I get your thinking on Rudolph at 7? I want to be as confident as you with that ranking.

    • Really nice matchup. The jags have been poor against TEs. And no Jerome Simpson, so he should see more targets.

  • Ksmith,gerhart,rjennings or rwilliams in ppr league? Need one.

    • Kevin Smith

  • Start 3:
    Andre Johnson
    Percy Harvin
    Dwayne Bowe
    Torrey Smith

    • its PPR btw

    • Tough call for sure. I’d sit Bowe reluctantly.

  • D. Thomas or Richardson in the flex?

    • Richardson unless he has a set back.

  • Kendall Hunter or Randall Cobb in Week 1? Hernandez (assuming healthy) or Kyle Rudolph? Both 1PPR

    • Tough one. I would lean Cobb, but both are risky. I feel good about Hernandez.

  • Maybe crazy, but any way you would start D Williams over Lynch this week as he may have opportunity if J Stewart sits out. Just need to keep an eye on Lynch’s back to see if he’s limited.

    • I’d go Lynch. Looks like he should be good to go. I like Williams if JStew is out, but he won’t get goal line.

  • Chet, do you like earl bennet or titus young this week?

    • Young. I think Jeffery hurts Earl.

  • So I have two questions, and it’s best if you see my roster first. 10 team, standard scoring, non-ppr.

    QB: Vick
    RB: McFadden, Forte
    WR: Marshall, Andre Johnson, Miles Austin
    TE: Pettigrew
    Bench: Rivers, Doug Martin, BJGE, Crabtree, Sidney Rice, Olsen

    I feel like I have major major major RB depth, and I’d like to use that to trade my way to better WR depth. What WR do you think fair value is for Doug Martin? I know I could get Lloyd for him, but from rankings I see, it seems like I should strive for more, but gauging interest around the league, I don’t know if I could get more than that, and maybe I should just hang on to him. What are your thoughts there?

    And secondly, a situation could come up that I could get Lloyd for Rivers instead, is that smart since I have the injury prone Vick at QB, if my best FA backup QB options are Carson Palmer or Russell Wilson?

    Thanks for the advice.

    • I would wait. I think Martin’s value will go up after his game vs. Carolina.

  • Won’t need R. Jennings early so was wondering if I should stash Dwyer over him. PPR league. Thanks

    • I would. He has a better shot at being the lead back.

  • is it worth picking up dwyer? ppr league; who should i drop for him: helu, jacquizz, meachem, or m. williams? thanks.

    • Yeah, I’d drop Meachem for him.

  • .5 ppr need to start one wr an one flex
    R. Jennings
    Ryan Williams
    Stevie Johnson

    • Garcon, Jennings

  • Rank these TE: Fred Davis, Kyle Rudolph, and Jared cook

    Thanks Chet

    • I like them in the order you have them.

  • Or Kendall wright?

  • Little, Collie, or Gerhart 1/2 ppr league

    • Gerhart unless it looks like AP will play more than expected right now, which is not at all or very little.

  • Ingram or T Rich as a flex? Concerned that Ingram / Rich’s workloads will be similar in terms of volume and Ingram is on better offense.

    • Really depends on how much TRich practices this week. If he doesn’t have swelling after today’s practice I like TRich more.

  • Titus Young or Austin Collie .5 PPR Return League with 1pt for 25 yards.

    • I’m leaning Young until I see Collie play a full game.

  • who do you like more this year mathews or mjd? standard league

    • Mathews for the season.

  • Which QB to start? Scoring is 1 pt for 25 passing yds, 4 pts for passing TDs, 1 pt for 10 rushing yds, 6 pts for rushing TDs.
    M Vick or E Manning?

    • It’s close, but I like Manning. Could be a shootout.

  • Thanks man!

  • Hi there, Lloyd, Decker or T Smith as wr2? Using D Martin as my flex.

    • Between Lloyd and Smith for me. And this question just prompted me to move Smith above Lloyd. I like Lloyd more, but want to make sure him and Brady on our the same page first. Smith has looked great in preseason.

  • Right on! Thanks a lot!

  • PPR: Start 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE): Sproles, Martin, K. Smith, R. Jennings, Antonio Brown, T. Smith, Marshall, Little. Appreciate it as always!

    • Brown, Marshall, Sproles, Martin, K. Smith. It’s close between the two Smiths, but I like Kevin’s upside more.

  • No ppr: pick 1 LaFell or Hillis at flex? I have Reggie Wayne and D Thomas too, but I kind of thought it’d be best to sit on them week 1 to see how they do with new QBs.

    Also, I’ve got Lynch and Turbin, any idea on whether or not Lynch will play? And if he doesn’t should I play Turbin? My other RBs are Tate, Hillis, Hillman (Have Chris Johnson starting my RB1 spot)

    • Hillis would be my choice of those two. I’m pretty sure Lynch will play. Keep an eye on it, but all signs are that he will go so far. If we know for sure he won’t go I’d feel good about starting Turbin though.

  • Hey Chet,
    12-team PPR – I need a flex play out of Davone Bess, Cedric Benson, and Dexter McCluster. Which one? Thanks.

    • I’d lean Bess.

  • Gerhart (if AP is out) or Ridley? PPR league

    • Gerhart if AP is out, Ridley if he isn’t.

  • Hey Chet,

    please pick 2 out of these 4 (gotta fill 1 RB and 1 flex spot)

    E. Decker / D. Brown / J. Dwyer / CJ Spiller

    • ppr or no?

    • no PPR

    • Brown/Decker unless Redman is held out.

  • 14 team PPR need a RB2 and a flex

    N Washington
    Kevin smith
    Greg little

    • Smith/Washington

  • Having a tough one on D.Martin or J.Charles?

    Also Malcolm Floyd or Decker week 1?

    • I like Martin and Decker.

  • Standard lg 16tm

  • Pick 3:
    Jeremy Maclin
    CJ Spiller
    Antonio Brown
    Alshon Jeffrey
    Lance Moore

    • Brown, Maclin, Spiller

  • Start one in flex: Meacham, Lloyd, a. Morris, quizz or streater

    • Lloyd

  • Better flex play: DHB or Donald Brown?


    • 0.5pt PPR.

    • Tough call. I usually run with the RB in these cases, just because we know they’ll get their touches.

  • Start RGIII or R Wilson this week? Have McCoy/Murray/TSmith/JuiloJ/Harvin/Hernandez going so I should still rack up points.

    • I like RG3. They will need to pass a lot.

  • Sproles or K. smith in ppr league?

    • Sproles. I love Smith, but Sproles is too good.

  • Start 3 (PPR):
    Greg Jennings
    Dez Bryant
    Antonio Brown
    Nate Washington
    Jeremy Maclin
    Peyton Hillis

    • Nice list, but I’d go with the top 3 there.

  • Great to see the rankings out early. Not sure if it was on purpose but Ponder is the only missing starter.

    • Thanks, fixed.

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