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Chet’s Week 13 Rankings

posted by Chet

Here are my rankings for lucky Week 13. Or maybe not so lucky seeing how rotten the studs played on Thursday night, but let’s let bygones be bygones. I’LL KILL YOU MATT RYAN!!!!

Ask me start/sit questions in the comments and I’ll give you the best answer I have in my gray matter.

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Chet has written for the N.Y. Times: Fifth Down Blog, Rotoworld, Fanduel Insider and Razzball. He is extremely/obsessively active on Twitter and likes cottage cheese.
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  • PPR need 2:

    Nicks, Blackmon, Hartline, Broyles (and I’m starting Calvin).


  • Also, 12 Team PPR, 9-3: Brees, Freeman, Bryant, Cruz, Garcon, DX, James Jones, Martin, Beanie, JStew, LaMichael James (just dropped Sanu for him), Graham, Rudolph. Someone just dropped Brandon Lloyd, would you pick him up & who would you drop, thinking James Jones.

    • agreed

      • Thanks Chet. 1 more question, 14 Team PPR: Right now I have Mega, Garcon & DX starting, no flex in this league. Would you start Steve Smith, Crabtree or Britt over DX or Garcon?

      • I’d stick with DX/Garcon

  • 10 Team PPR: Start Vernon or Gates? Also would you start VJax over Wayne, Marshall, Dez or Cruz?

    • Tough call. I’m going to lean Vernon and sit VJax.

  • Fitzgerald or Miles Austin .5 PPR?

    • Austin

  • Bryce Brown or Ryan Mathews .5 PPR?
    Aaron Hernandez or Witten .5 PPR?

    • I’m going with Hernandez and Brown.

  • Hey Chet-
    Need to pick one of these for Flex, non-ppr::

    Prefer to swing for fences, big points total today more important than win, playoff spot locked

    • I’m leaning Moreno.

  • In your rankings you’re recommending SEA over NE, I’m interested in the logic here. I would have thought NE hands down since playing Miami and SEA is playing Chicago. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

    • It’s close. I like how henne has been playing and cutler is good for some picks but I’d go with your gut there.

  • Stafford or rg3?

    • Toss up for sure. I like both a lot. Leaning rg3 with Garçon back.

  • I need 2 in a standard league from Victor Cruz, Reggie Wayne and Damaryius Thomas. Hoping for the playoffs.

    • Nice choices. I love DT this week and Cruz has more TD potential than Wayne.

  • Need 2 out of 4 for a wr spot and a flex spot
    Im most likely leaning fitz and reece….ppr/bonus league

  • Pick two. Floyd, Vereen, Dmc, Wilson? .5 ppr

    • Floyd and Wilson

      • Why do you think Wilson over Vereen? Snap count?

      • That’s a toss up for sure. The dolphins run d worries me but Vereen is a little safer.

  • 0.5 PPR. 3 point bonuses at 85 yards receiving and 100 yards rushing; 6 point bonuses at 135 yards receiving and 150 yards rushing. 35 return yards per point. I can play 3 of these guys. Who are you playing:

    Bruce Brown

    Have Brown, LeShoure, and Cobb in now.

    • Brown, Cobb and Forte for me

      • You think Forte over LeShoure? I know neither is real trustworthy, but Forte has been an RB4 at best lately. Plus he’s got a bum wheel and up against a solid defense. Just wondering more on your opinion of him. And yes, I’m a diehard Bears fan, which is kinda why I trust him less than some.

      • I could see going leshoure. The way the Seahawks run d has been playing by giving up over 6 yards a carry over the last 5 weeks has me intrigued.

  • Denario over DMC, Reece, beanie, mike bush, or Vick Ballard? That’s if dmc plays..

    • I like Beanie a little more in non-PPR

  • How would you rank RB handcuffs at this point?

  • 1 pt PPR – pick 1 – ridley, murray, moreno, reese

    1/2 pt PPR – pick 2 – jennings, forte, garcon, reese

    thanks man

    • thats rashad jennings above

    • Ridley and Forte

  • Maclin or Britt

  • Need 3: Charles, Ridley, Bryce, Mathews, Leshoure, Reece
    Need 1: DX, Broyles
    (0.5 PPR)

  • Cardinals, Steelers or Bengals DST? Thanks!

  • 10 tean PPR 1pt per reception.
    Have Decker and D Thomas @ wr1/2
    T-Rich at RB1
    LeShoure or Reece at RB2
    Shorts/Garcon or the non starting RB for flex?

    • I’d lean Garcon and LeShoure if DMC plays. If he doesn’t I go Reece/Leshoure

  • Hey Chet. Hope all is well. Who do u like best @ flex in PPR? LeShoure, Broyles, Moreno or Murray? Could u rank ’em? Thx much :)

    • Moreno, Murray, Broyles, LeShoure, but those are all very close.

  • PPR, Flex: DX, Garcon, Moreno, or Beanie?
    Starting Nicks/Decker & DMartin/Ridley.
    Opponent has RGIII.

    • I’m leaning Moreno

  • deangelo or beanie ppr? flex start

    • I’d lean Beanie, but it’s close.

  • Reece, Beanie, Moreno or DX? Need 1 RB and a flex.

    • Moreno and Beanie

  • Pettigrew or Dallas Clark? Thanks!

    • PPR Pettigrew, non Clark

  • Pick 2: R Bush, Hernandez or O Daniels ppr lg?

