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Chet’s Week 7 Fantasy Football Rankings

posted by Chet

Here are my rankings for Week 7. These, as usual, aren’t set in stone. As I receive news about injuries and I continue to look into the matchups more closely, I will be tweaking.

Please get into our Week 7 dollar game at FanDuel. A fun time will be had by all! . . . (the winners).

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Chet has written for the N.Y. Times: Fifth Down Blog, Rotoworld, Fanduel Insider and Razzball. He is extremely/obsessively active on Twitter and likes cottage cheese.
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  • Hey Chet. Gotta a trade q. PPR league. Should I trade Charles / Hillis / (and either Austin or Lloyd) and I get McCoy & Bowe? I’d like the roster spot to pick up Hillman on a hunch.

  • In a PPR league which 3 WR would you rather have the rest of the season,

    Mike Wallace

    Hakeem Nicks

    Julio Jones

    Reggie Wayne

  • Need to start one of the following in my flex spot. Non ppr

    Vick Ballard, M Leshoure, Antonio Brown or Carolina’s S Smith. Thoughts?

  • .5 ppr. Start 2: Ballard, Bey and Henderson

  • Hey Chet, need one for FLEX: Leshoure, Britt, SJax…Thanks!

  • do you think it’s even worth picking up another defense if my defense is on bye this week?

  • Hey, what are your thoughts on my flex between Sjax, Hasselbeck and Ponder

  • Hey Chet i’m currantly 1-5 in a 12 man and need to probably be 7-5 or 6-6 to win my division(very weak division).I have a pretty good team but bad luck. Help me out.
    QB: Big Ben and Phillip Rivers
    Rb: Alfred Morris, Matt Forte, Fred Jackson, and Demarco
    Wr: Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones, Kendall Wright, Pierre Garcon and Chris Givens.
    Te:Fred Davis and Brandon Pettigrew.
    I feel i really need to upgrade my TE who is the top guy the rest of the year.

    • and what should i offer for the top te?

  • @Doc: PPR league, if Dez cant go on Sunday, who do you like better at flex, Alex Green or Ogletree?

  • Chet, who to start in flex: F. Jackson, A. Green, K. Britt or Rudolph. Thanks!

  • Pick 1: Mendenhall (If he’s a clear go. Questionable for Sunday 8:20 game, yikes!) @ Cin or Ballard vs Cle, J-Stew vs Cle, M. Bush vs Det.

    Pick 2 (PPR): M. Wallace @ Cin, Antonio Brown @ Cin, Britt @ Buf

    • Ballard, Brown

  • Romo or Dalton? Standard scoring league.

    • I like Romo.

  • Hi Chet! Thanks for taking the time to help all of us FF addicts. Should I accept a trade where I give up JCharles & Britt for McCoy & Finley? 12-tm std league where I have RBs: Foster, Charles, Mathews & WRs: Harvin, BMarsh, Wayne & Britt & TEs: Graham & Pitta. We start 2 RB, 2 WRs & RB/WR flex. Thanks again.

    • Yeah, I’d do that.

  • Pick 1 flex: Leshoure or Britt


    • Britt

  • Hey Chet,

    do i start Josh Gordon over B. Lloyd this week?

    • I’d still lean Lloyd

  • Jeez read about the NY Giants Bradshaw “Committee Conspiracy” Do you have any insight on the backup? My Main Dilemma is I’ve been holding D.Wilson have NO idea if there’s value left..So Hold or Drop? Any gut feeling if Wilson or Brown is the better stash or do they just neutralize each other? thx

    • Tough call. Wilson is the best skill wise, but Brown is more trusted at this point. I’d lean Wilson for upside.

  • Chet! Glad to see your still doing fantasy and giving advice! I have a trade question for you that I posted over at the Razz but wanted to get your take on it as well.

    Rivers is absolutely killing me and it doesnt seem to be getting any better……Rivers and Miles Austin for Stafford???

    Standard 12team

    Can start 2 receivers and a flex. I have Harvin, Austin, Britt, and Mike Williams. Rb rice, sjax, ballard, bush, starks, powell

    What do ya think?? Thanks bro

    • Tough call. I don’t love Stafford’s schedule, but I still think he’ll be a good upgrade on Rivers. It’s fair. I like Britt, harvin and Rice

  • Non ppr league. Leshoure or torrey smith.

