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Chet’s Week 8 Fantasy Football Rankings

posted by Chet

Here are my rankings for Week 8. I’ll answer all your start/sit questions in the comments to the best of my fake football ability. Good luck all!

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Chet has written for the N.Y. Times: Fifth Down Blog, Rotoworld, Fanduel Insider and Razzball. He is extremely/obsessively active on Twitter and likes cottage cheese.
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  • @Doc: PPR league, can only keep one of the following this week (9) due to byes, who do i keep? J. Finley, Pitt Def/St and Zuerlein. I know it sounds crazy to hang on to a kicker or defense, but they have been more valuable than finley.


  • Chet, in a ppr would you take welker and wayne over wallace and julio jones? i would be getting welker and wayne side.

  • Pick 2: Nicks, Austin, James Jones, Maclin


    • Jones, Nicks

  • In nonppr, Leaguemate has Peyton Manning and Luck, and is weak at RB (Morris, Pierre Thomas and Alex Green). He’ll trade Luck, I was thinking of offering him 2-3 players between this group: Ronald Brown, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, Dwyer, Gibson, Avery, Titus Young, and possibly Dustin Keller. I was leaning towards Brown, (Jones or Hillis), and (Young or Gibson). What do you think?

  • Broyles or stl Richardson for the rest of the year? Ppr league

    • Richardson

  • Hi chet, who’s a better flex option in your opinion? Trent richardson or Brandon Lloyd? It’s PPR. Thanks!

    • Going to lean Lloyd with AHern out.

  • Ppr league flex position Trent Richardson , Kenny Britt, Josh Gordon, or Dwyer . Second team Antonio Brown , Rashad Jennings . Ppr and flex as well . Thanks for the help

    • I’m biased toward TRich’s ability. He’s risky, but I’m leaning his way. I like Brown in PPR

  • H.miller or M.Bennett this week and ROS?

    • I’d lean Miller this week and Bennett ROS

  • . Now for My PPR Flex..Now sure of injury update w/Felix or if Tanner cuts into his carries… Do U Still play jones or will Dwyer be getting more opportunity ..Thx

  • Have Graham. Would you pick up D. Thomas or P. Thomas as backup?

    • Thomas, D

  • PPR League. Due to the “frankenstorm” I’m struggling with making a decision. Pick 2 of the following; Olsen, Hartline, V. Ballard, P. Tanner.

    Thanks in advance.

    • In light of Thursday performance…Would you trade Martin and Marshall to get lynch and Wallace?

      • no

    • Tanner, Olsen unless Brown doesn’t play

  • Trade question: I can get Stewart for F. Jackson, but might be able to get Stewart/Fitzpatrick for my F. Jackson/S. Johnson. Would you do both, or only the latter? Txs!

    • I don’t think I’d do either at this point. I like JStew a lot, but he’s still risky.

  • Chet, how much does weather factor into fantasy lineup decisions? I have Ryan but because of the hurricane, it could be really rainy in Philly. My QB2 is Luck.

    Depending on the weather on Sunday in Philly, should I start considering Luck (great matchup) an option over Ryan? Thanks.

  • PPR League Start Stafford or Luck. Bradshaw or Dwyer? Thanks.

    • Luck and Bradshaw if he’s a go.

  • Need a WR and a Flex..

    Kerley, N. Washington, B. Gibson, Stephens Howling

    • Kerley, Gibson

  • Grade Trade: Give up TSmith/Givens for Stewart/Gordon. Have Foster/Mathews/Dwyer, AJGreen/Julio/Cobb. Need solid RB3

    • It works for your team so I like it.

  • Hey Chet, a couple questions: I’m in a PPR league with a maximum of 3 RBs allowed on our roster. I have L. McCoy, D. Murray, and R. Jennings; should I drop 1 to grab J. Stewart?
    Also, should I start Steve Smith (CAR) or Jennings/Stewart?

    • Dang. I’d like to own JStew there, but I’d play Jennings over him this week.

  • Hey Chet – in PPR should I start Daryl Richardson or Andre brown RB2? I had AP last night and spiller is on his BYE. Any suggestions? Jstew I can still pick up and draughn as well… Thanks!!

