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Fantasy Football Rankings: Chet’s Week 3 Ranks

posted by Chet

These are pretty raw right now, but I wanted to get them out to you early. I’ll be tweaking as usual until Sunday, a half-second before kickoff, so you know, check back early, often, and bring beer. Oh and I’ll be adding blurbs as time allows. So stay tuned for blurbs and also say “blurbs” 236 times in a row and see what happens.

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Chet has written for the N.Y. Times: Fifth Down Blog, Rotoworld, Fanduel Insider and Razzball. He is extremely/obsessively active on Twitter and likes cottage cheese.
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  • Steven Jackson is starting. Sorry for passing along misinformation.


  • Pick 2 for this week
    Chris Johnson
    Stevie Johnson
    Alfred Morris

  • Owen daniels or hankerson at flex

  • Is it getting too cute to consider Hankerson (with Garcon out) or Hawkins (banged up Washington D) over Jordy Nelson (Seattle D at home) in a PPR league?

  • How about over welker, Antonio brown, Malcolm Floyd

  • If sjax sits would u start stl Richardson over Chris Johnson?

    • I’m going to lean no, but close.

  • Which better defense this week in 16 team league buf @ cle mia @ nyj or ind @ jac

    • I like Miami

  • Pick 2 for this week.
    Chris Johnson
    Stevie Johnson
    Alfred Morris

  • Made the deal Chet… Thanks for your input, solidified my thoughts.

    Now, 0.5 PPR, Hillis or DMoore in flex?

    • Hillis

  • Who’s the guy to keep going forward? M. Bennett or K. Rudolph?

    • Leaning Bennett

  • Long story short, I’m weak at wr in a very deep 2qb league (Dez, Devker, DMoore). I’m stacked at RB, and talking trades with someone in desperate need at RB.

    He sent over Harvin and Hillis (I do own JC) for Doug Martin and Mike Williams. Your thoughts?

    Thanks man

    • It’s really close. I like DM a little more than Harvin, but barely. Don’t love Hillis, but he has more value than Williams. I’d lean slightly toward doing it.

  • Lloyd worth the wait tomorrow night with the Q tag? I have Britt or Ingram as other options for a flex.

    • I like Lloyd a lot. Hard to say but I might risk it.

  • I am being offered Doug Martin for DMC. My other RBs are T Richardson, Mathews, K Smith. Would you take the trade?

    • I wouldn’t and I like Martin a lot.

  • Lynch, charles, reggie bush, kevin smith or ryan Matthews I can play 3 …… Decker, britt or amendola play one thanks in advance!

    • Lynch, Bush, Mathews, Britt

  • I’m the only girl in my league and have 0 wins with the most points scored against me in my league so far. I am trying to decide if I should play T. Smith, M. Colston, or D. McCluster – 2 of 3. Please help because I trust you explicitly over my husband/friends. Much thanks!

    • Hah. I like Colston and Smith as long as Colston goes. They play the early game so make sure he is playing and if not, go with Dexter. Good luck!

  • Sorry Chet, I probably put too much info in there.

    I have Jets Defense and Indy Defense. Which of those two do you prefer this week? I don’t own Miami’s Defense.


    • Hah, whoops. Sorry. I would lean Jets. Tanny is going to be inconsistent. Gabbert showed that he can be ok against bad defenses.

  • Thanks as ever for answering our Qs Chet. I’ve a couple here…

    a) Jets D vs Miami or Indy D vs Jacksonville? Which of those Florida O-lines will help me out by allowing sacks and INTs and whatnot? From what I’ve seen, NYJ Def is high on people’s week 3 matchup rankings (top 5-7 or so), but Indy played well against the Vikes last week and they ARE playing JAC this week (and I tend to stream defenses as my DST2 just in case a really good matchup comes along), so I’m actually feeling somewhat torn. What do you think?

    b) Tony Romo or Mike Vick to start this week?

    • I like Miami since Sanchez will have to throw to move the ball. And Romo.

  • in a 12 man, do i trade Fitz and Doug Martin for MJD? I already have Forte, Demarco Murray, Alfred, Nicks,Torrey Smith and Brandon Marshall so depth isnt a problem.

    • I wouldn’t. I think you can get more and you would be selling low on both.

  • I really need stability @ TE. I drafted Cook as my every week TE thinking that he’d break out, but he’s not getting it done. Owen Daniels and Fleener are on the waiver wire. Who’s the best option of the 3?

    • I think i would lean Daniels right now. Plenty of targets so far, just needs to get the TDs.

  • Why you so low on alfred morris hes facing bengals there D has gotten destroyed weeks 1 and 2.

    • had a really soft run D last week and didn’t do much. Think RG3 takes away some goal line looks and that is his best attribute.

    • Morris still managed to average 5.6 yac.

  • Britt or Amendola in .5ppr in my flex?

    • I like Britt

  • Currently on my way to 0-3 with a team that consists of Romo, MJD,D.Murray, Alf, Hillis, Leshoure, Dez, Wayne, S.Smith(car), Lloyd, Cobb and Graham in standard non-ppt….thoughts on what areas to improve in? look to trade or stand pat? any advice would help…thanks in advance

    • That’s a bad break. I’d hold. That team has to win this week.

  • Ppr flex need 1 Fitzgerald ridley cj1k amendola

    • Ridley.

  • 2 quick ones: 25 return yds/pt league, Cobb or LHank this week?