    • Leaning Torrey

  • Trade offer nonppr…give bowe,DMC,ponder garçon get mega, can, ridley…have Romo, dez, ssmith, ant brown, ap, Alf, spiller…your thoughts? Thanks

    • I’d do it. I still like DMC a lot, but Tron, Ridley and Cam trump the rest enough.

  • Hey Chet – please help me understand why I need to start Lance Moore over Mike Williams at WR3! Huge thanks!

    • Well if Jimbo Graham doesn’t play that’s the way I’d roll, but if he does, I’d go Williams.

  • Hsy Doc, I’ve been wavering which DST to use between Cards & Pats What is it that makes you see NE ranked as the #2 and Ariz All the way down to 13? thanx for the insight

    • The Pats will be ready to take out some frustrations on the Jets and the pats weakness is pass D, and Sanchez is not good enough to capitalize. AZ showed weakness against the run last week against buffalo, not they head to Minny against AP and harvin and Ponder hasn’t been turning the ball over much. Also the Vikings are 29th at giving up points to D/STs and the Jets are 7th.

  • Been offered Vjax/Britt/GJennings for Harvin/Celek in a .75 PPR, 1/25 yd return yardage,12-team, best-ball league. Start 3 WR, can flex a 4th. I have Decker already. I love Harvin, but that’s a lot. Deal or no deal??

    • As long as you don’t have to drop anyone too good, I think it’s probably worth it. It is risky, but if Jennings can get healthy and Britt can stay healthy, I like it. And I am Harvin’s #1 fan.

  • Need 3 from following in non-ppr:

    sjax, steve johnson, torrey smith, james jones


    • Johnson, Smith, Jones

  • Andrew Hawkins, Stephen Hill, or Titus Young for ROS?

    • Titus Young

  • Looking to upgrade my RB spot current team

    QB – Romo
    WR- Fitz
    WR- Bryant
    RB- DMC
    RB – F-jax
    TE – H.Miller
    Flex – F.Jones (this week)

    Bench – Llyod, Hartline, Cobb, A.Brown.

    I guess im looking to package f-jax and a wr for an upgrade at running back who would you target with the talent im working with?

    • Maybe FJax and Cobb for AP? Might be a reach, but he hasn’t gotten into the end zone since week one.

    • AP wouldnt be an option team who has him is RB needy as it is being AP and mendenhall are his only RB’s and he has a decent stable of WR’s…i think my most likely targets would be MJD, Charles, Ridley and maybe matthews or T-rich but i doubt the last 2.

  • @SharonEKC: Who should I offer for Rudolph TE- I have Calvin, Stevie,Dez,Torrey,Denarius and Josh Gordon PPR. Thanks

    • Dang, I like all those WRs. I doubt you could get him for Gordon. I’d lean Stevie.

  • 2 questions.

    Got offered D-Jax for Demarco. We can start 3 RB & 4WR.

    Rice, Martin, & McGahee
    S.Johnson, Welker, Harvin, & M.Williams
    Spiller, A.Green, Ballard, & DHB.

    Need a RB2 & Flex 1/2 PPR:
    A.Green, Ballard, Gibson.


    • I’d hold off.

  • Is Graham is still hobbled but active, start Rudolph instead?

    • I think I’d roll with Graham if he practices tomorrow. If he’s limited and a GTD, I’d go rudy.

  • League with move limits. Drop Hixon for Josh Gordon ROS? (if) Keep Hixon this week or pull trigger now? non-ppr WR5

    • … Forte notes coming?

      • I like Forte because I think the Bears D will play well and keep the score close.

    • I’d go for it.

  • Bring out the Beast for SF? Or use Felix?

    • Felix

  • Pls rank ROS TEs: Pitta, Chandler, Cook, Fred Davis, Daniels, Martellus

    • that’s a nearly impossible request. I like Daniels, Bennett, Davis, Cook, Pitta Chandler

  • Need a WR..what can I get for McGahee or Gore?

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