    • I’d pick up JStew. Tough matchup, but named starter.

    • I think he means a guy like Blackmon, Woodhead, even maybe DHB.

  • Hey Chet,

    Thanks for all the advice so far!

    Two questions — (1) Given my line up (below), do you think I should trade for J. Stew? (2) What would be a fair (but advantageous) offer? For what its worth, we’re against each other today.

    This is in a standard-scoring, non-PPR, ESPN league where I can start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 D/ST, and 1 K.

    My guys:
    QB: RG3, Vick, Dalton
    RB: Ridley, CJ2k, LeShoure, Hillis, Jacquizz, Bolden
    WR: Roddy, Wallace, Brown, Andre Roberts, Hawkins
    TE: Celek, Hernandez
    D/ST: Bears
    K: Gostkowski

    His guys:
    QB: Romo, Cutler, Ponder
    RB: SJax, Shonn Greene, MJD, J. Stew, Woodhead
    WR: AJ Green, Mike Williams, Randall Cobb, Heyward-Bey, Britt, Garcon, Blackmon
    TE: Gronkowski
    D/ST: Seahawks
    K: Biornas

    • Also, what do you think about a trade of my RG3, CJ2k, and Josh Gordon for Brady, Alfred Morris, Nicks?

    • I wonder if you could pry JStew and Cobb away with an offer of Roddy and scrubs?

    • Haha, who’s “scrubs”?

      • Bench players you think he might like to be his bench players.

  • 1) Should I trade MJD+BMarshall for RBush? I’m stacked on WR (Harvin, Demaryius, BMarshall & Bowe) and low on quality RB. Do you have any other realistic RB targets I could look at w/ MJD+WR above? Currently 2-5 even though I have 2nd highest point total in the league. Need wins now for playoff hopes; can’t wait for MJD to return.

    2) Leshoure or JStewart for this week?


    • I don’t love it, but I could see doing it in your situation. I’d lean Stewart

  • Hey Chet, you have any worries about Ryan going up against Philly’s secondary? Would it be crazy to start Luck this week over him?

    • I have some worries, but he’s been plying too well to sit for Luck.

  • PPR: Sproles or Morris… Also do you sit Julio or Nicks for Cobb this week?

    • Sproles, and I’d sit Nicks for him.

  • I need a somewhat decent game from my WR2 spot this week with Nelson likely being out. Including the waiver wire my options are Jeremy Kerley, Brandon Gibson, Donald Driver, Leonard Hankerson and Darrius Heyward-Bey. Who would you recommend?

    • There are some decent names in there, but none really pop out as must starts, but I’d lean Kerley.

  • Due to Lynch’s rough ROS schedule, should i try to trade him and Rashad Jennings for Mccoy? My other rb is DMC :-\ Thanks in advance!

    • Tough call. Lynch can so well against tough matchups. Really depends on Jennings and how long MJD is out. I could see doing it, but it’s pretty even.

  • Is it a good time to buy low on brandon lloyd or stay away.

    • Tough call. I’m a little worried that he’s not going to break out.

  • One more question for you Chet.

    If Jordy doesn’t play, who should I pick up?

    Donnie Avery
    Devery Henderson
    Stephen Hill
    Davone Bess

    Thanks again!

    • I might give Donald Driver a try in that case. I;d probably lean Avery from those.

  • Need to start 2 of these guys in a non PPR: Willis McGahee, Jamal Charles or Run DMC. I’m stuck on who to bench thanks.

    • I have to go with the upside of JC and DMC. McGahee is safer than DMC, but I’m giving him another week.

  • I need to pick two RBs to start this weekend in my PPR/PPRush league:

    JC Superstar vs Oak
    Ryan Mathews @ Cle
    Marshawn Lynch @ Det
    Rashad Jennings @ GB

    I am leaning towards starting Charles and Mathews–Jennings isn’t really in the conversation–but it is so hard for me to bench Marshawn. He is the epitome of steady, reliable production because the Hawks always give him the ball, which is half the battle in this league. However, Oakland and Cleveland have a lot less intimidating run-Ds than Detroit. Besides that, I am also tempted by the sky’s-the-limit upside of both Charles and Mathews. But the Norv Turner factor of inexplicable not giving the ball to his best player scares me too. What to do, what to do….