    • Bush, Hernandez

  • Kaepernick or griffin?nyg did a great job last week againdt green bay and st louis sucks…

    • I gotta go with RG3.

  • I need a wr and a flex, 10 team standard league: Steve smith, broyles, Michael Crabtree, and Murray. For the play offs. Thanks

    • Smith and Murray

  • One burning lineup question: TY Hilton or Greg Jennings this week? Thx Chet.

    • Tough one. I think I’m going to lean Jennings. Hilton is still the #3 target.

      • I hear u. Thanks again.

  • Hey Chet, love your Targets column at Rotoworld, thanks for answering these questions. Should I start Bleu Cheese or Ranch on these Buffalo wings? I think Bleu Cheese has higher upside but the quality is inconsistent, whereas with Ranch I pretty much know what I’m getting. Please answer soon as my wings will get cold and congeal if I don’t make a decision soon. Thanks!

    • Ranch is a lock.

  • Need a flex for .5 ppr BJGE, Blackmon, Dwyer also could throw Jeri finley in there asa hailmary. Thoughts ?

    • I’d probably lean BJGE just because of goal line looks.

  • You skipped my question earlier but really would appreciate your advice on this one:

    In PPR 0.5, I have been offered VJax+Ridley+Vernon Davis for TRich+Witten. My other RB is McCoy/Bryce Brown. Should I do it?

    • I’d rather have TRich for the homestretch than Ridley

  • Non-PPR. How safe to feel Moreno > Reece if DMC is out?

    • Unless we know early on that DMC is out, I’d have to go with Moreno.

    • Whoops, since they play at the same time you’ll know. If DMC is out I’d go Reece over Moreno.

  • ThanQ

  • What up Machete. Q: roll with Fitz at my 2nd qb spot, or drop him for and start Henne, Locker, or Wislon(Have Ben benched)? Also, start 1 wr:Fitz, Miles, Torrey, Shorts. Thanx!

    • I’d roll with henne and shorts

      • Appreciate it!

  • Standard league, 1 spot:
    DX, Garçon, Beanie, Moreno
    Thank u

    • Moreno

  • Playoffs starting next week. Locker filling in for Vick for now. Good idea to drop Vick and pick up r. Wilson?

    • I could see dropping Vick, but Wilson’s matchups are tough.

  • Riding staffords hot hand and playing him over rg3 based on the giants d line containing him some. I know it’s not a huge gamble but could hurt my playoff seeding.

  • Peyton or RGIII?

    • RGIII has a bit more upside, but I like Manning’s matchup enough to roll with him.

      • Thanks!

  • In PPR 0.5, I have been offered VJax+Ridley+Vernon Davis for TRich+Witten. My other RB is McCoy/Bryce Brown. Should I do it?

  • Leshoure at 1pm or wait and see if Dmc out and play Reece at 4:30, if Dmc is active play Murray on SNF?
    Pick 1 plz.

    • I like your plan.

  • who is better ROS: Vernon Davis or Witten?

    • I think you skipped me Chet…

    • I like Witten

  • Chet, do you like Broyles or Bowe ROS in PPR? If the storm materializes in OAK I’ll be sitting DMoore for whoever I roster.

    • Broyles

  • How come you have Locker so low? With top corner out and hou D giving up massive yards. Lost Big Ben and Vick picked up Henne I always go w your rankings just wanted an explanation cause I kinda like Locker.

    • With Joseph officially out I’m moving him up. He has a lot of upside, but his inconsistency is in full force.

      • Need upside Brees sucking helps plus he has C Shorts as his WR3 if that matters. Henne or locker no pressure only win and I’m in. Also would you play S Jax or R. Jennings over Forte in PPR? Thanks Chet rough season got the injury bug this year.

      • I really think Forte is the upside play unfortunately. SJax had to move mountains to have that good game last time against the 49ers. Jennings should be in a rotation and has a low ceiling already.

  • 1 ppr: Got D. Moore in flex but terrified of Joe Haden. Is Rudolph or Knowshon enough to bench him?

    • I’d give Knowshon a shot. Should see plenty of opportunities.

  • ive got a spot on my bench.. do i use it to handcuff demaryius w/ stokely, or leshoure with joique? 1/2ppr. thanks.

    • I’d lean RB

  • 12 Team PPR: 9-3, Brees, Freeman, Cruz, Dez, Garcon, DX, James Jones, Sanu, Martin, JStew, Beanie, Graham, Randolph. Looking to drop Sanu for a deep RB, any thoughts on LaMichael James if he backs up Gore? My waiver options: Amendola, D Rich, Jacoby Jones, McCluster, Peerman……

    • I like his upside. I’d rather own Amendola though.

      • Amendola was taken off waivers, so I’m thinking about rbs again….Lamichael James, Bernard Pierce, Woodie, Ingram, D Rich, Peerman or Ivory (slim pickens!)?

      • I’d probably lean James for upside.

      • Or Brendan Jacobs…..

      • What about Ben Tate, he’s on waivers right now/

  • Need 2: Moreno, Reece, Garcon, Britt. Thanks!

    • Standard scoring

    • Moreno and Garcon. There is a chance DMC doesn’t go, if not I’d lean Reece over Garcon.

  • 1/2ppr 1wr, 1 flex.. DX, Shorts, Demarco, Malcom Floyd.. leaning dx/ shorts.. thanks

    • Tough call. I can see going that way with Murray being iffy. If you need a higher ceiling I’d roll with Murray over DX.

  • “Bruce” Brown or Hernandez? 1PPR

    • I’m going with old Bruce

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