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Chet’s Week 9 Fantasy Football Rankings

posted by Chet


Here be my Week 9 Rankings for all your rankings fetishes (sickos).

Ask me your start/sit questions in the comments and I’ll do my best not to make things worse.

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Chet has written for the N.Y. Times: Fifth Down Blog, Rotoworld, Fanduel Insider and Razzball. He is extremely/obsessively active on Twitter and likes cottage cheese.
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  • I was offered two offers by the same owner.

    1st: My Lynch and Cobb for Charles and Gore.
    2nd: My Lynch for Charles and McGahee
    starting rosters: qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, w/r/t
    My Team
    RG3, Stafford
    Lynch, DMC, Murray, Pierre, D.Rich, Dwyer
    Wallace, Jordy, Cobb, Hartline, Britt
    With the injuries to Murray and DMC I’m really tempted. I also feel it’s the best time to sell Cobb especially since I only start two WR’s. Which one if any should I do?

  • 10 Team PPR: Eli, Cruz, Marshall, Wayne, Rice, AP, DMC, Gates. Bench: Dez, Bell, Vernon, Luck, Amendola, Beanie, Hanson, Hou. In 1st place right now, looking to make 1 more trade to keep my team strong. I was thinking about trying to trade Luck, DMC &/or Amendola. What kind of trade would you recommend I go for?

  • Who should I start, Denarius Moore or Julio Jones?

  • Maclin or Jonathan Stewart in standard scoring?

    • Maclin

  • Would you take this in a ppr

    i get welker & wayne for julio jones & wallace.

    • It’s close, but I don’t think I could do it.

  • Cecil Shorts or Torrey Smith? Non PPR.

    Julio Jones or Maclin, 0.5PPR


    • It’s close, but I’d still lean Smith. And Jones

  • Que onda Chet! Start 2 wr, 1 rb/wr: Fitz, A Johnson, V Jax, Torrey, Maclin, F Jax. Gracias!

  • chet- pick 2, felix jones, isacc redman, andre brown, titus young

    • Young, Redman

  • pick 2 broyles, celek, gresham, alex green…also pick 3 austin cobb maclin antonio brown

    • Broyles, Celek Cobb, Maclin

  • megatron or torrey?

    • Ugh, I’d still lean Megatron if he goes.

  • Flex Randy Cobb, Rashad Jennings, or Felix Jones in non-PPR?

  • My thing is this, If i make the trade and give away murray for decker and Dez, im not upgrading anywhere, im just getting some depth, but i would still start Marshall and Denarius in the WR spots.

    But, if I trade away murray and brown, i upgrade at WR right?

    Given Murray’s health issues, do you think i should still make the trade, and if so, you still think i make the one for decker and dez? please help ASAP! thanks Chet!!

    • Judging from your comments you just want someone to tell you that trade two is the best option, so just do that and shut up. Doubt you’ll regret it.

      • i am a very reluctant trader and just want the best option. my initial gut was trade 2 but most ppl say trade 1 so im just making sure before i pull the trigger doe

  • Yo Chet. I was offered 2 trades for my Murray
    1) Decker and Dez for Murray.
    2) Julio Jones for Murray and Antonio Brown
    Which one should I accept, if either?
    My current RBs are: Rice, Trent, Murray, J-Stew
    My current WRs are: Marshall, Denarius, Antonio Brown, Britt
    Please let me know ASAP!! Thanks.

    • I could see doing the Decker Dez one, but I think you need to keep an RB.

      • i dont trust murray with his health, and i dont think hes very reliable in that offense, but you would take decker and dez over julio? Brown doesnt really matter to me either way bc i wouldnt start him over anyone im about to trade for…thoughts?

  • Where will Michael Vick be getting his points with both Maclin and DeSean out of your top 20 at WR?

    • your mom

    • hah, not really, but through his legs, Celek and McCoy as well.

      • Aw, Chet. Thought you were better than that.

        Doesn’t even make sense! (applies to both of your answers)

      • Hah, I am not better than that!

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