    • I feel good about Mathews and JC is hard to bench, but I agree Lynch is much steadier. I’d go JC/Mathews unless you want to play it safe.

  • Morning Chet

    In news that could have been brought to my attention yesterday (Damn you Belichick!) Hernandez did not fly to London. Hopefully this will get him healthy for the rest of the season after his Bye…but as for now I need a TE for this week and the next.

    If you could only pick up one guy, who would you pick up?
    Celek (Atl, @ NO)
    Myers (@KC, TB)
    Dreessen (No, @Cin)

    Pettigrew (Sea, @Jac)

    Thanks Chet and Good Luck this Weekend

    • The Hernandez situation may not be injury related. I’d sit tight and not drop anyone pending more info.

      • Reports are that he is hurting and won’t play now.

    • I’d lean Pettigrew. Good luck!

  • So my trade for ADP fell through. Would you trade Marshall straight up for Lynch in a PPR league?

    And if I did that, I’d have to flip R. Bush for a WR. What do think he’s worth?

    • I like Bushs schedule to help him finish the season well, so I wouldn’t want to flip him.

  • Need some help. I need to start 3: Ridley, Alf Morris, Chris Johnson, and Jamal Charles?
    All seem to have solid match ups but I’m leaning on benching Morris.

    • I’d probably bench Ridley. His upside is huge, but his usage is a bit inconsistent.

  • Need two out these 3 WRs: Britt, Lloyd, Steve Smith. Rankings are too close. Bears D playing lights out so makes sense to sit Smith but not too comfortable with Lloyd either. Both receive a good amount of targets too.

    Also, if Donald Brown plays, is it the end of Ballard? I think I would feel more confident playing Tanner over Ballard. Thanks.

    • Yeah, that’s tough. I’d probably sit Smith, but they are close. I could see going with Tanner.

  • Have Vick and R. Mathews, trade for A. Dalton and Michael Turner/

    • No!!

  • @Doc: Amendola was dropped in my PPR league. Worth a #2 WW selection?

    • -yeah

  • cobb and ryan for stafford and roddy? which two would you rather have? (redraft)

    • .5 ppr

    • Cobb side

  • I got offered Colston for R. Jennings. My other Rbs are Lynch, Ridley Hunter and Murray. My other WRs are Julio, Wallace D. Moore and Britt. Should I do it?

    • I don’t think it fits your team.

  • Quick question:

    Vick Ballard, Alex Green, or Kenny Britt as my flex this week? I think Britt has the most talent, but Green will have a higher workload.


    • Yeah. Green is the safer play.

  • Start M. Stafford or M. Hasselback?

    • Staff

  • Do I start Rudolph over Avery in the flex?

    • Yeah.

  • Would you pick up Donald Brown off waivers in standard? I would have to drop Garcon…

    • I’d probably just hold onto Garcon unless you really need a RB.

  • Better chance at late season fantasy production…Benson or Beannie?

    • Beanie

  • Who should i pick up from waivers JStew or Mendenhall… I just dropped G.Jennings.

    • JStew

  • Hey Doc… PPR> Should I drop Avery (or Mike Wms) to pick up Amendola? looking down the playoff road..
    Also.. Flex PPR Dwyer, Felix, Avery or Tampa Mike? Thx

    • I’d drop Avery for him. Felix

  • Also, drop DHB for Ben Tate?

    • Whatever position you need more depth at

  • hey man, pick 2 phil tanner, vick ballard, mike williams, titus young (.5 ppr) Different league pick 1 bradshaw, ridley, rashard

    • Williams, Young / Ridley

  • Ponder/Harvin/San Fran DST or Peyton/Stokley/Minn DST? .25 ppr.

    • Peyton

  • Brady/Torrey Smith for Peyton Manning/Nicks, which two would you rather?

    • Pretty even, but would lean Manning side because of schedule.

  • Bowe or Britt, PPR?

    • Gotta lean Britt.

  • Any thoughts on Torrey Smith for the rest of the season?

    • I like him. Should see more targets with the Ravens D giving up points.

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