    Which 2 to stash on the roster: Helu, DHB, DMoore, Greg Little, Kendall Hunter, Royster, Quizz, Hartline.
    Also have 3 TEs Gates, Rudolph and Mart.Bennett, I can’t imagine dropping any of them for a guy above but I feel carrying 3 TEs is a bit much in a 1TE league (plus flex).


    • Tough one, I’d lean Cobb in return yardage. D Moore, Hunter. With TE Flex I’d hold your TEs unless you can trade up.

  • Standard league, need 3 RBs: T Richardson, R Mathews, D McFadden, or K Smith?
    Also, go w Torrey Smith or Amendola?

    • I would sit Smith and start T. Smith

  • Avery or Hankerson? I imagine the answer is see if Collie plays and if so play Hankerson. I also have Greg Jennings but he’s threatening to not be 100%, what do you reckon?

    • Yeah, I think you have to wait on Collie there. The news seems to be good(ish) for Jennings, but it is risky unless you have someone to replace him on Monday night.

  • Need to start 2 WR’s and one flex. I have Jordy Nelson, Percy Harvin, Antonio Brown and Doug Martin to choose from. Who do I sit?

    • Hate to say Harvin, but I guess I am.

  • What’s up Chet?

    Best risk/reward play at QB for daily games this week?

    Dalton? Cassel?

    • I like Cassel

  • 3 for 1 Please
    A) PPR Flex /Doug Martin over Reggie Wayne
    B) with “3″ Injured (Thanx Garcon) PPR WR: Hartline,Sid Rice or Avery
    C) Peyton or Flacco (worried that we’ll see too much Ray Rice)
    Thanx & Good Luck in Freakos this week :)

    • Martin, Rice, Flacco

  • Senior Chet, 1pt PPR, need a #3 WR:
    - Amendola @CHI or
    - L. Moore vs KC?
    I now Amendola is the #1 option for Bradford, but Moore has been a TD machine in the Dome and Colston is gimpy.

    • I’d lean Moore

  • Cobb @ SF, Rudolph v. SF, Collie v. JAX for my flex spot? Can you rank em 1-3?

    • Rudolph, Cobb, Collie (just not sure of him yet)

  • Tough one here, who should i start between Ryan Mathews, Darren McFadden, and C.J Spiller?

    • If just one, I’d lean Spiller this week

  • If steven jackson misses the game who should i play at flex stephen hill hankerson alshon jefery kendal wright in league where recieving yds get lots of pts and would uplay ne over even if jackson plays thanks again

    • I’d try Hankerson

  • I love Jordy too! Maybe I should sit Andre??

  • Hey Chet, In a league with 2 rb’s and a flex I have Murray, McFadden, Martin and Trent. Since I can only start 3 I want to use 2 of them to upgrade at that position and get a decent wr in return. Would something like Trent and Martin for Foster and VJax be a good move?

    • It would be ok. Would rather go for a WR with more upside like Jordy Nelson

  • hey Chet, standard league, need 3, Jordy, Percy, Andre, Wayne.
    My concerns on Jordy is the 12th man, The Pack O-line, seattle’s physical corners and prior history with Seattle for Jordy.
    Also, it looks like jennings will play
    Houston mostly runs in the red zone, so if Andre does not catch a bomb, Denver will most likely hold him scoreless (never had 10+td’s in a season ever!)
    If collie is back, might mean less targets for Wayne (his track record against Jville with a competent QB is excellent.)
    Obviously Niners D is superb, but Percy is all they have (with a little rudolph sprinkled in). I feel that the Vikings will eventually get something going on Offense and that means Percy.
    Which 3?

    • Looks like you have thought it out. I’d go with your gut. I can’t sit Jordy.

  • With no garçon who would u roll with at WR3?
    vJax or TSmith? Leaning toward smith.

    • Agreed.

  • Hey Chet. In PPR I’m situated with both Jennings and Cobb hoping one makes the field (Q and P, respectively). Is the chance that Jennings plays effectively good enough that you like this plan or should I drop Cobb for a healthier starter like DHB or Hankerson and bench Jennings? Thanks for the help.

    • The news looks a little better. I’d go that route.

  • Is JCharles a go or will Hillis get more love vs NO? Start Hillis in flex2 or CJ?K, LeShoure, Jordy, or Harvin? Thanks. Love following you on Twitter and reading your articles here and on RW.

    • Would lean Jordy and Hillis until cj shows something.

  • Flex in effect! In .5 ppr, I have to choose b/t KSmith, Ingram & Pierre. Or maybe Collie? Or McCluster?
    Li’l help?

    • Tough call. Leaning smith but have a good feeling about PT

  • So in PPR you would run Sproles and Mathews over Martin? Wondering your reasoning, as I’m a little worried about Sproles workload if Saints pull ahead and don’t need the checkdown pass to RB as much and Mathews’ workload. In a PPR, I have Rice, Mathews, Sproles, and Martin, would like to start two and one in the flex. (3 total)

    • Martin is close with those guys but I think if Sproles and mathews will see plenty of work

  • What do you think of Leonard Hankerson with Garcon doubtful? I need a fill-in for Maclin…

    • I like him. Risky but great ceiling.

  • 2 Questions PPR Lg 10pts a TD need a flex Greg Little, Kevin Smith, or Hankerson. Also which D u like better this week Cle vs Buff or Colts vs Jags?

    • Smith and browns but I have no faith in either defense.

  • Hey Chet, If G.Jennings plays start him over VJax @ WR? And, if “yes” to Jennings, pick one flex: Hillis, BJGE, VJax. Thanks.

    • Standard scoring

    • I would avoid Jennings since he plays Monday. Bjge and Hillis.

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